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Brain Pop adoption


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A presentation created for my Walden University class: EDU 6725. The purpose is to persuade colleagues and administration at a school to adopt Brain Pop website subscription. It discusses the benefits of the website and how it can be used in the classroom.

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Brain Pop adoption

  1. 1. Adopting a new andemerging technologyWhy our school needs to adopt Brain Pop Presented By: Katie Speed
  2. 2. What is Brain Pop? See a tutorial here! :Brain Pop TutorialBrain Pop is an educational website forteachers and students that has studentfriendly videos, games, and quizzes on allsubjects for all grade levels.With a full subscription teachers have accessto lesson plans, video tutorials, professionaldevelopment tools, graphic organizers, andgroups and forums.
  3. 3. What are some features?Brain Pop can be used in both group and oneon one settings.Can be accessed in class, home, or mobiledevice.Includes an online standards tool.Compatible with interactive whiteboards,projectors, Macs, PC’s- no special hardwareor downloading needed.
  4. 4. What studies have been done? “The study by SEG Research demonstrates that elementary and middle school students using BrainPOP experience substantial growth compared to students who do not use BrainPOP. Students participating in the treatment group received approximately 16-20 weeks of instruction incorporating BrainPOP, yet the amount of growth achieved was equivalent to between one and two grade levels.”-Brain Pop
  5. 5. Taken from the Brain Pop Research page:Brain Pop Research
  6. 6. How can Brain Pop makea difference in learning? About 37% of our school are English Language learners- Brain Pop also offers an ESL version as well as a Spanish version to schools. Differentiating instruction will ensure that all students can learn the content, and providing animated videos for students is one way to enhance learning.
  7. 7. Games for learningBrain Pop also offers educational games forstudents to enhance their learning on allsubjects for all levels.“Research has begun to demonstrate howgames can have a positive effect ofyoungsters by stimulating their imaginations,sparking their curiosity, and promoting theexploration of difficult issues andconcepts” (Hoffman, 2009).
  8. 8. How can it be used in the classroom?The animated videos can be used as anintroduction to a new concept or lesson.Students can view videos on topics orcontent they need review on or furtherunderstanding.Quizzes are offered immediately after eachvideo to recall what was taught.
  9. 9. How will it save time?Teachers can make a quick assessment on what students alreadyknow and need to learn by having students use hand signals for theanswers to the quizzes after a video.Brain Pop can be set up as a center for students to use in pairs tointroduce a new concept instead of presenting it whole-class.Teachers will no longer need to spend time searching the Internetfor an educational and appropriate video-Brain Pop videos areorganized by K-3 (Jr), older students (main), ESL, and Spanish. Thenit is broken down by subject: Science, Social Studies, Math,English/Reading/Writing , Heath, Arts, Technology & Music.
  10. 10. References:Brain Pop Website:www.brainpop.comBrain Pop Research:, L. (2009). Learning through games.Communication of the ACM, 52(8), 21–22.