Brainstorming of ideas & Audience research


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Brainstorming of ideas & Audience research

  1. 1. Music Mag Ideas Colour scheme. Layout. Title. Fonts. Cover artist. Heading 1 Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 4 Heading 5 Vu (pronounced view) Chart Tune Shh! Fix •Needs to be something bright. •Needs so have a plain basic background colour. •Colours must be in contrast with each other. •Cover artist must be someone famous to attract audience. •Must be a music artist as this is a music magazine. •The more popular and well known the cover artist is, the more readers I will get. •Title must be placed toward top of the front cover so the audience can easily identify the magazine. •The dominant image used must be of a close up composition photo centred on the front cover. •Anchorage must be place around the image and not cover it. •Price could be included on front page. Here is a mind map I have created to brain storm some ideas I have for making my music magazine. I have looked at such things as the title, colour scheme, layout, fonts and the cover artist. This will help my to conclude my overall design for my music magazine.
  2. 2. VuVu VuVu VuVu VuVu VuVu VuVu VuVu VuVu After thinking of potential colour schemes and titles I decided to design some titles using the fonts and colours I chose. I didn’t like the title in these designs as I think it is too short and will not give the audience an insight as to the ‘style’ or type of the magazine.
  3. 3. ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart ChartChart I did like these designs for my music magazine as I think ‘chart’ is a word associated with music therefore is a suitable title for my music magazine. However this is not a very unique title and many magazines have already used titles similar to these in there magazine’s. Therefore I will not be choosing this design.
  4. 4. TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune TuneTune This title is another suitable title for my music magazine. If I were to look at a magazine with this title I would assume it is a music magazine which serves my purpose in creating my own title. This is a title to consider using in my design.
  5. 5. Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! Shh!Shh! This title gives a mystery as to the type of magazine. This could encourage the audience to read it or make them ignore it all together. This is because ‘Shh’ doesn’t give anything away as to the magazine type, which could be a bad point. I don’t think I will consider using this in my design.
  6. 6. FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixx FixxFixxI like this title the most as it is unique and doesn’t completely give away the magazine type. I have chosen to use the font on the top row as it is an attractive font than is easy to read and understand. It is also bold, making the title stand out amongst others. I am also considering to use the ‘Fixx’ title as I think this is a unique title that hasn’t been used before. However I will first proceed with a questionnaire to see the views of my target audience.
  7. 7. Once I had made a choice of colour schemes and titles to choose from, I then created a questionnaire which I would ask my target audience there views on the magazines design, colour scheme, title, price and possible front cover artist etc. I will take the answers into account as my magazine must be appealing to my target audience therefore it must be designed how they would want it. Here is the questionnaire sheet I used and a tally of the answers I collected. The answers I collect I will use to influence the design and content included in my magazine. This is to make it as appealing as possible to my target audience. Questionnaire. For the design and price of a new music magazine coming to the market soon, give us your views! Q1. If you were to buy this magazine, how much would you expect to pay? A. 50p 8 B. £1.00 13 C.£1.50 5 D. £2.00+ 4 Q2. What singer would you want to see on the front page? A. Cheryl Cole 10 B. Beyonce 7 C.Alicia Keys 6 D. Lady Gaga 7 Audience Research.
  8. 8. Q3. Which colour scheme would appeal to you the most? A. Yellow, Purple & Navy blue 5 B. White, Black & Red 6 C.Black, Orange & Green 11 D. Black, Pink & Yellow 8 Audience Research Continued... Q4. What genre of music would you prefer to read about? A. Rock 4 B. Indie 5 C. R&B 7 D. Dance 6 E. Club 6 F. Other . 2 Q5. What do you think is a suitable title for the magazine? A. Vu ( pronounced ‘view’ ) 5 B. Chart 5 C. Tune 6 D. Shh! 3 E. Fixx 11 Q6. How many pages should the magazine have? A. 0-50 pages 7 B. 51-80 pages 14 C. 81-100 pages 4 D. 101-130 pages 3 E. 131-150 pages 2
  9. 9. After choosing my font and title for my magazine I then needed to choose my colour scheme. The colour scheme must be important as it is going to be used throughout the magazine. The colours must be contrasting as to stand out from each other and not blend in. This is so the audience find the magazine attractive and can read the magazine (especially the front cover) easily. I like this colour scheme as the yellow really stands out amongst the navy blue and purple. The orange and green really mix well in this colour scheme and make the entire front cover stand out. The black background also makes the orange and green look brighter and attractive. This will be the colour scheme I will choose as it is the most popular among the questionnaire and also is the most unique.
  10. 10. I really like this colour scheme as pink is my favourite colour and the colours mix well together and stand out. The black background also makes the pink and yellow look very bright. However the pink makes the magazine unintentionally aim itself at the female audience. This is a bad point as I want my magazine to be suitable for audiences of all ages and both genders. Or at least as many audience group as possible. The colours used in this design are similar to that of the ‘Q’ magazine which I researched in the previous task. I think the colours stand out against each other and give the design a stylish look. This is a good design to attract my target audience, however I want to create a unique magazine therefore taking ideas from and existing magazine is not a good method to use.