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Church design


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Church design

  1. 1. You are going to be planning your own place of worship for all Christian religions –Anglican, Baptist, Quaker, Orthodox, Roman Catholics.First you need to find out what they are all used to and how you can provide asuitable place of worship for all.1)Create a power point for your assessment which will have the following sections–research, planning, design and description with evaluation.2)Research what aspects of these five Christian religions make them different.Why do Quakers sit silently with their eyes closed? What do Baptist Churches havein front of the altar? Why do the Orthodox remain standing?3) Write a list of what each denomination requires in their prayer.4) Any other aspect you think you would appreciate for prayer. Check your notesand see power points on the blog.5) Think about the Mosques and Mandirs and what aspects were interesting abouttheir places of worship ie. focussing on the five senses to add an extra touch.5) Research the Milton Keynes church Christ the Cornerstone, what makes itdifferent? What is its design like? Do they have separate areas?Print out your research to include in your book.
  2. 2. Lesson Aim:To know andunderstand thefeatures of anOrthodox church anda Quaker MeetingHouse
  3. 3. The people in the picture are sitting silently with their eyes closed WHY?They believe that God istelling them how to livebetter lives
  4. 4. A Quaker Meeting HouseQuaker is a nickname for the Society ofFriends
  5. 5. People can be married in the Meeting House. An extra Meeting isarranged and, after a time of silence the couple stand up and takinghands make their promise to stay together until our lives end.
  6. 6. How would you describe the inside ?
  7. 7. Quaker Meeting HouseFlowersSeatsTableQuakers are also called the __________ ____ __________Silence is important to Quakers because…..In this meeting place there are no…….
  8. 8. An Orthodox Church
  9. 9. Inside an Orthodox Church The dome shaped roof How is it decorated?
  10. 10. Iconostasis ScreenThis is a screen between the congregation and the altar
  11. 11. The Holy Table Altar
  12. 12. Icons Kissing the icon
  13. 13. What do you see inthese pictures? What does it sayabout Orthodoxworship?
  14. 14. Glass windows baptistery iconostastis incenseLectern/pulpit font candles altar Some of the needs silenceVase of flowers for the five denominations.. Choir stalls Anything else? Pulpit plain dome roof decoration icons Circle of chairs
  15. 15. An Anglican Church
  16. 16. Traditional Anglican ChurchcruciformChurch List other features you might see
  17. 17. A Virtual Tour of St James Anglican ChurchTake the tour, what have you learnt?
  18. 18. In the Anglican churchthe font is used forbaptism
  19. 19. This part of theAnglican church iscalled the nave.
  20. 20. In the Anglican church,there are pews to sit on.They have cushions,because people kneel to pray
  21. 21. In the Anglicanchurch, theBible standson the lectern.It is read ineach service.
  22. 22. On one side of theAnglican church isthe pulpit.This is where theVicar standswhen he explainswhat the Bible says.
  23. 23. Near the front of theAnglican church is thechancel. This is wherethe choir sits. At the front of the Anglican church is the altar. It is a special table used for communion
  24. 24. The empty crossreminds Christiansthat Jesus died andcame back to life Anglican churches may have stained glass windows. These have pictures of things that happened in the Bible.
  25. 25. There are otherrooms for clubs,where children canrun around and playgames.
  26. 26. Lesson Aim:To review the design, features andfunction of each of the five churchesstudiedTo begin planning for your own churchdesign.(assessment task) Homework: To revise information you will need for your assessment. Due: Next lesson
  27. 27. The Christian denominations we have looked at are:Anglican ChristiansBaptist ChristiansQuaker ChristiansOrthodox ChristiansRoman Catholic Christians .
  28. 28. Put a sub-heading in your book of ‘TheAnglican Church.’ On each slide, sort outwhat features the Church uses e.g. pulpit,pews etc. Print to stick in your books.Do the same for the other 4 Churches
  29. 29. A multi Christian Church – Christ theCornerstone in Milton Keynes
  30. 30. The GuildhallKitchen/Dining Chapelarea
  31. 31. The MainMoveable Worship Area 2 fonts & aaltar & baptisterypulpit/lectern pool
  32. 32. The Chapel – a separate area for worship
  33. 33. The Guidhall Meeting placeFood hall
  34. 34. You are an architect and havebeenasked to design a new church .This church should allow five Christiandenominations to come together to worship andcelebrate the Christian faith in the 21 st century
  35. 35. You will need to think about the shape of yourbuilding OR OR OR ?
  36. 36. You will need to consider what eachdenomination would like to see in the churche.g. A baptistery pool for Baptist ChristiansYou will need to consider the type of worship each denomination (group) prefers
  37. 37. You will need to think about what else happens at thedifferent Churches. Are you going to have otherrooms? Playgroups Coffee mornings
  38. 38. How will your church be decorated?
  39. 39. Preparation for your designMake sure you understand the taskWhat are the key features for each church.(knowledge)You will have to explain your design(understanding)