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Content strategy for b2 b, cs forum 2013


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The basis of building the Content Strategy for the B2B companies lies in understanding the core values provided to customers and interpreting this understanding into concrete content that is easy to find, identify, consume and follow.

Another vital part in building success is to make sure that the speech in customer meetings, exhibitions, seminars and negotiations is the same as the message delivered via web channels - and vice versa. This is possible only by overriding existing organizational silos and unifying the goals of the sales and marketing.

Our five-step model gives you tools to build success. The model is shortly presented in this presentation that was held in Content Strategy forum Helsinki, September 13, 2013 by Kati Keronen & Katri Tanni.

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Content strategy for b2 b, cs forum 2013

  1. 1. Content Strategy for B2B Companies: how web content can support demanding sales process Content Strategy Forum Helsinki 13th September 2013 Kati Keronen & Katri Tanni
  2. 2. 1. Content strategy begins from customer understanding. 2. Customer understanding can be found among sales & customer service. 3. Sales & marketing need to work together in order to find concrete things customers give value for. 4. Customer value matrix is the heart of the B2B content strategy and content paths produced. 5. Content paths guide customers troughout the web channels. The speech in web and in f2f discussions needs to be the same. Our statements about CS for B2B
  3. 3. Current situation in B2B companies • Sales argumentation differes a lot from marketing slogans • Marketing slogans dominate B2B web presence • Real customers call / send email to the best sales managers → ineffective way → knowledge is not shared or refined → real knowledge does not come visible
  4. 4. Current situation in B2B companies Sales Marketing Customers
  5. 5. Current situation in B2B companies Sales Marketing Customers
  6. 6. Current situation in B2B companies • Marketing does not much help B2B sales • Marketing & Sales are too far away from each other → Causing the lack of confidence & respect → Marketing has problems in showing gained results → Sales does a hard work in finding customers and teaching them
  7. 7. The change? • Marketing has to support real sales process • Marketing has to help sales in both finding and teaching customers • Sales has to teach marketing why customers buy their products / services – what customers really ask / what kind of help do they need etc.
  8. 8. The change inside a company Sales Marketing • Gives customer information for marketing • Start a dialog with marketing • Teach marketing to teach customers • Go to a customer level – interested in real sales process • Learns from sales pitch • Transforms slogans, marketing terms into real customer values • Teach organization to communicate
  9. 9. The change from a customer point of view Customers Company as an opinion leader. Teach customers in their own field. Easy to find real knowledge.
  10. 10. What happens in a company? 1. Knowledge is shared, organization silos are history 2. Marketing helps in finding and teaching customers (early stage of the purchasing process) 3. Sales can concentrate in the most important customers and get quality leads into the sales pipe 4. Customers can even recognize the company as an opinion leader
  11. 11. How customers feel like? 1. Understand the value that company brings 2. Do not run into marketing slogans anymore but find real knowledge 3. Trust the fact that the company understands their process and can help them 4. Recognize the company as an opinion leader
  12. 12. CS FOR B2B The five-stage model for the content planning & production
  13. 13. 1. Apex for the content ”Our core competence & value it brings to our customers” 2. Information window ”What informational needs our target buyer personas have and how they perceive the field at the moment” 3. Content paths ”Affecting, assuring and activating content thorough the channels. Used both to educate customers and nurturing leads” 4. Implementing content production to organization ”Who are key persons in our company to give content ideas, sales arguments and customer views” 5. Measuring ”How well the content affects and assures customers both in web and in real-life sales process” Content strategy ”Our way to guide our target customers and current customers throughout the web channels and make our core competencies visible and desirable.”
  14. 14. Content Apex (main message) YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Blog Websites Search Engines Affecting content Assuring content Call to action (information seekers & buyers) L i s t e n i n g Sales discussions Content Paths guide customers through the web Media Pinterest SlideShare Picture from the book ”Johdata asiakkaasi verkkoon. Opas koukuttavan sisältöstrategian luomiseen”. Authors: Kati Keronen & Katri Tanni (2013).
  15. 15. Affecting content Assuring content Engaged followers Time Call to Action Long-term content production engages Picture from the book ”Johdata asiakkaasi verkkoon. Opas koukuttavan sisältöstrategian luomiseen”. Authors: Kati Keronen & Katri Tanni (2013).
  16. 16. Finding the content Identifying to the content Being affected by the content Vakuuttaminen Assure Sales process (sales & aftersales supported by marketing)Content strategy (marketing supported by sales) E N G A G E M E N T Being assured by the quality of the content and its origin. Desire to hear more Action to get the first contact (lead) Negotiations, finding solution Deal CS helps both sales & marketing processes 2/3 of the B2B buyers choose companion they already know. ( The 2013 buyerspehre report ) Even 80% of purchasing process is done before contacting sales. Picture from the book ”Johdata asiakkaasi verkkoon. Opas koukuttavan sisältöstrategian luomiseen”. Authors: Kati Keronen & Katri Tanni (2013).
  17. 17. CASE TANA LTD CS for supporting the global sales of big machinery
  18. 18. An example: CS for TANA Ltd It all begins from the customer value matrix that originates from: 1.The business strategy 2.Core competencies 3.Target market & customer segments 4.Processes and informational needs of the different buyer personas 5.Most effective sales arguments &
  19. 19. Customer value matrix / Tana Ltd. Message before CS Message after CS The most important customer value as apex for the CS Content Path 1 TANA Landfill Compactors: ”The only purpose-built landfill compactor on the market” Landfill Operations: ”Compact landfill waste better than ever before: no air-pockets to collapse, less ballast and fewer kilometres to drive.” Better compacting results lengthen the productive lifecycle of the whole landfill (huge savings). Content Path 2 TANA Shark slow speed shredder: ”Increase your flexibility” Recycling processes: ”Shred all waste types with just one pass in the particle size your customer´s process demands” Versatility of the machinery gives waste management operators possibility to widen their business to the new waste types with low risk / to process different materials with the same machine with less time & money. Content Path 3 TANA Biochipper: ”Smartest mobile drum chipper on the market, developed with customers.” Bioenergy production: ”Most homogenous particles right at even the most remote sites”. Homogenous particle size gives contractors better price from the chipped wood.
  20. 20. Hopefully we were able to nurture your insight! Kati Keronen +358 40 576 1704 @KatiKeronen Katri Tanni +358 44 592 8330 @Tannikat