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  1. 1. Each member of the group should have an individual style and represent a different type of branding and/or clique. In the Belle Amie video, the three girls have very distinct styles. They are styledto look individual and unique, this is what I aim to achieve in my video.
  2. 2. Rock ChicOne member of the group shouldrepresent the ‘Rock Chic’ clique. Darkcolours, harsh materials, andcontrasting make-up complete thistrend. Leather, in jackets or trousers,are popular choices. Taylor Momsen(far right) sports ripped jeans andheavily dark eye make-up. Regardingjewellery, lots of bracelets, banglesand small necklaces may be worn,but delicate jewellery is a no-no,thick material jewellery is much moresuited and if earrings are worn thenthey should be harsh coloured andshaped. The rock chick look is used tointimidate and make the wearer beperceived as powerful andauthoritative.
  3. 3. Boho ChicAnother style is ‘Boho’. Naturalcolours and materials, heavylayering and lots of accessories.Boho originals from Hippiefashion in the 1960’s and can nowbe related to the modern fashiontrend of Festival Fashion. Hats,hairbands, and headbands arevery important in this trend.Everything looks organic andnatural. Cotton and denim arefavourite fabrics.
  4. 4. Indie ChicThird style is ‘Indie Chic’.Dark colours and patternswith possibly one colourincorporated. Chosen as an‘alternative’ route tofashion, ‘Indie’ individualslike to stand out bywearing eye-catchingitems, make-up or hairstyles, and by messingaround with conventions.Seen above where the girlwears typically school girlsocks, fake frame glasses,plain black dress andchecked cardigan, howevershe doesn’t look anythinglike a school girl despitethe obvious inspiration.
  5. 5. Quirky ChicThe forth fashion style is ‘Quirky Chic’.Bright colours and unusual styles areessential for this trend. This bandmember will probably be the mostdistinct, being the most eye-catching.Clashing primary colours will be worn,unusual jewellery and make-up will beapplied, and hairstyling will be a focustoo. This type offashion wouldn’tusually be worn offthe catwalk oroutside a video shootas it is quite ‘outthere’.