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Cadburys presentation

  1. 1. Cadburys<br />
  2. 2. How I came to my idea.<br />I began by thinking about what people are interested in and what types of adverts are popular, and aim at the largest range of the audiences and have comedy incorporated. <br />So after thinking, I visited a Museum of Advertising History. Here I had the advantage to see how plenty of products have progressed over time. Whilst looking at many products. I thought I’d chose something that I would enjoy and that had years of history for me to research into. So I chose chocolate, then I decided on Cadburys because it is popular and everybody knows the brand. Therefore this enables me to get many ideas from previous Cadburys adverts, and have a lot to expand on.<br />
  3. 3. Legalities<br />(YMA) Food advertising occurs when children (up to 15 years) are watching. About 75 ads, per day.<br />-Must not mislead children.<br />-Must accurately represent product<br />(BCAP)Advertising must not advertise anything that encourages poor nutrition, or unhealthy life style for children.<br />-Shouldn’t encourage excessive consumption of any food or drink or frequently eating between meals or before going to bed.<br />-Avoid encouraging or condoning children to not eat healthy. E.g. Fruit and veg.<br />-Portion sizes, quantities of food shown should be responsible and relevant. <br /> Regulation on advertising to children, evidence suggests that food on television have influenced children's food choices.<br />-Issues have been raised, for tighter controls on food advertising to children<br />-Children aren’t allowed to advertise any food.<br />
  4. 4. Target Audience<br />-All individuals<br />-Housewives<br />Cadburys uses many channels to advertise their chocolate, on ITV1, ITV2 and many more.<br />Their budget usually is about 5million and over.<br />-Media agency; Starcom, and also did a recent one with Fallon. <br />
  5. 5. Advert History<br />1:<br />2:<br />3:<br />4:<br />These adverts show me that over time, Cadbury’s have been fluent with their comical side to their adverts to keep the audience, and progressively make it broader.<br />
  6. 6. Proposal<br />Cadburys Advert Proposal. The idea behind the ad is to change or make Cadburys chocolate better, being the packaging or the advertisement. By doing this I can exaggerate or suggest something different about the chocolate, making it appeal to a broader audience. I can capture the audiences with lines of appeal, I could have a slogan e.g. “FULFILL YOUR NEEDS” or, “Too good to share”, this letting the audience know that this chocolate bar, can full everything that’s missing, because it is ‘melt in your mouth chocolate’ and everybody deserves the amazing taste. Also saying that it’s so tasty that you wouldn’t want to share it, even with your closest friends. This helps because Cadburys target audience is aimed at all individuals. Therefore Cadburys has created a chocolate for everybody, making sure they appeal to all audiences, and capturing what they all want and need. I am considering using fears and weaknesses, such as pride, conformity and sex appeal. This is because these fears and weaknesses make the audience venerable, and then at that point I can comfort them, by introducing this loveable chocolate.<br />
  7. 7. My Draft Advert<br />
  8. 8. Feedback Analysis <br />After presenting my advert to my focus group, I handed out a questionnaire and summarized the feedback;<br />-70% was male, and 20% was female and aged between 11-30. Many 30% of the males said that they don’t purchase any chocolate. But the rest of the audience said that they purchase Cadburys chocolate sometimes, because the can trust that it will taste good and know that thy will be satisfied with the chocolate. 70% of my audience said that out of many Cadburys chocolate they prefer the Dairy Milk chocolate bar. All of my audience was unsure if Cadburys has a fair price. But had all seen a Cadburys advert.<br />After watching my advert I asked to rate my ad on a scale of 1 to 10, and it ranged between 6 to 8 which lets me know my advert might have a change of being successful. But many people didn’t think it would consist with Cadburys, because Cadburys adverts are more expensive and use a high budget, whereas I was working with no budget, I think I did my best with what I had. Overall my focus group enjoyed my advert and suggested some improvements such as, -Better actors -More editing -Turn down audio –Switch logo, make it second to last, then have the rest of footage after the logo and slogan -Change the font to make it more appealing. The 50% also said that after watching my ad, they would purchase Cadburys Dairy Milk.<br />
  9. 9. Changes I made<br />I listened to what my focus group had to say, and thought that their idea would make my advert a lot better. But I also took into consideration their positive feedback such as the fades, and the shot types, and how I showed the passing of time, towards the end.<br />So I turned the audio down, so that you could hear the actresses easier, Then I switched the endings around and changed the font. I personally believe that my advert is now better than before because of these changes. I also colour corrected the logo and slogan so that it looked cleaner and more professional.<br />
  10. 10. My Final Advert<br />