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Prelim powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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Prelim powerpoint

  1. 1. Katie Banner Media
  2. 2. Changing the background • I changed my background preset to grey because I felt it would make my main image and text stand out more than white would. • I used this tool to create a shape around the A4 sheet and then filled that shape in grey.
  3. 3. Manipulating images I used an unedited image that I had originally taken for my preliminary task and opened it on to my A4 cover. I then used the background eraser tool and the pen tool to remove the unnecessary background from the image Background eraser
  4. 4. Adding a masthead
  5. 5. Adding magazine information I stuck to two main fonts throughout my magazine; one of them was Goudy Stout. I used Goudy Stout for the first word in my masthead and continued to use it as the title for my coverlines.
  6. 6. Adding a barcode I saved an image of a barcode into my documents then opened it up on to this document as a new layer.
  7. 7. Adding a puff
  8. 8. Adding a puff • I then added text to my puff. I continued to use the Goudy Stout text for the 25% OFF section and then continued to use the Kalinga font for the rest of the puff information.
  9. 9. Adding cover lines
  10. 10. Adding cover lines • I’ve added three cover lines to my front cover. I’ve tried to keep them an appropriate size to keep it off the image. I’ve used a size 20 font for the titles of the masthead and then a size 18 for the extra information underneath the masthead.
  11. 11. Final front cover.