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Museums and Social Justice_GlobeMedx


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Slides for a short speech on how museums relate to social justice ideology.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Museums and Social Justice_GlobeMedx

  1. 1. MUSEUMS& social Justice @KatieSmiley #GlobeMedSummit
  2. 2. Do museums do social Justice work?
  3. 3. ...Sometimes
  4. 4. WORST Museums at their... for the affluent & educated about dead white men and their stuff not responsive not accessible
  5. 5. Evolution of Museums donorsfor objects about something for someone curators communities to preserve to educate to empower powerPurpose goal
  6. 6. “For the moment, in my country, [museums] are being used in a new way, as tools for self-expression, self-recognition and representation; as spaces of power negotiation among social forces; and as strategies for empowering people so that they are more able to decide their own destiny.” - Maria de Lourdes Horta addressing AAM in 1997 Best Museums at their...
  7. 7. What I actually do Evaluation Audience Research measure impact identify improvements understand needs recommend inclusive strategies
  8. 8. Issues I’ve worked on
  9. 9. participatory design informal learning public health The Future the dream