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Why Good LibGuide Design Matters & How You Can Get It Right

An update of an older presentation on LibGuide Design that includes suggestions for LibGuides 2. Covers best practices for technical and pedagogical design, along with resources for additional information. Look at the "Notes" section for additional information on most slides.

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Why Good LibGuide Design Matters & How You Can Get It Right

  1. 1. Virginia Library Association | October 22, 2015 Why Good LibGuide Design Matters & How You Can Get It Right
  2. 2. 2 Agenda About Me Pedagogical Design Best Practices Technical Design Best Practices
  3. 3. 3 About Me Librarian at Northern Virginia Community College
  4. 4. My LibGuide Philosophy Pedagogical Tool Work in Progress
  5. 5. 5 Background Used by 60,000+ librarians
  6. 6. Good Design Elicits Positive Emotions Critical Thinking Creativity
  7. 7. 7 Pedagogical Design Best Practices Writing for the Web, Working Memory, Chunking, Jargon, Limiting Suggested Resources, & Visual Aids
  8. 8. Write for the Web Be concise F-shaped reading pattern Start with most important information
  9. 9. Examples Yavapai College Northern Virginia Community College
  10. 10. Eliminate “Nice to Know” Each person has a finite amount of working memory, or what they can be actively thinking about while performing other tasks such as reading or learning.
  11. 11. Strategies to Aid Working Memory Simplify content and directions Use clear and specific language Incorporate chunking
  12. 12. Example Regent University
  13. 13. Chunking Chunking is a learning theory that involves the breakdown of a concept into smaller units to facilitate learning.
  14. 14. Strategies to Aid Chunking Small content boxes Resize columns Color for emphasis
  15. 15. Example Hollins University
  16. 16. Example Northern Virginia Community College
  17. 17. Reduce or Eliminate Jargon
  18. 18. Limit Number of Suggested Resources Which list is more appealing?
  19. 19. Use Visual Aids •General Topic: Technology •Facets of Topic: automobiles, cell phones, wireless technology, text messaging, social networking, GPS systems •Aspects of Topic: legal (state and/or federal); social; psychological •Time Span: 1990s; current •Place: United States; urban; rural •Focused Research Question: Should cell phone use be banned with driving?
  20. 20. 20 Technical Design Best Practices Guide Structure, Scrolling, Fonts, Colors, Active Tab, Images, ALT Text, & Balanced Columns
  21. 21. Guide Structure – Main Page Tidewater Community College
  22. 22. Example Virginia Western Community College
  23. 23. Example Northern Virginia Community College
  24. 24. Guide Structure – Other Pages  Can arrange pages by:  Resource type (books, articles, etc.)  Information need (background information, specific parts of assignment, etc.)
  25. 25. Minimize Scrolling
  26. 26. Tabbed Boxes Can Reduce Scrolling Northern Virginia Community College
  27. 27. Be Cautious With Fonts & Colors
  28. 28. Active Tab Color
  29. 29. Use Images to Add White Space
  30. 30. Add ALT Text
  31. 31. Balance Columns
  32. 32. 32 Resources Images, MS Word SmartArt, Screenshots, Books, & Websites
  33. 33. Creative Commons Images
  34. 34. MS Word - SmartArt
  35. 35. Add the File if Using SmartArt
  36. 36. Creating Screenshots Snagit by Techsmith (license): ● Can take one screenshot of scrolling webpage ● Video option ● Add text, highlight, blur, etc. ● Transparent background ● Can edit at a later time Snipping Tool (Windows OS): ● Can only capture what is visible (i.e., no scrolling) ● Can only write using mouse (i.e., no type) ● Highlighter (but very rough) ● Cannot edit later
  37. 37. Tips for Creating Screenshots  Do not use shadow feature when circling text NO: YES:  Show only what’s necessary  Make highlighter look clean NO: YES:
  38. 38. Give Credit for Images
  39. 39. Other Resources  LibGuides Community  Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services  A new version is in the works!  Design for How People Learn  e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning  The Non-Designer’s Design Book