Poster Development


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Poster Development

  1. 1. PosterDevelopment
  2. 2. My first aim was to create a poster that would look like a newspaper in itself so it would promote the image even more. However, the image used doesn’t have abig enough impact and the title it repeated twice. The price and the slogan work well as it’s the last thing that people will read on the poster, the name and price.‘Keeping you informed’ is a suitable slogan so people feel that they will get everything that they want from the newspaper.
  3. 3. These are the images that I decided to take usinga Digital SLR camera. I chose this to ensure I gotthe highest quality of image and I also chose awhite background so it would suit with thesimplistic theme of my overall advertisement.From using a current worldwide paper as thebasis of the image, I decided not to include herface to show how intrigued she was into thepaper.
  4. 4. Through choosing the white background it sets a good I had to duplicate the layer base for the image during on Photoshop and erase the editing so it doesn’t rest of the layer apart from overpower anything. I chose the hand so I could layer it to make the whole image over the top of my black and white so that my newspaper to make the newspaper would stand out image more professional. and be the main focus. I kept the newspaper inI asked her to wear simple colour so it would havecolours so that it didn’t fade more emphasis on the pageor look unusal once turned and would get the readersto black and white. attention so it didn’t just look like the girl was reading any old newspaper.
  5. 5. From the first initial ideas I decided to move the I’ve left the background plain and text and title onto a landscape canvas on simple so it enables the text and I added the title that I’ve Photoshop as the poster could then be printed image to stand out the most as used on my newspaper onto billboards and everything can be seen they’re the most important parts. onto here so people could better. recognise it Adding a gradient to the background still keeps it simple but makes it look more professional. I decided to make the image black and whiteThe layout is other than the frontdesigned to look page of thelike a newspaper newspaper so itand from adding doesn’t just look like athis random image. It washeading, makes it also hard to find anstand out to the image that wouldreader. match my slogan and this was appropriate. This sentence enables the reader to understand what the whole advert is for and there isnt too much text for them to read. I chose to enlarge this as it’s a cheap price that would rival I have included the website so it other local newspapers. The use of the word ‘only’ looks more professional and so Through making the font is effective as it will the reader could go on and find stand out it and adding a manipulate the reader into out more about the company drop shadow it makes a bold thinking that it’s really and their local news. impact on the page. cheap.