Mobile Active M Banking


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Mobile Active M Banking

  1. 1. From unbanked to M- banked Tonny K Omwansa Strathmore University, Research ICT Africa Nairobi – Kenya MobileActive08, 13-16 Oct 2008 Strathmore South Africa Research ICT Africa
  2. 2. Out of 10 Transactions, how many are in cash? Informal Semi-formal Formal Source: RIA, 2006/2007
  3. 3. Mobile Phones and socioeconomic impact There is a positive correlation between teledensity and quality of life indicators. It has been found that mobile communications contribute significantly towards enhancing income and improving quality of life – specially in rural areas. There are now several studies documenting the improvement in prices received by farmers as a result of better access to mobile telephony in developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The Vodafone Policy Paper Series ● Number 2 ● March 2005
  4. 4. Access to FS in Africa
  5. 5. M-PESA Usage Source: Steadman Report, Omwansa T. 2008
  6. 6. M-PESA Usage Source: Steadman Report, Omwansa T. 2008
  7. 7. M-PESA Usage • Swapping virtual currency between Zain, Safaricom, Telcom - Cashless Society? Cash Bank MPESA
  8. 8. M-PESA Usage Most active and of month and beginning of new school term
  9. 9. M-PESA Usage Streamlining M-Finance at a low cost. Members repay via M-Pesa Member 1 Send by M-PESA Member 2 Microfinance Group Leader Institution Send by Member 10 M-PESA
  10. 10. M–Transfers From diaspora: Pay for airtime, DSTV, Nyama choma, SimCards, fuel etc (Zim/SA/..Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia) Send money for electricity, fees, airtime, shopping vouchers, mall vouchers, flowers, fuel vouchers etc.
  11. 11. Greater Value – Ecosystem MNO 1 Bank 1..n Posta Inter connection Mobile End Money User Rural Bank Operator MFI 1..n MNO n Source: IFC >Strong Banking Sector >Product development >Sound Regulation (Bills, remittance, top-up, >Efficient Distribution M-Finance etc)
  12. 12. Ecosystem Players Source: IFC
  13. 13. Ecosystem Players Source: IFC
  14. 14. Research ICT Africa 17 country, 23000 Households Data preliminary findings FACTOR airtime Sending IMPACT Receiving airtime FACTOR IMPACT Education +vely Education > tertiary, -vely Age -vely Age -vely Gender +vely Gender -vely Urban Dwelling +vely Urban Dwelling -vely Rural Dwelling -vely Rural Dwelling +vely Marriage +vely Marriage -vely Bank Account +vely Bank Account No diff. Disposable Income +vely Disposable Income -vely