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Answer key Latin 19

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Latin 19 review answer key

  1. 1. Name:_______________________ Date:___________________ Latin Review For Quiz on Tuesday, March 4th! Check answers after you finish! WORD PARTS! (part 1) 1) –al = pertaining to 2) ad- = towards; to 3) –able= able to 4) di= two; in different directions 5) ir=not 6) a = from; away (sometimes without!) 7) voc/voke= to call 8) in = into, within, not 9) ject= to throw 10) e= out, of 11) –ist = one who 12) ify and ise both mean to make 13) ate= do, make cause 14) per= badly, through 15) –ile= That which 16) vert= to turn 17) con = with; together 18) –ion = act of. state of, Condition of! 19) dica= to proclaim, set apart 20) ab= away from Part 2: Newer word review Please write the word that goes with each definition. Use your word parts! 21) evoke : to call out of; to call forth or up 22) ___Irrevocable_______: not able to be called back, can’t take it back 23) _____avocation_______: act or state of calling away; a hobby 24) ____convocation__: state of calling together; and assembly 25) vocation___ the act or state of calling; a job Past word review: (part 3) Please write the DEFINTION of the Latin word. Use your word parts! 26) advocate =_to make call towards, to plead on behalf of another, to support 27) diversify= to make turn in 2 directions, giver variety to 28) vociferous= full of voice, noisy
  2. 2. 29) invocation= state or act of calling into, asking for help 30) versatile = that which turns many ways, performing well in many areas. 31) provoke=to call forward, to stir up, annoy Part 4: Sentence writing 32) Please use the words irrevocable, and vocation to describe the pictures. When Bob signed the contract, he knew that the amount he had to pay his lawyer was irrevocable. It is the vocation of the lawyer to try to win the lawsuit! 33) Use diversion in your own sentence! The clever cat created a diversion to distract his owner. He proceeded to eat his owner’s pizza. 34) Please use the words provoke, vociferous, and evoke to describe the pictures above. The men began to argue over who should have a chocolate donut. One tried hard to provoke the other. Their fight became quite vociferous, and several people heard them. Who knew that donuts could evoke such strong emotions?