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The truth about detoxification


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Information on Detoxification

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The truth about detoxification

  1. 1. The Truth About DetoxificationKatie V. Adams
  2. 2. There are many people who are curious aboutwhat detox is about. These people are moreconfused when it comes to understand what adetox diet is.Detox is actually the shortened version of theword detoxification. Detox refers to the naturalprocess of the body by neutralizing toxins andother chemicals in our body. These toxinsaccumulate in the body which arethen chemically transformed intoharmless compounds.
  3. 3. These are eliminated through urine and stools.Evidently, removing these toxic wastes is a mustespecially when buildup is so dense that it isalready slowing you down. Wastes enter thebody through eating junk foods, breathing inpollutants, smoking cigarettes and usingproducts that contain harmful ingredients.Detoxification is thus important in maintainingthe health of our body.
  4. 4. In doing so, one of the most effective ways ofeliminating harmful toxins is through a detoxdiet. Such a diet helps in eliminating toxinsthrough eating and drinking food items thathelps in cleansing the liver, for instance. Themost common detox diet is a juice diet where anutritional meal is often paired with a glass oflemonade. Most detox diet plans aim for theshort term.
  5. 5. Apart, these diet plans are highly recommendedfor people who want to lose weight sincedetoxification gets rid of unwanted substancesand replace the body with vitamins, nutrientsand antioxidants. These can improve yourmetabolic rate thereby resulting to morefrequent urination and bowel movement.
  6. 6. If you are wondering why you need to undergothis diet plan, the reason is to stop your body ofconsuming unhealthy foods since they reducethe body’s natural ability of detoxifying itselfand thus eliminating chemicals and toxins in it.Some indications that your body is highly toxicinclude skin problems like eczema and allergies,digestive problems like frequent stomachache,frequent cold and tiredness andfatigue.
  7. 7. The buildup of toxins can also lead to immunesystem impairment, inefficient metabolism andnutritional deficiency. As such, with a detox diet,the body can be helped in repairing andmaintaining and maximizing its naturaldetoxification ability.Other than this, detox diet plans can also lead toother benefits like increased levels of energyand stamina, enhance mental attentiveness,better complexion, better immunefunctioning and improved digestivefunctioning.
  8. 8. However, detox diet plans are not for everyone.You must not undergo the plan if you areplanning to get pregnant or if you already are.Same goes with if you are currently lactating. Ifyou are suffering from anemia, diabetes, ulcer,epilepsy and hypothyroidism, a detox diet is notfor you. Detox diets are also not advisable forchildren.
  9. 9. This is because of the minor side effects of detoxdiets. Of course, for those who have healthproblems, their health may be furthercompromised. For some people especially thefirst timers, the plan may lead to headaches.Some people may feel extreme exhaustionwhen they are starting with the detox diet.Nonetheless, these side effects should go awayonce your body get used to the diet.
  10. 10. Katie V. Adams is a nutritionist and fitnesstrainer that has help many individuals loseweight successfully through exercise regime anddiet.To learn how to melt the body fat like magic,visit