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Analysis of audience questionnaire results


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Analysis of audience questionnaire results

  1. 1. Analysis of audience questionnaire resultsWhen sending out my questionnaire I tried to make sure that the people that wereanswering it were of the same age as my target audience so that I could generalise myfindings to the target audience of my music magazine, which is older teenagers and youngadults. This shows that everyone that completed my questionnaire was between 16 and 20.From the results of this multi-answer question, I can see that alternative is the most populargenre of music listened to by people aged 16-20, with rock and indie close behind. Thisshows that my idea of producing an indie-rock magazine should be popular amongst my
  2. 2. target age range. It also suggests I should include other genres of alternative music in mymagazine, especially as most people that said they listened to alternative, also listened torock and indie. Punk and metal also seemed to be quite popular so I should considerincluding them in my magazine as well.Because this was a qualitative question, in order to analyse the results I created a wordcloud using Wordle.Com out of the answers given listing the bands they listened to so that Icould clearly see all the bands and musicians listed, as well as seeing if there were anyparticularly popular bands.From these results I can see that, although a range of artists are listened to from differentgenres, such as Rihanna an RnB artist regularly in the charts, and Bon Jovi from a more rockgenre. However, the most popular artists mentioned seemed to be Arctic Monkeys, Teganand Sara, The XX and My Chemical Romance all of which are alternative bands and artists.Although many different bands were mentioned, rock and indie seemed to be the mostpopular genres. Because of this I will try to make sure these are the genres I feature in mymagazine, and I will try to include some of these bands and artists mentioned.
  3. 3. These results clearly show me that NME seems the most appealing music magazine out ofthe ones offered, with over 60% preferring to read it over Kerrang, Metal Hammer, TheRolling Stone and Top Of The Pops. Because of this I will look closely at NME and try toinclude some of their most popular features and ideologies, such as their focus on up andcoming bands. This is also useful to me because NME has a similar aged target audience tome and focuses on similar genres of music to the ones I want to focus on.The two people that had selected ‘other’ said that they did not tend to read musicmagazines.
  4. 4. These results show that new releases are very important to my target audience, with 85% ofpeople saying they wanted to read about them in a music magazine. Interviews, festival andgig coverage and reviews are also important to be included in my magazine as over 75% saidthat they would like to see them in a music magazine as well. Gossip about bands was theleast popular and so I will not put so much emphasis on this in my magazine.As this was another open question, people were able to give longer, detailed answers in atext box. As over half skipped this question, I can assume there was nothing else they inparticular wanted from the magazine. However, some answers that were given were ‘tourdates’ so I will try and make sure I include details of upcoming tours that bands featured inmy magazine are going on. They also suggested information about the process of writingand creating music, so that the audience can get an insight into the creative process thatgoes into the development of an album. I will try and include this in interviews withparticular bands, with a section based on how they wrote the album and the meaningsbehind it.
  5. 5. This showed that the majority of my target audience don’t actually read music magazines,so I will need to make sure my magazine offers the things the others don’t.This showed that finding out about new bands is important to my target audience, so I willmake sure I put a large amount of focus on promoting new bands and musicians, includingshort interviews and reviews on their music so that know what to expect from this band. Iwill make sure to only feature bands that are indie-rock so that my target audience are likelyto enjoy their music and be interested in finding out about them.
  6. 6. These results showed that 70% of my audience would be willing to pay £.50 as a maximumfor my magazine, where only 30% would be willing to pay over £2.50. I need to keep mymagazine within my target audience’s price range so I will try to make sure my magazine isno more than £2.50.The results from this question were 50/50 so I think my idea for a more niche musicmagazine, focusing on indie rock music should appeal to my audience. I will make sure tocover several other genres of music that are closely related to indie rock such as punk rockand pop punk.