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Art history presontation


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Katlyn Bedrosian

Published in: Technology
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Art history presontation

  1. 1. Ancient Egyptian Art Katlyn Bedrosian
  2. 2. Fowling SceneTomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Egypt, 18th Dynasty
  3. 3. Musicians and Dancers Tomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Egypt, 18th Dynasty
  4. 4. Palette of King Narmer Hierakonpolis, Egypt, 1st Dynasty
  5. 5. Great Pyramids Gizeh, Egypt, 4th Dynasty
  6. 6. People, boats, and animals Tomb 100, Hierakonpolis, Egypt,
  7. 7. Great SphinxGizeh, Egypt, 4th Dynasty
  8. 8. Seated Scribe Saqqara, Egypt, 4th Dynasty
  9. 9. Ti watching a hippopotamus hunt Saqqara, Egypt, 5th Dynasty
  10. 10. Temple of Hours Edfu, Egypt
  11. 11. Stepped Pyramid Saqqara, Egypt, 3rd Dynasty