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5 Agile ways to lead and grow others


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An Agile leader's guide to developing people.

Published in: Business
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5 Agile ways to lead and grow others

  1. 1. @AgileSista 5 Agile Ways to Lead & Grow Others Katrina Kolt, Delivery Practice Lead
  2. 2. @AgileSista Theory X Managers believe that people… Theory Y Managers believe that people… Attitude Dislike work, find it boring, and will avoid it if possible Want to work, and under the right conditions will enjoy it Direction Must be forced or coerced to make the right effort Will direct themselves towards an agreed upon target Responsibility Avoid responsibility unless directed Seek and accept responsibility Motivation Are motivated mainly by money and fear about job security Are motivated by the desire to realise their potential Creativity Mostly have little creativity, except when it comes to shirking Are highly creative, when given the opportunity to be
  3. 3. Create a learning environment by modelling, encouraging and rewarding curiosity and purposeful experimentation. 1. Be Curious @AgileSista
  4. 4. How can I model curiosity and continuous improvement? How can I seek diverse views and data? How can I talk openly about failure and what I learnt? How can I encourage or challenge people to try new & better ways to work? How can I create a safe enough environment to question why things are done the way they are done? 1. Be Curious @AgileSista
  5. 5. Create a shared understanding of context, purpose, goals and progress. 2. Create shared clarity @AgileSista
  6. 6. 2. Create shared clarity How can I support my people in understanding our current context and any changes taking place? Do I provide principles, or do I provide rules? How do my people respond to this? How can I engage my people to shape goals? Are the goals I set clear and focused? How I do know that? Do I create clarity on what good looks like? How can I engage my team in tracking our progress? @AgileSista
  7. 7. 3. Empower people Give people the opportunity and confidence to think, decide and act with autonomy. Trust them to deliver exceptional things with support and encouragement. @AgileSista
  8. 8. What actions do I take to give people the space and confidence to think, decide and act with autonomy? How do I encourage people to take initiative and succeed? How do I make decisions? How trusting am I in this? Can I think of an example of when I supported the decision and actions taken by the team? What measures do we as a team put in place to hold ourselves accountable for outcomes? 3. Empower people @AgileSista
  9. 9. An Appelo delegation board 1. Tell - Relocate to other office building 2. Sell - Replace Waterfall with Scrum 3. Consult – Select new team members 4. Agree – Choose logo for business unit 5. Advise – Technical considerations of the work 6. Inquire – Sprint length and what can be achieved 7. Delegate – How we work within the sprint @AgileSista
  10. 10. 4. Connect like a human Connect personally with people and listen! Understand what’s going on for them. Get comfortable with yourself and others being ‘work in progress’. @AgileSista
  11. 11. Am I able to have open and authentic conversations? What is the context for these? Do I bring a different person to work from who I am at home? What is getting in the way of me expressing vulnerability in the workplace? What does it mean to be fully present with my people? Am I fully present? How do I show people that I care about their wellbeing? 4. Connect like a human @AgileSista
  12. 12. 5. Grow people’s potential Understand people’s aspirations. Help them see their potential, and get ready for a future that is constantly changing. Challenge yourself to do the same! Have courageous conversations, to support moving forward. @AgileSista
  13. 13. How do I get to know people’s aspirations? How do I help people see their potential? Do I know how to coach them to do this? How do I support their growth journey? How do I praise and amplify their efforts? What opportunities do I seek to broaden my experience and learn? Who supports me? @AgileSista 5. Grow people’s potential
  14. 14. 5. Grow people’s potential 4. Connect like a human 3. Empower people 2. Create shared clarity 1. Be Curious Five Agile ways to lead & grow others @AgileSista
  15. 15. Attitudes to authority Meyer, Erin. “Being the boss in Brussels, Boston and Beijing” July-Aug 2017 Decision making approach @AgileSista
  16. 16. Senge, Peter. The Fifth Discipline On team learning: “When teams are learning, not only are they producing extraordinary results, but the individual members are growing more rapidly than could have occurred otherwise” Dweck, Carol S. Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential “Picture your brain forming new connections as you meet the challenge and learn. Keep on going.” Heffernan, Margaret. Beyond measure: the big impact of small changes “The more senior you are, the more important listening becomes” Silver, Amy. Conversations create growth “We must stop seeing feedback as an end point….To me there is the opportunity to ‘feedgrowth’ through conversations that increase someone’s comprehension of where they are and where they want to go” Kegan, Robert, and Lahey, Lisa Laskow. An Everyone Culture: Becoming a deliberately development organisation Deliberately developmental practices “help people uncover, engage, and ultimately transcend the limiting assumptions and defensive routines that prevent us from developing our capabilities beyond our expectations” @AgileSista