Point of view warmups 2014 final


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pov warm-ups 7th grade core

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Point of view warmups 2014 final

  1. 1. ELA SPIRAL WARMUPS Point of view
  2. 2. A- Please read the example response. List the strengths and weaknesses in your spiral after having read!  In the myth, “Why the Bat Flies at Night,” there is an important theme about telling the truth. In the story, the bat wants to be a bird because he thinks he is ugly. He tells god a lie to get feathers and looks like a beautiful bird. However, he becomes vain, and only cares about himself. Then, the other birds tell god he lied, and the bat is punished. The theme of the story is to never tell a lie. “You lied to make yourself more beautiful, so now you, and all the other bats will be punished.” This shows that it is better to tell the truth.
  3. 3. Warm-ups Point of View Review! 1) FIRST PERSON POINT OF VIEW IS WHEN ___________________________________ 2) THIRD –PERSON LIMITED POINT OF VIEW IS TOLD FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF________________________________ 3) OMNISCIENT POINT OF VIEW IS TOLD BY A NARRATOR WHO_______________________________
  4. 4. When studying point of view, you have to compare and contrast the perspectives from which stories are written to better understand them. Answer in complete sentences please! 4) What does it mean to compare? 5) What does it mean to contrast?
  5. 5. Eragon (Inheritance) By Christopher Paolini Eragon knelt in a bed of trampled reed grass and scanned the tracks with a practiced eye. The prints told him that the deer had been in the meadow only a half hour before. Soon they would bed down. His target, a small doe with a pronounced limp in her left forefoot, was still in the herd. He was amazed she had made it so far without a wolf or a bear catching her. 1) What point of view is this written from? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 2) What clues showed you this? __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Glinda of Oz By Frank L. Baum Ozma took the arm of her hostess, but Dorothy lagged behind. When at last she rejoined Glinda and Ozma in the hall, she found them talking earnestly about the condition of the people, and how to make them more happy and contented– although they were already the happiest and most contented folks in all the world. This interested Ozma, of course, but it didn’t interest Dorothy very much, so the little girl ran over to the big table on which was lying open Glinda’s Great Book of Records. 3) What point of view is this written from? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ 4) What clues showed you this? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. “When I was young, my father used to say, „If you are alive, there is hope for a better day and something good to happen. If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die.‟ I thought about these words during my journey, and they kept me moving even when I didn‟t know where I was going. Those words became the vehicle that drove my spirit forward and made it stay alive.” ― Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier 3) What point of view is this written from? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 4) What was Ishmael’s father trying to teach him here?