Q1. Forms and conventions of real media products


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Q1. Forms and conventions of real media products

  1. 1. In the research stages of my product I lookedat a number of theories and conventions thatsurround music videos, album covers andwebsites. I also looked at things such asbrand identity which too come into play whendesigning a music product for promotion.I first looked into methods and conventions ofmusic videos as this our main ancillary task tocomplete so I felt I should have fullunderstanding of this before I moved ontoresearch other products. I found there were 3categories of video styles that had specificcharacteristics always present in musicvideos. The first was a Performance video, in a performance video the object of camera focus is dominantly the artist itself. This type of video was the most widely used and often used in Rock and pop genres. The song I used for my music video was an alternative rock song, so I acknowledge that this type of video style should be used in my video.
  2. 2. However I didn‟t have to use only one style inmy music video and this brought me to theother 2 styles. Narrative – in which the videohas some type of story or theme to it that isoften unrelated to the subject matter of thesong, it is suited to most music genres andwould allow me to be more creative with mymusic video and other ancillary tasksconnected to it, so I decided to use this stylealongside the performance scenes. I didn‟t want to choose the other style, Abstract as this style of video is normally very random and content is often detached from the music and/or lyrics of the song. It is usually a series of seemingly unconnected images edited to fit the pace of the song. I wanted something that would illustrate the lyrics of the song as this I what I wanted the video to be concentrated on as well as the fast pace.
  3. 3. After I acknowledged what style of musicvideo I wanted I then looked into conventionsthat were used in all music videos, despite oftheir genre, as labelled by theorist AndrewGoodwin. He labelled six features, one ofwhich saying that music videos oftendemonstrate genre characterists, such as astage performance for a rock band or danceroutine for a girl pop/dance/R&B band. Ifollowed this theory by shooting a stageperformance scene for my alternative rocksong which was included in my music video. He also went onto say that there is often a relationship between the lyrics/music and the visuals. Either the visual can illustrate the lyrics and convey the meaning of the song, or they can amplify, exaggerate or repeat an effect, moment or phrase from the song, as well as contradict or completely ignore the song...>
  4. 4. My music video also had anarrative section in which the storyfollows what I portrayed from thelyrics of the song, and the fast paceof the video which includes somerunning scenes were illustrative ofthe hard and fast paced beat of themusic.
  5. 5. Another one of his theories I usedwas the one stating there isfrequent reference to the notion oflooking. For example shots thatmay show a television or computerscreen, or showing a point of viewshot where the camera is lookingthrough another lens (telescope,binoculars, glasses etc). I followedthis theory with a brief over-shoulder shot of my characterlooking at a picture on his phonetowards the opening scenes of mymusic video. I didn‟t have to useall the theories and didn‟t feel thevoyeuristic treatment of women orintertextual reference werenecessary in this video so I didn‟tuse them.
  6. 6. To follow the conventions expected ofthe rock genre I researching into someexisting rock music videos to see theconventions and methods they used.Some artists I researched included theartist of the song I used, Linkin Park,Coldplay, Muse, 30 seconds to mars, mybloody valentine, nine inch nails andothers, all of which are artists in the rockor alternative rock genre. My findings were that music videos of this genre often have some sort of deeper meaning, even if that meaning is not immediately clear. I followed this theory by basing my narrative story in the music video on what I portrayed from the lyrics of the song. I felt the writer was trying to illustrate his anguish and despair brought on by a loved one, and how its was bringing him down to the point of depression...>
  7. 7. My story closely followed this feeling with thetheme of a lost love and the anguish and painhe felt over her departure. I also included ascene toward the end of the video that showsthe character coming to terms with what hashappened and moving on, which I took frominspiration of the lyrics often used throughoutthe song “you‟ve lived what you‟ve learned” as Ithought it could add an interesting deepermeaning and lesson to the video. Anotherconvention of rock genres is that most videostend to contain topics such as depression, drug-use and hard living in their storylines, which Iportrayed through the depression and despairthe male character in the narrative was feeling. Ialso complied with the theory that stated rockvideos often follow the lyrics of the song veryclosely or completely disregard them, and I feltmy storyline followed the lyrics very closely.
  8. 8. As I was creating a music product for a band I needed tocreate a brand identity across all three products. A brandidentity is a certain style which would consist of colour-schemes, fonts, costumes, makeup and motifs that re-occurthroughout all of my products. They must all look somewhatsimilar in style to create one overall product. Some artistsexamples I looked at were Lily Allen and Coldplay. I looked ata music video from each artist, complimenting album andtheir artist website. From my findings I noticed that the LilyAllen song „smile‟ had a very upbeat tune and the narrativevideo followed a story in which the artist is walking throughthe run down streets of London which transform intosomething more beautiful and cartoon like. This style wascontinued in the design of the digipack and website whichalso used bright colours and cartoon like themes.
  9. 9. The same applied for the coldplay video„every teardrop is a waterfall‟ which usedanimated designs across the video settingto illustrate the song. Again these brightlycoloured designs were used over thedigipack and website designs. To create my own brand identity I used the colours of my band logo red, black and white and incorporated them in the websites colour scheme. I also used the orange amp filmed in the video as a motif for the band by adding it to my digipack.
  10. 10. Also I used autumn orange colours over my digipackwhich followed with the autumn woods setting in thenarrative video, as well as the autumn leaf image inthe digipack and the Amplifier which is orange incolour, the stage curtains in the performance scenewere also orange so I felt this colour should be usedover my design. I used similar font styles that weresimple in design, bold, and very angular in shape. overmy digipack and website so they would also createone overall product. I think I took methods and conventions into account when creating all my project tasks and tried to incorporate as many conventions as possible into my work. I am pleased with what I have come up with and don‟t think there is anything more I could have done to ensure my tasks use methods and conventions of real media products.