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20160719 23 Research Data Things

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Thing 9 - Licensing data for Reuse
Thing 10 - Sharing Sensitive Data

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20160719 23 Research Data Things

  1. 1. 23 Research Data Things Research Data Coordinator Katina Toufexis
  2. 2. Licensing data for reuse Consider this scenario: You’ve found a dataset you (or your client) are interested in. You’ve downloaded it. Excellent! But do you know what you (or your client) can and cannot do with the data? The answer lies in data licensing. Licensing is critical to enabling data to be reused and cited. Thing 9
  3. 3. Thing 9 om/watch?v=SHR1EJ 0kQ3g Dr Ross Wilkinson, Executive Director of ANDS Licensing data for reuse
  4. 4. Thing 9 AusGOAL (Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework) is: • An open access and licensing framework based on the international suite of Creative Commons licences. • Designed to help select the least restrictive licence to apply to published datasets and other works • A common approach to data licensing across research and government. • Recommended licensing system for data publishing for ANDS partners. See AusGOAL - ANDS Guide. • Research data licensing FAQs. Licensing data for reuse
  5. 5. Thing 9 Licensing data for reuse RDM Toolkit php?g=325196 &p=2633029
  6. 6. Thing 9 Summary of permissions given by CC licenses Note: AusGOAL also offers a restrictive license option. Licensing data for reuse
  7. 7. Thing 9 Software licences • AusGOAL provides guidance on software licensing, and recommends BSD 3 Clause Licence as its most preferred open source software license. See AusGOAL software licensing Licensing data for reuse
  8. 8. Thing 9 FAQs /research-data-faqs Licensing data for reuse
  9. 9. Thing 9 Meetup Licensing data for reuse
  10. 10. Thing 9 Meetup Licensing data for reuse
  11. 11. Thing 9 ANDS Webinars Dr Kevin Cullen UNSW Diane Peters, Dr Matthew Todd General Counsel for Creative Commons Licensing data for reuse
  12. 12. Thing 9 Easy Access IP - Dr. Kevin Cullen UNSW Licensing data for reuse
  13. 13. Thing 9 Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement Licensing data for reuse
  14. 14. Thing 9 Licensing data for reuse
  15. 15. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data Two major categories of sensitive data are: Human data (eg health and personal data, secret or sacred practices); or Ecological data (may place vulnerable species at risk). Given the nature of this type of data, you might expect that it can’t be shared and reused. But in many cases, it can be.
  16. 16. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data One example where sensitive data is shared in RDA: Pregnancy and Lifestyle dataset
  17. 17. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data Another example where sensitive data is shared in RDA: 1. Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health
  18. 18. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data How do you share sensitive data? 1. De-identify datasets 2. Publish a description (metadata only) 3. This video…
  19. 19. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data A risky business... or is it? The benefits of publishing sensitive data in a snapshot - Prof Michael Martin (ANU) talks about risk versus benefit of sharing sensitive data
  20. 20. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data ANDS Guide to publishing and sharing sensitive data Outlines best practice for the publication and sharing of sensitive research data in the Australian context. • confidentialising your human and sensitive ecological data • what's legal • what to include in a consent form requesting data publication and sharing • sharing sensitive data that you did not collect • making data discoverable: metadata • conditional access to data: what is it; how do I do it? • licensing your data • depositing your data • a comprehensive guide on most things you need to know about publishing sensitive data.
  21. 21. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data
  22. 22. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data Funders Responsible sharing of sensitive data is required or encouraged by peak bodies and leading publishers in human research. Check out: • Section 3.2.2 of the NHMRC National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. • ARC Discovery Program Funding Rules - applicants must now outline plans for the storage, access and reuse of data. • Wellcome Trust joint statement on data sharing - to which NHMRC is a signatory. Publishers • PLOS journals policy on making all data available. • Nature publishing group journals require supporting data to be available to editors and reviewers at the time of submission, preferrably via public repositories. Guidance from Funders and Publishers
  23. 23. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data Imagine you are either a researcher or a participant in a health data survey: Participant: what questions might you first ask the researcher about intended sharing and reuse of the survey data? Researcher: What responses would you need to prepare to anticipate participants questions about publishing “their data for all the world to see”?
  24. 24. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data How we manage sensitive data through its lifecycle? Who has a role in ensuring sensitive data is appropriately managed and shared? These are critical issues in ensuring sensitive data can be shared.
  25. 25. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data Guidelines for the Ethical Use of Digital Data in Human Research (produced by Melbourne University and the Carlton Connect Initiative).
  26. 26. Thing 10 Sharing Sensitive Data The UK Anonymisation Network (UKAN) has developed a one hour online course based on the Anonymisation Decision-making Framework. You don’t need any previous experience in data analysis to do the course. /ukan-course/#0.1
  27. 27. Contacts Contact UWA 23 Things Coordinators: Caroline Clark Nola Steiner Katina Toufexis

Thing 9 - Licensing data for Reuse Thing 10 - Sharing Sensitive Data


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