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This presentation was created to inform Estate Agents of the benefits of Home Staging

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  • To get the seller to stop seeing it as their home and start looking at it as a product that they are going to sell. This can be quite a challenge because it’s common for people to think that others will like what they like. Who here has been into a friends home and been asked to comment on the decoration and given either a false or politician’s answer, rather than say “I don’t like it” because we don’t want to offend our friends?
  • I’d be interested to hear your view points on how much attention is put on presentation of the property. My experience is that people seem to decide to sell, contact an estate agent and expect it to be on the market the next day and sold a week later – slight exageration but you get the idea – would I be right in this perception? Most people when selling a car understand the car has to be clean to maximise its selling potential but maximising the selling potential of a house or should I say your home is very poorly understood by most.
  • Do they know the most likely type of people who will buy their property
  • Do they know the most likely type of people who will buy their property
  • Do they know the most likely type of people who will buy their property
  • Do they know the most likely type of people who will buy their property
  • I’d be interested to have feedback from yourselves on how many sellers are aware of these aspects when it comes to selling their homes.
  • I’d be interested to have feedback from yourselves on how many sellers are aware of these aspects when it comes to selling their homes.
  • When videoing we will avoid – filming anything the customer wants kept private – any key security features, other than to show there is good security if relevant – We can photo / video – outstanding features Make videos with element of entertainment with sound etc
  • Clean car dirty car – lynx deoderant – tins of beans – supermarkets and the lighting(why is lighting so good?) The glossy magazine has images that people aspire to, but not all layouts and designs appeal to all people. So before you embark on staging your home for sale there are a few points to consider
  • Hello and welcome to Home Staging SOS. My name is Katie Jackson and I am a Home Stager / House Doctor. I have made this DVD especially for you because I want to share with you all that I know about property staging and making the most out of it to get it sold quickly and for more money. How do you feel when you don’t get any offers on your property or you are asked to drop the price of it by around £15,000-£20,000 to enable you to get your property sold. Absolutely gutted I would say. Its very easy for a buyer to come along and offer you less than what you know your property is worth. So what would you say if I could show you a way to get your property sold quicker and for more money. Your probably thinking right now what’s the catch how much is this going to cost or I don’t even know much about home staging. What If I told you that It will cost a fraction of the cost of what It would to reduce the price of your property to get it sold. . I have used this tried and tested method of Home Staging several times myself and for many of my client to get properties sold even in this current economic climate I have sold two properties without having to reduce the value of the them. It can be done, but it has to be done right. I’m sure by the end of this DVD you will be full of tips and ideas on how to get your property sold even in this difficult market we are all facing.
  • Example of 1.2 million house and the impression created
  • I think the results here will surprise you . . .
  • Home Staging is well established in the USA and Australia and Home Gain in the USA have analysed the results from home staging and even in the tough times of recession in the USA the results clearly speak for themselves. PLUS READ SOME FIGURES
  • Because home staging is relatively little used in the UK, no one has collated any accurate figures regarding the return on investment Whilst here in the UK not much is known about the concept of home staging and the statistics to back up the benefits of using a professional stager, a couple of well know property experts are giving it the thumbs up. Such as Right Move and Mouse Price. They are giving advice on how to improve you properties saleability by presenting it well to your prospective buyers. hilst at the moment there are no statistical data to represent the benefits of staging here in the UK, there is extensive research and statistical data provided in the US outlining the benefits of a home being staged before sale and the downside of not being staged. There are a ou Statistics show that 83% of properties staged spent less time on the market than those that had not been staged. That’s a staggering amount of properties. ASP stands for Accredited Staging Professionals
  • I have sold to homes in recent years and achieved my asking price on both occasions. Due to the photos of my property most of the viewers to my current property head straight for the kitchen. If a staged home achieves a better price everyone wins – the seller has more money to spend on their next property, the Estate Agent wins more commission and the tax man gets his cut too – boooo! Also if the home sells quicker more people will want to list their property with you, because you are able to sell property more quickly
  • We’re English – we don’t say!!
  • Become know as the Estate Agent to put your home with – which means more properties on your books, more single agency (with you only) and more properties sold and yet more profit . Also using video and higher quality pictures can keep prospective buyers in your online sales funnel longer – video
  • Did you know you can upload pictures and video and have the pictures backlink to your website listings Did you know you can do the same with Pinterest
  • Did you know you can upload pictures and video and have the pictures backlink to your website listings Did you know you can do the same with Pinterest
  • Forrester = research company
  • Zappos – clothes store
  • Estate Agent Presentation (1)

    1. 1. Welcome to KtJ Home S taging
    2. 2. A bout • Katie Jackson me • Passionate about property styling/presentation • Member of the Home Staging Network • Member of APDO • Trained with Ann Maurice, Chanel 5’s House Doctor
    3. 3. My S ervices 1.Home staging to sell  2.Home staging to stay / Re-styling 3.Home staging for relocation 4.De-cluttering 5.Sourcing accessories 6.Photography – to help sale 7.Video – to help sale 8.Full tradesman service available Fully insured and CRB checked
    4. 4. What is Home S taging? Preparing your home for sale.
