Props and costume for photo shoot


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Props and costume for photo shoot

  1. 1. Lead Singer: I used dark eyeliner and dark lipstick as dark make up is very often seen in bands of this genre, especially Layered vests are often seen females. Dark make up within the indie roc genre, is considered as an especially a mix of black and important part of the white. I also thought the zip rock image and was a cool touch because conforms to the codes zips, chains and studs are all and conventions of the typically seen in indie and indie rock genre. rock bands, featuring in magazines such as NME and Kerrang. Studded bracelet -As the lead singer I felt Clara common amongstshould stand out against the rest female rock musiciansof the band members, as is and is often a symbol oftypical in many magazine rock shoots as the lead singeris often the most well known. The ripped jeans areSo I decided to make Clara’s typical costume for ancostume the most colourful. The indie rock band as theypurples of the skirt and tights suggest a carefree, laidunderneath her ripped jeans back attitude as well asare still quite subtle, where as seeming quite rebelliousthe bright pink Doc Martens with which are both values ofthe colourful laces stand out the indie rock genre. Theagainst the darkness of the rest skirt over the jeans is anof hers and the band’s unusual combination andcostumes. makes her appear quirky and unique.
  2. 2. Guitarist: The lose black tie with this costume is a way ofIn keeping with the monochrome taking what is normally atheme, a typical convention of very formal piece ofhe indie rock genre, Beth wore a clothing and making itblack leather jacket with black casual, which suggestsskinny jeans and a white vest. the band are rebelliousTightness of jeans is a large factor which again wouldin music genre, and skinny black appeal to my targetjeans are typical of the indie rock audience as this is agenre so they would keep with value many indie rockmy genre and the target fans will have. It is also aaudience would recognise and stereotypical female rocconnect with the band’s image item of clothing, and Ias soon as they see it on the got the idea from thecover. This is also the same for reference picture ofthe leather jacket, a typical Katherine Moennig . Itsymbol of rock music. would therefore make the band and my magazine appeal also to a female teenage/ young adult audience as they may feel they look up to or can connect with them. Wearing black converse which are often worn by indie rock bands. They are a classic brand and are very recognisable.
  3. 3. Bass player: Izzy’s short, choppy black hair with the slightly shaved side gave her the perfect image for the band – it is unusual and stands out, which are both ideals of the indie genre.I used a guitar pick as a Leather jacketprop because it is what again very typicalthe band member of the rock genre.would use to play and Appears toughso creates the link and casual, givingbetween them and a ‘not to bethem playing live messed with’ vibemusic which is very which wouldimportant to the genre appeal to theand my target target audience.audience. It also makesthe band appearauthentic. Chain necklace also is a stereotypical item of the rock and indie genres again creating a tough, rebellious image.
  4. 4. Drummer: Used lots of hairspray in her hair to make it stick up and give it an ‘organised mess’ look, which goes with the ripped jeans in making a casual , laid back Li piercing again typical appearance which is typical of the genre as many of the genre. rock and indie rock bands have piercings. A lot of people of the age of my target audience have piercings as well so this would appeal to As with a lot of the band them by making them members, I tried to mix smart feel like they could and casual clothing – so connect with the band in Maggie is wearing a blazer, the magazine. but with the sleeves rolled up to appear more casual and over a plain black vest and chinos, creating a casual, indie-rock but slightly ‘dapper’ look.
  5. 5. Keyboard player: Glasses go against the rock genre as they have Ramones Band t-shirt connotations of which is a very well being quite and recognised rock band that hard working, so the reader are likely to this contrasts to know about. T suggests the the typical rock band on the cover are image and influenced by the band on because of this it their T-shirt, causing the conforms to reader to believe they will stereotypical indie have a similar sound and rock styles. so are more likely to like the band and be interested in it, making them therefore more likely to buy the magazine. Again mix of smart blazer and casual skinny jeans to create the typical indie-rock look for the band.
  6. 6. Main prop:Electric guitar. The factthat it is electric suggeststhe roc/indie genre. Itcreates a sense ofrealism and authenticity,making them look like anactual band. It couldalso be used to suggestthe live element of theirmusic, which is animportant part of theindie-rock genre. Livemusic is also importantto the target audienceof my magazine.