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iReach Purse Power Presentation

  1. 1. iReach Market ResearchWhat media channels are influencing Irish Female Consumers? 6th October 2011 Oisin Byrne Managing Director, iReach Market Research 1
  2. 2. Introduction to iReach Market Research• Research Market somewhat traditional in Ireland• New Technologies and Online innovations have the potential to add real, measurable benefits to market research• Such ‘tech savvy’ techniques are an enhancement, rather than replacement of more traditional research methods• Shift Research from our methods - to listening to consumers in their ways, natural to them, in their environment• Deeper Insights through Better Research
  3. 3. Background to SheCommerce Research• Innovation – Only Agency with own Research Panels – Online, Video and Mobile Research• Best Practices – Methodologies, Data Validation – QA, Analysis and Reporting• Excellence of People – Research Analysts – Project Consultants• Leading Technology – Support for all Research Methods – Range of Reporting Options
  4. 4. iReach Service Excellence• Memberships – AMA, AQR, ESOMAR, – Marketing Society, MII• Awards and Recognition – Inspired IT Awards 2008 – Marketing Society Dec 2009 – All Island Marketing (AIM) Awards May 2010 – 2011 Media Awards – Best Research Initiative
  5. 5. Changing Media ConsumptionWhat media channels are influencing Irish Female Consumers? 5
  6. 6. Evolution of Content and Media Consumption Convergence Personalisation Broadband & accessibility Proliferation of communication channels
  7. 7. Evolution of the Digital Consumer More informed and empowered More interconnected and communicativeNew mobile communication services Increased online tenure Empowerment of the Consumer Educated Purchasers Ever-faster broadband More global perspectives Broadband always on and always available Increased time spent online
  8. 8. How Marketing can Engage with Social Media
  9. 9. Social Media changes Brand Marketing • Customers learn about your brand from individuals outside your influence • Creative individuals will create media that will contribute to the shaping of your brand • Popular individuals can become the definitive authority on your brand to some customers • Males more likely to Contribute, Vote and Comment • Females more likely to Comment, Converse, and React
  10. 10. sheCommerce Research ProjectFrom Grocery Mum to Today’s Mum 11
  11. 11. On their own, women account for 58% of all consumerpurchases in Ireland• 60% Food and Retail• 60% Pharmaceuticals• 60% New Homes• 60% Holidays• 59% Healthcare• 56% Financial Services• 54% New Cars• 51% PCs
  12. 12. Women influence 89% of all consumer purchases inIreland that they have a role in buying • 97% Food and Retail • 97% Pharmaceuticals • 97% New Homes • 96% Holidays • 96% Healthcare • 91% Financial Services • 68% New Cars • 63% PCs
  13. 13. 41% of women in Ireland say advertisers don’tunderstand them • Across all purchase categories 41% of women say that advertisers don’t understand them • 54% feel misunderstood by investment marketers • 44% feel misunderstood by automotive marketers • 43% feel misunderstood by healthcare marketers • 38% of women feel misunderstood by food marketers
  14. 14. Case Study on Finances Personal Finances and Wealth Management • 29% of Males and 51% of females in Ireland believe females are better at managing money • 57% are concerned with Wealth Preservation • 48% of females are actively involved in investment planning and decisions with 49% stating they are the main decision makers when it comes to investments and savings Marketing Disconnect • 73% of females are confused and frustrated with ‘jargon’ or financial terms used by financial institutions in Ireland
  15. 15. What is causing this disconnect ? Breakdown of Trust • Brand Power shifting to the Consumer • Falling Trust in Business, Government and Media • Impact of the Financial Crisis • Changing face of females in Ireland today Roadmap to Trust • Power of the Crowd and Community • Advocacy and Word of Mouth • Social Media changing sources of Trust • Media and Advertising not aligned to today’s female
  16. 16. 50% of females use Social Networks every day• One-quarter of women aged 18-34 check Facebook first thing in the morning• Another 20% of women aged 18-34 check Facebook late at night.• The fastest-growing demographic is women age 55+, up 75% in the last 3 years• While men make up the majority of Internet users, women spend more time online, and more time on social networking sites than males in Ireland• 72% of all women online regularly visit a social networking site compared to 60% of all men in Ireland• Facebook is used as a central point by more females than males for content sources such as news, entertainment and promotions/deals
  17. 17. Females Comment, Converse and React• Negative or Positive Social Media comments or recommendations has directly impacted the purchase intent of 76% of females in Ireland• 80% of females say positive recommendation will reinforce purchase decision• 71% of females in Ireland say that negative comments or commentary online has made them change their minds on purchase decisions• 85% of females in Ireland say they are more likely to purchase a product or service if they can find additional recommendations about them online• Twice the amount of females than males will start searching for a product at the retailers website over a search engine
  18. 18. Traditional media remains most impactful andrecalled Ad Channel by females in Ireland 5 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1.5 TV Ads 2 2.5 Impact 3 Radio Ads 3.5 Magazine Ads Newspapers Ads Outdoor Ads 4 Online or Internet 4.5 Ads 5 Remembered positively
  19. 19. Traditional Ads have higher impact with Online 45% Information and Giving enough information decision making to make a purchase 40% decision Impact of Internet Ads (%) 35% 30% Helping people decide which brands are relevant Providing new information about a brand people are 25% already aware of Causing a re-evaluation of 20% a brand Brand value and 15% Sparking interest in a awarness brand 10% Persuading people to try a 5% brand or product Telling people about a new brand they haven’t heard of before 0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Impact of TV Ads (%)
  20. 20. WoM re-orders purchase impact of media channels • Media channels that have the strongest influence on females ranked – Personal or Word of Mouth Recommendations – Online Social Network Recommendations – TV – Radio – Newsprint – Search Engines – Outdoor Advertising – Corporate Marketing and PR
  21. 21. Positive Online Comments increase Impact of Ads iReach Advertising Media Multiplier(iAMM) 86% 1.04 TV 83% 53%Billboards and Bus Shelters 1.44 37% 100% Online Comments 31% 31% Radio 1.02 30% 33% Newsprint 18% Ad Recall and Online Comments 1.87 25% Dublin Bus 16% 4% All Ad Recall by channel 1.56 Online Ads 7%
  22. 22. Deeper Insights | Better Research Summary 23
  23. 23. Summary and Close • Today’s females in Ireland have a much wider influence on purchase decisions • Brand and Product Marketing needs to shift from Grocery Mum stereotype to a more current view • Due to fall in trust, advocacy and recommendations are more important than ever before • Word of Mouth remains the most important source of advocacy followed by online commentary • Brands need to create conversations with females and contribute to social media in an open and honest way • Positive Online Advocacy and Commentary has multiplier effect on impact of traditional media
  24. 24. Questions and Close 01-4003600 | 086 850 6364For more information, demonstrations and case studies visit