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Supermarket psychology in the US

Used in an English class in Austria to discuss sales tactics used in supermarkets in the US as compared to those in Austria.

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Supermarket psychology in the US

  1. 1. Supermarket Psychology in the US
  2. 2. Store layoutBasically the same at every major chain…
  3. 3. Open layout & high ceilingsMakes people feel more comfortable and that the whole world is at hand.
  4. 4. No coin deposit shopping carts except at Aldi Instead….
  5. 5. Shopping cart corralsComfort and convenience. If a customer doesn’t have to do extra work to bring the cart back, he’ll likely use the cart and buy more.
  6. 6. Entry GatesGates aren’t welcoming and don’t provide a sense of freedom, which is very important in American culture.
  7. 7. Free SamplesDraw in and tempt customers to buy somethingthey weren’t intending on buying.
  8. 8. Big cartsCart sizes are almost 3x larger than those in the1970s.
  9. 9. “Limits”Limits provide a sense of scarcity.
  10. 10. Loyalty cardsKeep you coming back with deals for cardowners and away from the competition.
  11. 11. On “special” or “featured”Provides a sense that the item must behad, possibly on sale and that since it is onspecial it may become limited.
  12. 12. Check out temptationsCheap candy and gossip magazines are hard toresist, especially when one stands in line foreversince there always seems to be just onecheckout too few open.
  13. 13. Pairing items• Graham crackers next to the marshmallows• Chips next to salsa
  14. 14. Unrelated but often needed and rarely sought items• Batteries in the soup aisle• Drain catchers in the bread aisle• Small bags of chips in the baking aisle
  15. 15. Sam’s Club and Cosco The Ikea of the food world…
  16. 16. Sam’s Club and CoscoThe required membership gives a feeling of exclusivity.