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Music video Narrative storyboard


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Music video Narrative storyboard

  1. 1. Close up of boys face, we see him Over-shoulder shot of photo, see Flashback to girl – long shot of holding something boy and girl together in photo her stood at cliff edge Longshot of girl going to throw herself off cliff – flash to same Closeup of her crying face Birds eye view of waves below scene with no girl
  2. 2. Midshot of boy standing and leaving the room, as he walks Tracking shot of boy walkingClose up of grief on boys face past camera zoom in on photo down the street Midshot of boy sat in woods contemplating. Something Over-shoulder shot of women Closeup of womens face, smilingcatches his eye and he looks up stood in woods in a sad and haunting way
  3. 3. After he kicks the tree he turns Mid-shot of boy stopping, he around and slides down it with bows down with his head in his Extreme close-up of him kicking a his head in his hands – Pan and hands as he panics tree zoom Close-up of boys face calmingdown and contemplating what he Mid-shot of him standing up and Close-up of determination on his has seen wiping his clothes face
  4. 4. Close-up of boys waiting face, he turns his head to the side as he High angle shot of the both of Close-up of love and grief on girls sees her return them facing each other face Mid-shot of girl pointing to Two-shot to show she is pointingClose-up of sadness on boys face something to his pocket
  5. 5. Mid-shot of man reaching into Close-up of shock on boys face –pocket and pulling out a letter, he he has never seen the letter – he Over shoulder shot shows girl has raises it to look at it looks at the girl disappeared Over-shoulder shot of letterClose-up of boys face as he looks being opened – we see some of Low-shot of boy reading letter – back at letter the letter before it is turned over zoom in as face shows grief
  6. 6. Cuts to close-up of his face as he Mid-shot of boy standing up – a stops looking at the sky andlook of understanding on his face prepares to leave, walking out of Long-shot of him walking down as he stares up at the sky. the frame path Mid-shot of boy walking to cliffs – Close-up of face as he removes Cut back to him walking down he has different clothes on and his hood path as shot fades looks happy
  7. 7. Close-up of face looking out toLong-shot of boy stood on cliff Over-shoulder shot of sea sea Same shot pans to show Him rising and looking out to sea Long-shot of him walking away – before he turns and leaves the cut to shot of cliff, close up andMid-shot as he looks out to sea frame pan to sea