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Don’t overlook the importance of security for your business


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Hacking is an ever-increasing threat in the business world…and to your personal and private information. Even if you are a small business, you can be at risk. Learn about the importance of security for your business.

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Don’t overlook the importance of security for your business

  1. 1. Don’t Overlook the Importance of Security for Your Business Omni Strategic Technologies Call For Help: 800.300.5543
  2. 2. Almost 50% Of all small businesses have experienced cyber attacks. National Cyber Security Alliance
  3. 3. More than 70% Of all cyber attacks target small businesses. National Cyber Security Alliance
  4. 4. More than 75% Of employees leave their computers unsecured. National Cyber Security Alliance
  5. 5. As much as 60% Of small and medium-sized businesses that experience a data breach go out of business after 6 months. National Cyber Security Alliance
  6. 6. The Reality Small and medium size organizations are being targeted by cybercriminals and exploited more than ever. Your business cannot assume it won’t be a victim of an attack or breach just because it’s not a large target such as a Fortune 500 company.
  7. 7. Why? The gap between risk and resources can leave sensitive customer and employee records and intellectual property inadequately protected, and at risk for theft or exploitation. Small and medium organizations typically lack the security defenses, resources, time to support 24/7 monitoring, and expertise to effectively protect their confidential and valuable data residing on their networks.
  8. 8. Omni’s Approach Omni believes in a holistic approach to improving and securing a company’s infrastructure and sensitive data. Our process evaluates your whole business, the industry in which you are focused, and any applicable regulatory concerns. ● Improve and secure infrastructure and sensitive data ● Evaluate entire organization ● Address regulatory concerns ● Continuously monitor and improve
  9. 9. How it Works The continuous evolution of your security program is critical to your business so that you can adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape. That’s why we utilize cyber threat intelligence from in-house research as well as services and information developed by our security partners to support security programs we develop for our clients. As a result, those clients receive sharper, more effective support and protection across our entire portfolio.
  10. 10. Learn More Call: 1-800-300-5543 or go online to START YOUR PROJECT ONLINE