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Evaluation 5


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Evaluation 5

  1. 1. Evaluation - 5How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. I included the website of my magazine on the bottom of the contents page so that people are more likely to view it and I give the option of weekly updates online, when the magazine is a monthly issue. This is more likely to attract an audience as they will want information on a monthly basis.I used the same idea as the quoteon the front page as NME does,this appeals to the audience as itensures they will want to read onand find out more about the mainarticle. Overall I attracted the audience from the artist looking directly into the camera on the photo shoot so that the audience feels like they’re being looked at and they will find it easier to relate to. The layout and language used represents the same used by my target audience, as well as the content that I have included in my magazine. I decided to create some typography on photoshop to add to the bottom of my double page spread, so that the quote what is on the front page has more emphasis. It’s an interesting way of presenting the quote and people are more likely to see it and remember it if it’s displayed in different format. I did this to speak out to the consumer as the font styles represent each word differently.