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Aztec presentatation 7th grade


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Aztec presentatation 7th grade

  1. 1. Topic - Chapter 25 Aztecs: Life In Tenochtitlan EQ: What was daily life like in this city?
  2. 2. Marriage • Marriage marked an Aztec child’s entry into adulthood. • The marriage was arranged, and the process often included a matchmaker • In order to have the marriage work out, the bride’s family set a dowry – A gift of money or goods presented to a man or woman upon marriage
  3. 3. Polygamy • Aztec men were permitted practice polygamy – Marriage in which a man has more than one wife • Divorce did exist among Aztecs -Aztec society supported divorced women to remarry
  4. 4. Family Life • Men had higher status than women • Married women could own property, sell goods • Men built homes and fought wars • Women bore and cared for children • Parents taught children skills like fishing, weaving, canoeing, and cooking
  5. 5. Aztec Markets • Each city within the empire had its own market • Different markets sold different goods – Armor, feathers, food, even slaves • Aztecs did not use money, they used a system of bartering (trade) • Guards watched over Aztec markets to be sure transactions were honest. Any problems were reported to judges who sat in the markets
  6. 6. Religious Practices • Aztecs believed that humans needed the gods to survive. • Gods could send good harvests if pleased, or they could send earthquakes/floods if they were unhappy • People presented gods with flowers, clothes, corn, wood
  7. 7. The Power of Blood • The Sun God (Huitzilopochtli) was most important • Believed he was nourished best with blood • Every morning, hundreds of birds were sacrificed • People even pierced their own skin to give their blood to the Sun God • They sacrificed human warriors captured in battle • Priests would pin a victim down while another would cut out the heart • Cut off heads of women to please goddesses
  8. 8. Analyzing the Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs • Montezuma ruled Aztecs in Tenochtitlan from 1502-1519 • He and Aztecs were waiting for bearded white god Quetzalcoatl who was believed to destroy empire
  9. 9. Hernando Cortes: Spanish Explorer • 1519: Cortes set out to find and capture city if Tenochtitlan for GOLD • He landed in Veracruz, east coast of Mexico –Same year as the Aztecs predicted Quetzalcoatl would return!
  10. 10. Journey to Tenochtitlan • It took Cortes and men 3 months to travel from Veracruz to Tenochtitlan (200 miles) – Attacked by Aztec allies – Other Indians who were conquered by Aztecs joined Spanish to seek revenge!
  11. 11. Cortes arrives in Tenochtitlan • Once Cortes arrived, Montezuma invited him in as an honored guest – Believed Cortes’s victories over Aztec allies was proof that he was a GOD • Cortes worried his true identity would be discovered! He took Montezuma hostage for 6 months.
  12. 12. Suddenly, Cortes called to Veracruz to settle dispute • While gone, Aztec priests had religious ceremony • Remaining Spanish soldiers thought they might be sacrificed! • They attacked unarmed priests • Aztecs surrounded Spaniards
  13. 13. • Cortez returned, Aztecs attacked, Spaniards fled city – Montezuma killed in battle • 5 months later, Cortes gathers army of 1000s and returns to attack • Aztecs weakened by smallpox, still held off army
  14. 14. • Cortes and army defeated Aztecs. Surrounded city and cut off supply of food and water. • Aztecs surrendered August 21, 1521, city was in ruins 