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Open Science - was kommt nach Open Access


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Die Folien zu meinem Vortrag am 7. April beim Netzpolitischen Abend im Metalab Wien

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Open Science - was kommt nach Open Access

  1. 1. OPEN  SCIENCE   Was  kommt  nach  Open  Access?   Netzpoli:scher  Abend  Wien  7.4.2016   Katja  Mayer  @katja_mat   "What  science  becomes  in  any   historical  era  depends  on  what   we  make  of  it"       Sandra  Harding   This  work  is  licensed  under  a  Crea:ve  Commons  ASribu:on  4.0  Interna:onal  License.  
  2. 2. Open  Access  –  The  Movie   hSps://  
  3. 3. OA  Mission  Statement   Openness  is  the  norma:ve  pledge  of  science   and  scholarship.  It  is  the  precondi:on  that   research  results  can  be  replicated,  verified,   falsified  and  reused  for  scholarly  as  well  as  for   prac:cal  applica:ons.  Since  it  is  now  technically   possible,  it  is  the  intrinsic  duty  of  public   authori:es  to  enforce  the  transi:on  to  full  Open   Access  poli:cally  and  financially.   Falk  Reckling  hSp://  
  4. 4. Open  Access  defini:ons   Open  access  (OA)  refers  to  online  research  outputs  that  are  free  of  all  restric:ons   on  access  (e.g.,  access  tolls)  and  free  of  many  restric:ons  on  use  (e.g.  certain   copyright  and  license  restric:ons).       Open  access  can  be  applied  to  all  forms  of  published  research  output,  including   peer-­‐reviewed  and  non  peer-­‐reviewed  academic  journal  ar:cles,  conference   papers,  theses,  book  chapters,  and  monographs.     •  Gra:s  open  access:  access  free  of  charge   •  Libre  open  access:  access  free  of  charge  plus  certain  usage  rights   •  Green  open  access:  self-­‐archiving  (problem:  embargo  periods)   •  Gold  open  access:  publishing  in  open  access  journal  or  hybrid  open  access   journal   •  Ar:cle  processing  charge  (APC)   •  Subscrip:on  models   •  Offsejng  models  
  5. 5. Directory  of  Open  Access  Journals   hSp://  
  6. 6.     Empfehlungen  für  die  Umsetzung  von  Open  Access  in  Österreich   Die  Arbeitsgruppe  „Na:onale  OA  Strategie“  des  Open  Access  Network  Austria  (OANA)  hat   16  Empfehlungen  ausgearbeitet,  wie  die  gesamte  wissenschaoliche  Publika:onstä:gkeit  in   Öster-­‐reich  bis  2025  auf  Open  Access  umgestellt  werden  kann.  
  8. 8. open   educa:on   • educa:onal   resources   • textbooks   • curricula   research   • access   • data   • methods   technology   • source   • hardware   • standards   business   • business  models   • sharing  economy   • commons  evalua:on   • quality  standards   • review   • merit  system   legal/ governance   • policies   • government   • licenses   heritage   • museums   • archives   • libraries   crea:on   • art   • design   • cri:que   Katja  Mayer.  This  work  is  licensed  under  a  Crea:ve  Commons  ASribu:on-­‐-­‐-­‐ShareAlike    4.0  Interna:onal  License  
  9. 9. The  Open  Defini:on   Open  means  anyone  can  freely   access,  use,  modify,  and  share   for  any  purpose  (subject,  at   most,  to  requirements  that   preserve  provenance  and   openness).   hSp://  
  10. 10. Defini:ons  Open  Science   Open  Access   Open  (Research)   Data  /  Materials   Open  Source  /   Open  Methods   Open  Educa:on   Open  Evalua:on   Ci:zen  Science   Open  science  is  the  idea  that  scien:fic   knowledge  of  all  kinds  should  be   openly  shared  as  early  as  is  prac:cal  in   the  research  process.     Open  strategies  in  science  share  the   following  objec:ves   •  sharing  and  collabora:on   •  transparency  and  reproducibility   •  re-­‐usability  and  new  applica:ons   •  societal  par:cipa:on  and  feedback   loops  
  11. 11. Human  Genome  Project  
  12. 12. hSp://www.oi-­‐   PROMISES  OF  OPEN  SCIENCE  
  13. 13. The  Open  Science  Mul:ple   Publics   Fields   researchers   administra:ons   media   policies   industries   ngos   sciences   social  sciences   humani:es   Epistemic  Cultures   Perspec:ves   archives   History   Time  
  14. 14. Policy  Challenges   prac:ces   open  access   open  research   data   open   evalua:on   open   educa:onal   resources   and  many   more   principles   knowledge  as   a  public  good   rights  to   research  for   social  jus:ce   knowing   differently   policy   inclusion   innova:on   funding   infrastructure   intellectual   property   incen:ves   levels   individual   work  or   project  group   ins:tu:on   na:onal   interna:onal  
  15. 15. boSom  up  !!!   "work.  finish.publish"   train  skills  in  collabora:on  and  sharing  based  on  transparent  method  and  reflexivity  (and  trust   and  respect)   public  availability  and  reusability  of  scien:fic  data   public  accessibility  and  transparency  of  scien:fic  communica:on   create  new  materials  and  spaces  for  collabora:on   Ask  for:   • ins:tu:onal  and  community  support  for  open  scholarship  (e.g.  students!)   • money  to  support  open  science   • change  of  reputa:on  system  (which  is  usually  -­‐but  not  necessarily-­‐  measured  by   cita:ons,  h-­‐indices,  download  counts,  placement  of  students,  etc.  )   • sufficient  :me,  space,  and  capacity/resources  to  think  and  do   What  can  I  do?  Checklist  based  on  hSp://  
  16. 16. and  ac:on.....   • hSps://   Open  Science  in  Österreich   • future  of  scholarly  communica1on   OANA  Umstrukturierung  mit  Blick  auf  Open  Science  ab  Herbst  2016   • hSp://­‐science/   Open  Knowledge  –  Open  Science  Arbeitsgruppe   • Where  does  our  science  go?     Analyse  laufender  Strategieprozesse  in  bezug  auf  Open  Science     Meetup  Montag  11.4.  MUQUA  Raum  D  18.00