Claire the breakfast club


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Claire the breakfast club

  2. 2. T HE T RAILER 26585/
  3. 3. W HAT DO WE THINK OF C LAIRE ?Claire is from the 1980s, she lived at Shermer, Illinois inAmerica, she live in the city. Claire is a really popular girl in highschool. She doesn’t work because her dad is really rich and shegoes to school. Claire lives with her mum and dad but they arevery close to splitting up because her dad is always giving in toher and giving her what she wants. Claire’s biggest influencewas people that were popular, shopping and anything to getreputation. Throughout the film Claire always argues with theother students in the detention but when the teacher goes totell someone off she sticks up for them. It is almost like she ishaving a rebellion with adults. The audience would think thatClaire is really spoilt and gets to do what she wants. At the startof the film she asked her dad to try and get out of it and he saidto her that he has already tried to. This shows that she her dadis a real big push over. At the end of the film her dad willprobably say that you can go and do what you want but hermum will say you’re not going out! Claire is about 17 years oldand her emotions are quite strong in the film. Claire does gether wants achieved at the end of the film because she kissesBender. If I met the character, parts of me would look up to herbut there are thing that make me think she is too stuck up.
  4. 4. W HAT C LAIRE SAYS AND THINKS ?A very important quote is that Claire says is ‘do you know howpopular I am, I’m so popular at school’ this shows Claire is alittle stuck up, she knows she is a girl who a lot of people likeand would love to be like. She says a lot of things that show herpersonality on the outside but really she means the completeopposite on the inside, so for example she will say somethingthat makes her look big, important and brave and will make herlook like she is the one to look up to. But what she thinks on theinside is a completely different story, she is innocent, sensitive.For example, when she is with her dad is shows she is a daddy’sgirl and that she sucks up to him for money and to take hershopping but really on the inside she doesn’t really like thatbecause she feels his not strong enough and she overpowershim, he can’t stand up for himself and to her. This shows sheproves to be a sensitive girl but is tough on the outside.
  5. 5. W HAT C LAIRE DOES ?
  6. 6. W HAT OTHERS SAY AND THINK ABOUT C LAIRE ?Bender calls Claire ‘Cherry’, he calls her Cherry because she hasnot lost he virginity, and she is ginger. He teases her aboutlosing her virginity, and says that she is a good girl, winding herup and tormenting her about it. Bender gets mean and horribletowards the group when they are having a chat about havingnothing, and he mimics her, saying she has everything and hehas nothing. Bender talks about Claire, but he teases hebecause he thinks that she is pretty and he wants to flirt withhim. Bryan is staring at Claire and the beginning and he gets a‘erection’ over her, he thinks that she is pretty and elegant.Andrew sticks up for Claire when Bender is teasing her. He talksto her at the beginning the most because their groups wouldnormally talk to each other. Alison at first thinks that Claire isstuck up and a snobby girl, but at the end Claire takes Alison fora make over, which makes Alison think that Claire is not as stuckup as she seems.