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  1. 1. Codes And Conventions Of A Psychological Thriller
  2. 2. Mise-En-Scene • Shadows and low key lighting – These things are a typical convention of a psychological thriller, they are used to add tension into a scene, and in some cases are used to represent the inner darkness within the character. • Props –Mirrors are commonly used in psychological thrillers to portray the use of reflections of a characters inner self as well as representing the ‘dark side’ of a character. • Costumes – Most commonly the villains wear casual/smart clothes fitting in with the theory we have came to that most psychological thrillers are set in an urban and modern setting. • Location – Location is an important element in a psychological thriller, in the majority of the openings we have watched they are set in modern and urban settings, the countryside is not often used as it could be confused with horror.
  3. 3. Sound • Most commonly in psychological thrillers the music used is very eerie and tense, they use this to build up tension in a scene or create shock within an audience.
  4. 4. Camera Movement • Camera movements are a important factor in a psychological thriller. Quick camera movements are made during most psychological thrillers to build tension and panic within the scene which then makes the audience feel the same emotions as the character.
  5. 5. Editing • Obtrusive & montage editing is used frequently in psychological thrillers to highlight the feelings and emotions of suspense and tension within a scene, this is mostly used in important scenes. • Flashbacks – this is a typical convention of a psychological thriller because it shows what has previously happened to give the audience insight in to the characters past or to highlight an important message that would not usually fit into the scene, this could be to show the audience why the character is how they are. • Black and white colouring is used in psychological thrillers to enhance the effectiveness of shadows.

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