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Analysis of college magazines


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Analysis of college magazines

  1. 1. Colour scheme of black/grey, green and white – the black Link to magazine and white gives it a professional feel and appearance, whilst website – the green adds brightness and therefore a sense of fun, students are the Bright, bold masthead – which is how college students may like to see themselves – kinds of people immediately draws the as having fun, whilst working hard and being professional. to use the readers’ attention to the They are all pretty neutral colours, so appeal to both male internet a lot, so magazine. and female students. this would appeal to them.Sue of the phrase Bright pink puff‘all the rage on stands out againstcampus’ appeals the rest of theto students magazine as is thebecause they only pink used on thetypically want to whole cover.keep up with thelatest trends. This Buzz word – splatmakes it seem that emphasises idea ofby reading the paintballing which is a fun thing to do thatmagazine they canfind out what’s appeals to people of‘cool’ and popular. the age that would be going to college – also keeps up the idea that collegeCover line – ‘Make students are all aboutmoney on campus’ having fun as well asappeals to college working.students becausethey often need toand wants to beable to makemoney – will makethem want to buythe magazine inorder to find outuseful tips. Main image: Smart-casual clothes gives the Quite informal language Use of the props of study impression of a hard working student, whilst and mode of address books in the main image still being relaxed and fun-loving- Seeming used – “HOT! HOT! with the quite relaxed and to the target audience of college students HOT!” and “party chic” – cool, conventionally that it is a fun yet usefully academic appeals to target attractive guy holding magazine. Direct mode of address – the guy audience of college them – this appeals to the is looking straight at the audience, seeming students because this is audience of college inviting to the reader and also giving it a the kind of language they students by showing they friendly feel. would use. can be ‘cool’ and study.
  2. 2. Buzz words ‘exclusive Main image – conventionally attractive woman interview’ stands out with the with direct mode of address, smiling with a purple background, making friendly and slightly flirty pose giving a friendly, the interview seem like it will welcoming appearance to the audience – makes reveal things not been said people want to read it. She is young and before and that the interview attractive which appeals to the target audience of is going to only be seen by college students as she seems relatable and like readers of the magazine. The them. They would assume she had similar way ‘Sean Kingston’ has been interests to them and therefore the magazine put in larger and bold letters would appeal to them. makes it stand out, catching the reader’s eye and appealing to college students The woman as the central image because he is a popular and would appeal to both male and famous musician that they are female college students. Her likely to listen to. friendly smile and body language makes girls feel they can relate to her – especially as she is of similar age – and she is conventionallyThe colour scheme reflects attractive and seems to look quitethe cover lines of the articles flirtatious, appealing to a morefeatured in the magazine, male audience.suggesting a predominatelyfemale target audience. The The structured and simplecolour scheme is mainly of layout gives the impressionpink, white and sky blue and that it is still a quitethe woman’s dress is also sophisticated magazine andpink, which is a colour that it does include morestereotypically associated academic articles that may bewith females. The cover lines useful to college work and“Beauty with a purpose” and studying. However, the bright“holiday glam” also suggest pink puff and the bold coloursthis edition of the magazine is used add more of a laid backtargeted mainly at female appearance, giving it a sensecollege students because of fun. This appeals to thestereotypically, women audience of college studentsespecially the age of college by reflecting their lives in thestudents, are interested in cover layout. College students’beauty and their appearance. main priority generally isThis would therefore appeal balancing work with havingto them, giving the fun with friends and partying,impression that it is offering whilst the magazine appearsuseful tips and information professional and academic,about looking good. but with lots of colour and more social-based articles about beauty and fun things to do with friends, such as the “Island surf” cover line.
  3. 3. Images of students appeal to the target audience of college students as they are of the same age and appear to be in the same kind of situation as the reader, therefore making the reader feel they can relate to them and therefore the magazine will relate to their own lives and interests. This makes students likely to buy it as they feel it could be useful to them.The students are shown The images used are ofwearing sports kits or with only girls, suggesting itbooks, creating the is focused at an all-impression that the articles girls college, or at leastfeatured are more academic- focused more tobased, suiting the audience female students. Itof college students as they suggests, as girls areare studying and a large part mainly used in theof their lives is taken up by images, it will havework. It also suggests it is articles more suited toaimed at girls interested in girls’ interests andsports, perhaps that go to a needs.sports college, and promotesteamwork . Page number and headline of article is in bold, with a brief Amount of space taken up by text and images is description underneath in equal, making it appear interesting and not as smaller font – keeps its short, though the magazine will be dull or full of very but gives enough information long articles, which may not be what the target for the reader to be able to find audience would want to see – college students the article they want and flick to may get bored and typically like there to be that page. colour and images to keep the magazine looking fresh and interesting. Neutral colour scheme of mainly black, white and blue gives it a professional appearance, suitable to the professional atmosphere of a college however this may seem a little dull to college students and it has a very academic feeling that may put some people off if they are looking for out of college interests as well.
  4. 4. Colour scheme is mainly white with blues and pinks, keeping it professional yet still bright and interesting. The mix of blue and pink keeps it gender neutral so thatWelcome note by the editor it is appealing to both male and female audience.creates a friendly mode ofaddress, yet the languageused is still quite formalsuiting the audience ofstudents. This is also one ofthe first things the readerwill see inside themagazine, and so it gives afriendly start to it. Itimmediately builds up arelationship between thereader and the editor givingthem the feeling they willbe able to identify witharticles in the magazine. Divided into sections, ‘regulars’ and ‘features’. The ‘regulars’ section creates familiarity with the reader so that they always know what to expect in the magazine, whist the features are different in each edition of the magazine, keeping it interesting.