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What Can Tumblr Do for You? A Presentation by Katrina Valenton

Are you an organization researching social media platforms? Are you wondering what Tumblr can do for you? This presentation will briefly discuss Tumblr's value, relevance, costs, resources, and more, focusing on Tumblr as an organizational tool for creating online communities and engagement.

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What Can Tumblr Do for You? A Presentation by Katrina Valenton

  1. 1. What can Tumblr do for you? Presentation by Katrina Valenton Seneca College, 2015
  2. 2. Customizability = Value • Stories • Photos • GIFs • TV Shows • Links • Quips • Spotify Tracks • mp3s • Videos • And more!
  3. 3. Not too cool for school. • Overrepresented by females over males • Majority of Tumblr’s audience has no college or some college education • A large majority of Tumblr’s audience browse through the site at school
  4. 4. Organizations + Tumblr = Brand Communities Exposure Engagement Experimentation
  5. 5. Tumblr is a community that’s active at night and during the weekend. • 42 % of all activity on Tumblr happens from 5pm to 3am • Saturday and Sunday are the most active days http://unionmetrics.tumblr. com/post/55614818502/wh ens-the-best-time-to-post-to- tumblr-weve
  6. 6. Tumblr is a relevant community. Alexa Rank Tumblr is ranked #42 globally and #19 in the United States Quantcast Rank Tumblr is ranked #34 in the United States • A global social platform • Supports different communities, cultures and languages
  7. 7. Google, meet Tumblr. Tumblr, meet Google. Individuals and organizations can add Google Analytics to their blog’s theme for free…all you need is a Google Account! Organizations can also take advantage of Tumblr’s analytics tools for brands
  8. 8. Tumblr can be an environment for businesses and consumers to form relationships with each other. What is B2B and B2C? Check out: http// 56101.html
  9. 9. Converse Creating Communities. “Converse has always been a blank canvas for culture” _annual/i4/converse-music- tumblr?category=tumblr_campaign Converse Music = Collaborations Sharing Stories Engagement
  10. 10. Tumblr > Costs Tumblr is free to use for all individuals and organization Time developing your Tumblr blog depends on your objectives If creating your own content, there may be additional external costs creating videos, photos, etc. Great content = greater possibility of engagement on Tumblr
  11. 11. Getting started on Tumblr? It’s okay to ask for help. • Tumblr’s Business Page • Brand strategists available • Resources for brands including analytics and ad specifications
  12. 12. Connect. Twitter: @katrinavalenton Website: SlideShare: