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Website editing stages

  1. 1. Using website builder...
  2. 2. Signing up and choosing website layout... I signed up to a free website builder that lets you customise your own website easy. This website builder was called Webeden. You created your account information including the websites domain name and you can select a template to create your website from.
  3. 3. Choosing domain name and launching site... I wanted my domain name to be something simple and easy to remember so I settled for Dark- Appliance-Music as the bands name is clearly stated and it states it is a music band so it does not get confused with other companies of the same name. I could then launch my site and begin editing...
  4. 4. Importing images... To start with I had to import all images I were planning to use in the website from my internal drive. I only had a maximum of 20mb memory so all my images had to be compressed in size whilst not reducing their quality noticeably so they will fit. I did this by opening the image in photoshop and resaving the file with my desired quality level.
  5. 5. Adding timers, search bars and other ‘widgets’... I could also add many interactive and entertaining features called ‘widgets’ from the library readily available. The enabled me to put search bars and timers onto my website amongst other things...
  6. 6. I searched through the library and selected the widgets I wanted to use and positioned them on the webpage. Adding interactive features will make the website more engaging and entertaining for the user so it is important to put lots of features in.I also added a live twitterfeed widget that posts tweetsfrom the bands twitter profile.This adds a social aspect tothe website and allows usersto follow the band duringtheir everyday lives
  7. 7. To bring more socialinteraction with the fans Iadded a live chat forum thatallows all people signed intothe website to talk to eachother and share interests.
  8. 8. Adding photo galleries and sound...I needed to add plenty of media for users to access. This includesimages of the band members and their music tracks. I added pop upgalleries and slideshows to my gallery page as well as a one trackplaylist to play the song I am using in my music video to meet these specifications. I added the images and sound through the editor panel where the settings are.
  9. 9. Adding and editing blog on website...Also on the website was ablog feature that allowedme to insert diary logs frommembers of the band. Thisinformed users of what theband was up to and addedanother feature that wouldrequire the user to visit thewebsite regularly
  10. 10. Creating contact form...Users may want to give feedback or send fanmail so for thesepurposes they have a number of options. They could fill in the contactform given on the page and send it that way. Or they could send amessage or tweet to their facebook or twitter pages, both of whichhave beengiven linkson here.There is alsotheir fullmailingaddress forthose whowish to post.
  11. 11. My final design looks very similar to that of my plan with minimalmodifications. I have stuck with the layout and structure of the pagesas well as keeping the colour schemes the same. I am happy with theoverall look of my website as it consists with the digipack and overallbrand identity of Dark Appliance.