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Results Desktop Suite Product Demo


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Results CRM Business Suite is a comprehensive business management solution that includes Results CRM and allows you to manage, analyze and maintain information within and across all business functions including sales, service & product delivery, customer service and finance. Capabilities range from opportunity tracking to work orders and job scheduling to invoicing and payments. This solution dramatically improves efficiency and communication across all departments within your organization. It provides a cohesive 360 degree view of your entire operation with instant access to all relevant data. Results CRM Business Suite provides all this in one comprehensive solution, whether you're working in the office or remotely via the Web.

As with the other versions of Results, Results Business Suite seamlessly integrates with core business applications including QuickBooks, Outlook, and Constant Contact to streamline workflow, eliminate duplicate data entry and empower users with full data visibility across the organization.

We support any combination of Traditional, Remote and Virtual Office business models. Users can choose from an OnPremises Windows and browser-based Web solution or an In-the-Cloud (Hosted) solution.

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