Tips for new i os owners


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Tips for new i os owners

  1. 1. Tips for New iOS Owners Katie Floyd MacPeople MUG
  2. 2. Convert to IMAP Email
  3. 3. Understanding Terms• IMAP and POP are two protocols which allow you to receive email from an account.• Generally, IMAP reads your mail while on the server, POP downloads the mail to your computer.• SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - allows you to send email from an account.
  4. 4. IMAP vs. POP IMAP POP What Does It Internet Message Post Office Stand For? Access Protocol ProtocolMessages Stored Yes No (by default) on Server? No - messages Access Mail Yes- access from downloaded to Anywhere? central server local computer. users who access users who access mail from multiple their mail only Suitable for... computers or from one locations. computer.
  5. 5. How It Works: POP POP Server XProblem: Email Gets Sent To Whichever Device Checks First!
  6. 6. How It Works: IMAP IMAP Server Keeps Messages In Sync!
  7. 7. How to Do It?• Turn on IMAP (if supported) and move your messages and folders to the server• Transition to a new IMAP email account • Forward mail from old account to new • Notify contacts of your change • Stop using your old account • In time - kill the old account
  8. 8. Sign up for iCloud
  9. 9. Features• Free IMAP Email• Contacts and Calendar Backup & Sync• Over the Air Backup of Devices• Documents In the Cloud• Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac
  10. 10. How to Do It?• Requires iTunes 10.5, iOS 5 & Mac OS 10.7.2 • icloud/get-started/• Setup your iCloud on iOS• Select Services you want to use
  11. 11. Backup
  12. 12. Backup• Apple claims more than 50% of iDevices brought in for service have never been synced to a computer• That means no data is being backed up and cannot be restored in the event of a loss• You should back your device up regularly through iTunes or iCloud
  13. 13. iTunes Backup• Plug into your computer and perform a full sync.• You can also right-click on device in iTunes and select backup
  14. 14. iCloud Backup• Sign up for iCloud and enable iCloud Backups on your Device and in iTunes• Regularly confirm backups are happening
  15. 15. Sync via Wi-Fi
  16. 16. Turn On Wi-Fi Sync• Sync your iOS devices with your computer over Wi-Fi• Requires devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network• Sync can be initiated manually, or will happen automatically when iTunes is open and iOS Device is plugged into power.
  17. 17. How To Do It• Requires iTunes 10.5 and iOS 5• Connect devices via USB and select device.• Enable Wi-Fi sync under Summary tab
  18. 18. Use iMessages
  19. 19. iMessages• Free text messaging to other iOS 5 users• Brings texting capabilities to non iPhones• Cuts down on texting costs
  20. 20. iMessage Tips• Turn Read Receipts On• Receive Messages at your phone number and email address.• To receive messages across all iOS devices, make your primary address an email address.
  21. 21. Lock Your Phone
  22. 22. Lock Your Phone• You have a lot of personal data on your phone. Don’t be compromised by snoops or if you phone is lost or stolen.• Best practice is to set your phone to auto lock after a short interval.• Balance convenience with security
  23. 23. How To Do It• Settings > General• Turn On Passcode Lock• Turn on Auto-Lock
  24. 24. Save Your Data
  25. 25. Save Your Data• If your iOS devices has a data plan, it likely has a cap on the amount of data you can use without additional charges• Use Wi-Fi whenever possible to save your data for when you are away from Wi-Fi• Save frequently used Wi-Fi networks
  26. 26. How To Do It• Turn Wi-Fi on• If you want to be prompted to join when Wi-Fi is available, turn on Ask to Join Networks
  27. 27. Parental Controls
  28. 28. Parental Controls• Restrict access to content and services• Limit installation of Apps• Disable in-app purchases• Important to protect privacy, stop unintended credit card transactions and limit access to content
  29. 29. How To Do It• Settings > General > Restrictions• Set a passcode• Toggle services on and off
  30. 30. Stay Up To Date
  31. 31. Stay Up To Date• Keeping your Apps and iOS software up to date is just as important as it is on your Mac• App updates come out regularly, iOS updates a couple times a year
  32. 32. How To Do It• Apps: Click the App Icon and check for updates.• Click Update All and enter your password to download updates.
  33. 33. How To Do It• iOS: Settings > General > Software Update• Or plug into iTunes and check for software updates.• Recommended you perform a full backup before installing iOS updates
  34. 34. Listen at 2x Speed
  35. 35. Listen at 2x Speed• Allows you to speed through audiobooks and podcasts at twice the speed without distorting the audio• You can also opt to listen to 1/2 speed
  36. 36. How To Do It• In the Music App, select the now playing screen and click the 1x, 2x or 1/2x icon to adjust the playback speed
  37. 37. For More Tips: