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Katja leyendecker


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The Great Debate
11 March 2012
You can watch the 10 minute talk on youtube

Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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Katja leyendecker

  1. 1. The Engineering Challenges of Sustainable TransportWednesday, 14 March 2012“What would be the ideal transport mix for Tyne and Wear?”Katja Leyendecker Eur.Ing CEng C.WEM MCIWEMWater engineerNewcastle Cycling Campaign
  2. 2. The Engineering Challenges of Sustainable TransportInfrastructure…what do engineers do all day?Utilities (gas, water, electricity) - grids and generationCommunication (broadband, television, radio, mobile phone,, landline)Water and disposal (sewage, landfill, transfer stations)Flood and water (rivers, streams, canals, dams, reservoirs)Transport (roads and streets, bridges, rail, ports, airports, freight distributioncentres, bus / light rail / local transport)
  3. 3. Stress on society Big national projects Decentralised community  solutions Economic growth Sustainability = living in a finite habitat Population Consumption
  4. 4. “What would be the ideal transport mix for Tyne and Wear?”Stress on transportBut also carbon reduction, climate change, health, congestion, air quality National transport Local transport  (from 25 miles) (up to 25 miles) Ultra-local transport (up to 5 miles) More miles travelled year on year modal Reducing the need / desire to travel, and miles travelled Short journeys by car shift Short journeys by active, green and healthy means
  5. 5. Transport emissions
  6. 6. Modal shift - proposed“Sustrans calls on UK governments to invest in doubling the number of journeys under fivemiles made by foot, bike and public transport to four out of five by 2020.”
  7. 7. Do we ‘need’ the car?What can other countries tell us?
  8. 8. Safecycleways
  9. 9. Integration
  10. 10. Older folks
  11. 11. ShoppingFriendsSharedspace
  12. 12. TransportUtilityDeliveries
  13. 13. Kids
  14. 14. Modal shift – how?If we cycled like the Danes… reduction of 5% UK carbon emissions National leadership and .. to facilitate local solutions  investment and foster technical expertiseBehavioural change Pull Push  Build it and they will come. We must make unfetteredTrue for motorways, and true car use (hypermobility) for local transport unacceptable in our society (investment) (moral dimension)
  15. 15. The engineer of the future?• Moral dimension• Working at community level• Leading by example ‘on yer bike or bus’• Good communicatorEngineering – it’s for girls?
  16. 16. Final thoughts "I may not be an engineer, but as  "We are not going to save the a historian I can say with some planet by putting our country out confidence that our lame excuses of business“ will look very weak in their eyes if we do not" George Osborne - - HRH Prince of Wales "Anyone who believes in indefinite growth on a physically finite planet is either mad or an economist“ - Sir David Attenborough  Loosening the belt to cure Nature doesn’t do bailouts obesity