    5. 5. What’s the firststep in staging your home?
    6. 6. Putting aproperty on the market
    7. 7. What does theseller know about selling their home?
    8. 8. Do they knowtheir main target audience?
    9. 9. Are local amenitiesimportant to that audience?
    10. 10. How is thelocation perceivedby that audience?
    11. 11. What aspects of a home will beimportant to that audience?
    12. 12. Changing mindset:3.selling a “home”4.selling a “house”
    13. 13. Our DVD helps withthis mindset change
    14. 14. Presentation And Perception
    15. 15. Home staging: Make your potential purchaser feel as though they have just arrived home from the moment they walk in the door!It’s more than having the smell of coffee on the go!
    16. 16. S tatis ticsNo nodding off  now!...
    17. 17. Statistics sourced from : Right Move, Mouse Price, ASP , RESA, HSN WIRE, Home Gain
    18. 18. So what doesthis mean here in the UK?
    19. 19. S o in s imple terms home S taging is :•The art of dressing and preparing a property to sell quickly and at the best price.•To make the property appeal to the highest number of viewers. •The goal is to create a scene that buyers aspire to live in. 
    20. 20. FA Q’sQ. The property has been on the market for along time? Or they’re getting viewings but nooffers?  One of the main reasons is poor presentation.  80% of people look online before booking a viewing – think photo’s, think video.Must stand out from the crowd.
    21. 21. FA Q’sQ. What do you think viewers really thinkof the property? Buyers are unlikely to tell you the truth that they think your home looks cluttered, smelly or dated. 
    22. 22. FA Q’sQ. Do first impressions really count withviewings?  You bet they do! A typical buyer usually makes up their minds within the first 30 secondsafter stepping inside a front door whether or not they are going to buy the property! 
    23. 23. S o what does this mean to YOU the E s tate A gent? Sell for more money Sell more properties USP MORE PROFIT
    24. 24. •Content visible on more media channels•Phones / Tablets / Home computers•Have you claimed your free google website?•Pinterest•Customers stay in YOUR sales funnel  longer•Use QR Codes
    25. 25. QR Codes –Quick Response CodesScan QR code with mobile phone
    26. 26. A visitor who watched a product videois 85% more likely to make a purchasethan if they hadn’t.Internet Retailer, April 2010A recent study by Forrester showedthat video increased email click-throughrates by 200-300%.Forrester, 2010
    27. 27. In a recent study, it was found thateCommerce sites that display videoincreased conversion by 30% andincreased average ticket sales by 13%.L2 Specialty Retail Report, September 2010Zappos achieved a 6-30% increase insales after implementing product videosonto their website.ReelSEO, December 2009
    28. 28. With proper optimization, videoincreases the chance of a front pageGoogle result by 53x.Forrester, January 2010Visitors who view video on retail sitesstay 2 minutes longer than those who donot.comScore, August 2010
    29. 29. According to a survey conducted byForbes Insights in 2010, 65% of C-Leveland senior executives visited a vendor’swebsite after viewing a video.Forbes Insights, 2010Marketers in the United States areexpected to spend $2.16 billion on onlinevideo ads in 2011, that’s a 52.1%increase from the $1.42 billion last year.Internet Retailer, June 201168% of the Top 50 Internet Retailers usevideo content in their websites.Internet Retailer, July 2010
    30. 30. Google has created the acronym ZMOT to describethe buying process in today’s world
    31. 31. ZMOTZero Moment Of Truth
    32. 32. The bottom line is:STAGED Homes sell QUICKER and for MORE MONEY!
    33. 33. Review • DVD branded with your company information  • Home Staging and how this can influence your image • Home Staging and how it can help your profit margins • Benefits of video and photo’s after staging • How home staging, video, photo’s, QR codes, social media tools and the internet combined could increase the number of sellers, buyers,
    34. 34. PricingBranded DVD – 1 off charge £99 to include details on the beginning and end of the video.   100 videos at £1.95 ea More than 100 POAHome Staging – from £40 for 1 hour phone consultationHome Staging – from £130 – onsite consultation
    35. 35. C ontact me 07960 656 922