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Assessment 1A with answers and mark scheme

Assessment for new media A level spec

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Assessment 1A with answers and mark scheme

  2. 2. ASSESSMENT 1 – INTRO TO MEDIA FRAMEWORK AND THEORY With reference to the print advertisement, answer questions 1-3 Q1: How is media language used to represent gender in this fragrance advertisement? Refer to Barthes. Media Language – Camera, Mise En Scene, Denotation, Connotation, Gender Q2. Who is the target audience and how do you know? CAGES and support your findings. Q3. What are the various readings and interpretations of the advert? Use Stuart Hall to support your ideas. Preferred, Negotiated, Oppositional with explanations (45) GENRE Q4: What is genre? How does the theorist Steve Neale define genre? What codes and conventions are used to identify genre? Repetition and Difference, DISTINCT with examples (15) AUDIENCE Q5. Give a brief definition of the following. Use examples to support your answers:  Hypodermic Needle (more immediate panic from messages)  Cultivation Theory (long term exposure to media messages)  Effects Theory – Albert Bandura Bobo doll (15) INDUSTRY Q6. With reference to the industry you have researched and presented:  How far do you agree with Curran and Seaton's ideas that media concentration generally limits or inhibits variety, creativity and quality? Concentration of ownership – big 5 big 6 money and having to answer to sponsors.  How have advances in technology affected the distribution and consumption of the media products? Production (sent digitally, effects etc), distribution (electronic files) consumption (all the different ways we access media today). For radio podcasts.
  3. 3. ASSESSMENT 1 – INTRO TO MEDIA FRAMEWORK AND THEORY  How is the media industry you have studied regulated and are there any areas which you think may be hard to enforce? Ofcom, IPSO, VSC and PEGI – young kids access to over 15, 18s etc (25) MARK SCHEME Questions1-3 Media Language (45) (Comprehensive30-45,Adequate15-29, Minimal 1-14, 0 No responseorno responseworthy of credit)  Comprehensive,detailedandaccurate applicationof knowledgeandunderstandingof Medialanguage to analyse source A.  Explaininghowthe medialanguagefitstheseconventions,mise enscenetoinclude layout,typography  Convincing,perceptive andaccurate analysisof representationsinSourcesA, whichconsistentlyprovideslogical connectionsandagood line of reasoning.  Precise and relevantreference toBarthes’conceptof semioticsandStuartHall’saudience readingsto supportanalysisof Source A.  Reference toSourcesisdetailedandaccurate. Question4 Genre (15) (Comprehensive11-15,Adequate5-10, Minimal1-4), 0 No responseor no responseworthy of credit)  Precise andrelevantreference toSteve Neale’sgenre theory  Comprehensive,detailedandaccurate applicationof knowledgeandunderstandingwithmediaexamplesof codesand conventionof genre (ie.DISTINCT) Question5 Audience (15) (Comprehensive11-15,Adequate5-10, Minimal1-4), 0 No responseor no responseworthy of credit)  Relevantandaccurate applicationof knowledge andunderstandingof Hypodermic,Cultivationand Effectstheory withtheoristandexamples. Question6 Industry (25) (Comprehensive18-25,Adequate9-17, Minimal1-8), 0 No responseor no responseworthy of credit)  A comprehensive responsetothe setquestion.  A comprehensive andaccurate knowledge andunderstandingof the industrystudied  Answeris supportedbydetailedandaccurate reference toCurranand Seaton.  Clearand precise andbalancedexplanationof the impactof digitallyconvergentmedia platformsonproduction,distributionandconsumption  Answerissupportedbygenerallyaccurate reference tothe regulationof industrystudied.