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Community connections

  1. 1. Community Connections<br />Katie Milmoe<br />UCP Bailes Campus<br />
  2. 2. Mrs. Ramo’s Pre-K<br />
  3. 3.  Playtime <br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Thanksgiving Feast<br />
  7. 7. Hours<br />Volunteer Report for UCP of Central FloridaSchool Year Quota Summary for Katie MilmoeIncludes all activities through the end of last month.Quota Actual Hours % To Quota 15 15.5 103%<br />
  8. 8. November - 2010 Date Activity Start Finish Hours 11/17/2010 East Orange: Wisecarver, Adrienne Classroom 08:50 AM 02:39 PM 5.82 11/18/2010 East Orange: Ramos, Myrna Classroom 08:30 AM 02:57 PM 6.45 11/19/2010 East Orange: Ramos, Myrna Classroom 08:44 AM 11:56 AM 3.21 Total:   15.48   Overall Total:   15.48 Hours  <br />
  9. 9. Service Learning Reflection<br />Over the course of working towards my Bachelors in Elementary Education, I have had the opportunity to work in the Orange and Seminole County schools to earn my service learning hours. Now that I have recently decided to minor in Exceptional Education, I now have the opportunity working with children with special needs. I spent my hours serving at the UCP Bailes Campus. I was placed in Mrs. Myrna Ramo’s class in room 120 working with Pre-K students. She also has two teaching aids in her classroom for assistance. There are 13 students in the classroom, 4 of which are mainstream students, one little girl with Cerebal Palsy named Sophia and the rest of the students have pending IEP’s for Austism, behavioral problems, speech impairments and hearing impairments. <br /> Mrs. Ramo’s class does not follow any specific schedule. On the days that I visited the classroom the first hour is designated for student drop off and the students play around different centers. Mrs. Ramo’s then puts on the designated circle time song that students have learned to know what that song means. Circle time consists of songs and sing-a-louds. Sophia, the student with CP uses a stander while participating in tabletop activities. When it is time to maneuver around the classroom, she uses her walker which she has started moving very quickly on. She also uses a mat, which she placed under her to help her sit up so she is able to join her friends in circle time.<br /> Right after circle time is usually snack time for the students. The students are to go to use the restroom if needed, wash their hands and then report to a seat at their tabletops. If they brought a snack, they go to their cubbies and get their lunchbox. All of the teachers put gloves on and aid the students while they are opening their lunch. Some, most the behavioral ones in the classroom fight on what they are going to eat, but the rest just casually eat. If a student forgot a snack, the teacher has a secret stash for the other students.<br /> The students then go outside to play. Everyone lines up at the door and if some of the students are not following directions, they are to stay back with Mrs. Ramo’s or one of the TA’s until they are ready to listen and follow directions. They are then allowed to go outside for a 45 minute playtime. There is usually three classes outside at a time. Some students throughout the day are periodically called to work with a speech therapists or physical therapists. <br />
  10. 10. When the students return back to the classroom, they play around the classroom for about a half hour. The students then have lunchtime, following the same procedures as they did for snack. Students usually eat lunch around 11:45. After lunch time and clean up time, it’s time for nap time! Students usually rest from 12:30 on their cots. Only two of the students usually fall asleep, the rest just seem to roll around. Sophia uses her walker to get over to her cot, but then receives help while getting down to lie.<br /> After the students are finished with nap time, and their sleeping areas are cleaned up, it’s outside for playtime again. The students usually return in the classroom around 2:15 to get ready for dismissal at 2:30. Wednesday’s students are picked up at 1:30. The parents come to pick up their children and there are always a ton of questions for Mrs. Ramo’s, especially those with pending IEP’s. They want to know how their child did that day and ask if there were any occurrences that they should be aware of.<br /> Overall, I really enjoyed serving at the UCP Bailes Campus. I had never worked with younger students before, other than my own siblings, especially students with disabilities. I was very comfortable upon going because my little sister has Cerebal Palsy, and that is an area in which I know how to work with. I intend to go back to the Bailes Campus, for fun just to further my knowledge on working with disabled students. <br />