Questionnaire Results


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Questionnaire Results

  2. 2. PURPOSE, AIMS AND METHODOLOGY The purpose of this presentation is to show the results that I collect on my music magazine through a questionnaire. I asked questions based of the information I wanted to find out about my target audience surrounding my festival music magazine. Conducting a questionnaire was the best way for me to collect results because I can get straight to the point answers for what I need to know, in order to put the data into charts and graphs. The aim is to explain the results I collected and how it all fits in with my music magazine. All of the information I have collected allows me to see easier what I am going to put into my magazine when I am finalising it, to make sure that it appeals to my target audience.
  3. 3. AUDIENCE PROFILEFrom the results that I collected from my questionnaire, I can clearly see that my targetaudience is going to be mainly female who are between 16 and 20 years old. Most ofthem are unemployed because they are all full-time students at either sixth form orcollege which means they will not have a sustainable money supply. This shows me thatthey will only have a small disposable income. Because of their employment status theyare much more likely to have time to go out and buy a magazine and have even moretime to read it and take everything in. I think that the magazine can appeal to the maleaudience just as much as the female, which is why I am going to keep everything veryneutral so that it can appeal to both genders. Gender Age Employment Status 8 7 6 7 5 40% 6 Male 4 5 Female 3 4 60% 2 3 2 1 1 0 0 16-20 21-25 Unemployed Part-Time Full-Time
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILEI can also see that the majority of the audience live in Harlow which means that it wouldbe best to market my magazine in this area first before I take it anywhere else. I thinkthat I could maybe do the surrounding areas of Harlow as well because most peoplewould travel in to Harlow town to shop. Most of my target audience share a mutualinterest in listening to music which shows me that I may be able to entice my audienceif I can put some sort of free music, such as CD’s or discount vouchers into themagazine. Most of their hobbies/interests involve some sort of music which means Ican appeal to the majority of the audience with my type of magazine as it covers alltypes of music, rather than one specific genre. Town of Residence Hobbies/Interests7 56 45 34 23 12 01 Listening to Playing an Attending Playing a Socialising Playing Playing in a0 Music Instrument Gigs Sport with Games Band Harlow Bishops Stortford Debden Friends
  5. 5. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITSFrom the information I collected on my target audiences media purchasing habits, I wasable to find out the amount of magazines males and females buy each month. It wasclear that the majority of the males do not have much interest in buying magazines on aregular basis which is why I am going to aim my magazine, mainly to the females. Byfinding out where most people buy magazines, it made it easier for me to decide whereI am going to market them first of all to get them to sell more. Most of the femalestend to buy their magazines when they are on the go on the way to work or on their wayhome which is why it is easy for them to stop of in a supermarket or newsagents toquickly pick one up. I will put my magazine in one of these shops first of all. Magazine Purchasing (per month) Magazine Purchasing Location6 65 54 43 32 21 10 0 None One Two Supermarket Newsagents
  6. 6. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITSFrom these results I collected about media purchasing habits, I have concluded that Iwill definitely be producing a magazine once a month to appeal to my target audienceof mainly females. I think that this will work better than creating one once a week oronce a year because it’ll give the reader type to digest the information and decide whatthey want from the next issue. I personally think that the males think they should besold once a year, because they don’t buy magazines very often themselves. Themagazine costs that were the majority were also very convenient because I thought that£2-£3 was the most appropriate price for this type of magazine. The majority of themales and females chose this price also which is why I am going for it. Frequency of Release Magazine Costs6 75 64 5 43 32 21 10 0 Once a Week Once a Month Once a Year £1-£2 £2-£3 £3-£4
  7. 7. PERSONAL PREFERENCESFrom these results on personal preferences, I can see that the majority of the malesthink that the layout should be neat, however the majority of the females think that itshould either be structure or simple but informative. I think that I am going to go withsimple but informative because it has a balance between the males and the females.For the front cover image I think that I am definitely going to go with the festival crowdbecause it is very plain to see that the majority of the people that I surveyed, said that itwould be better than the band idea that I had.I can also see from the gifts/offers results I collected, that near enough everyone that Isurveyed would want a free CD, plainly because it is a music magazine and it issomething that they’d expect to receive in a magazine. Layout Front Cover Image Gifts/Offers4 8 6 53 6 4 32 2 4 11 0 20 Neat Structured Minimalistic Simple but 0 Informative Festival Crowd Band
  8. 8. PERSONAL PREFERENCESTo me, finding out what sort of features the target audience would like to see in themagazine was the most crucial part of the questionnaire. I wanted a couple that wouldstand out to the crowd so that I could create a good page to put them into. The ideasthat tended to appeal to the majority of the target audience were ‘A Day In The LifeOf…’, ‘Festival Line-Ups’ and ‘Festival Life’. I think that I am going to do one of these forthe double page spread in my magazine so that it can appeal to the target audience.The colour schemes that most people went for tended to be the same as well whichhighlighted that I needed to go with the first option in order to appeal to both of thegenders. Features Colour Scheme8 676 55 443 321 20 1 Gig Reviews A Day In Album Festival Top 10 Best Festival Life Headlining The Life Reviews Line-Ups Festivals Acts 0 Of… White, Dark Green, Beige, OrangeGrey, Dark Blue Green, Beige, DarkOrange, Beige, Black, Green White, Beige, Dirty Green, Bla
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONS AND PROPOSALSFrom the results I collected through the questionnaire, I am going to target myaudience at mainly females because I feel like they would be the people that aremost likely to buy my magazine. However, I am going to keep everything veryneutral in order to keep a male interest in the magazine rather than alienatingthem completely. I am going to do this by keeping the colour scheme of themagazine very earthy with a lot of browns and beiges. I think that this will work wellin appealing to both genres. The age of the target audience will be from around 16– 25 years old as that is the average age of a festival goer. I think that this will alsohelp me sell more copies if I target a broader range of people.I am going to price my magazine at £2.99 so that it is not too expensive but not toocheap. I think that this price will appeal to most people because of the content andfree gifts you get inside the magazine.I am going to release a new issue every month so that the readers do not forgetabout my magazine and also so that they can send in their own ideas so that theycan feel a part of the magazine experience. I think that this will entice more peoplebecause it will make them feel like they are a part of the magazine rather than justreading it.
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONS AND PROPOSALSTo appeal to the majority of the people that I questioned I am going to keep thelayout of the magazine simple but informative and structured when it comes tointerviews and reviews so that the readers feel like adults rather than beingtreated like children. I think that this will spark more interest in the magazine.I am also going to make the photo on the front cover as a festival crowdbecause I feel like that appeals to a much wider audience than a specific bandwould. A large group of people such as an audience at a festival will be muchmore appealing that a certain band that may only appeal to certain types offemales.For the gifts and offers part of the magazine I am going to include a free CDwith the first issue so that the audience feels enticed to buy the magazine inorder to receive free music. For the average person that I am targeting withthis magazine, free music would be a treat when paying £2-£3 for a magazine.The majority of the people that I asked also said that they would prefer to seecolours such as whites, dark greens, beiges and oranges to keep the coloursearthy and natural.