Going Paperless


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From a presentation given at Macworld 2011. For more information, visit www.katiefloyd.me

Everyone wants to use less paper in their life, whether the motivation is to help the environment or just to help get rid of the clutter. Businesses have been "going paperless" for years now, but now the technology has caught up with the consumer market. There has never been a better time to get rid of the box of random receipts and manuals cluttering up the floor of your closet and move into the digital age.

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Going Paperless

  1. 1. Going Paperless Presented By: Katie Floyd Macworld 2011
  2. 2. Who Am I?• Attorney• Podcaster• MUG Leader• Mac Geek Since 1984
  3. 3. Disclaimer• I’m a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer.• Nothing you may take from this presentation should be considered legal advice.• Consult your own experts.
  4. 4. My Law Partners
  5. 5. Where To Find Me:• www.katiefloyd.me• www.macpowerusers.com• Twitter: @katiefloyd• This Presentation: • www.katiefloyd.me/goingpaperless
  6. 6. Why Go Paperless?• Good for the environment• Saves Time• Saves Money• De-clutters
  7. 7. Getting Started• Stop the Paper!• Figure Out What You Need• Create a Workflow
  8. 8. Stop the Paper!• Receive as Many Items Electronically As Possible • Bank Statements • Switch to Paperless Billing • Direct Deposit • Limit Periodical Delivery • Cut out Junk Mail
  9. 9. Bills v. eBills Photo Credit: wrestlingentroph (Flickr)
  10. 10. Newspaper v. RSS Photo Credit: Jeff Myers (Flickr)
  11. 11. Catalogs
  12. 12. Catalogs
  13. 13. Stop The Paper!• Resources for Stopping Unwanted Mail: • Bay Area Junk Mail Reduction Campaign • Stop Pre-Approved Credit Card and Insurance Offers • wikiHow Article: How To Get Rid of Junk Mail
  14. 14. Stop the Paper!• Immediately toss what you don’t need.• Have a dedicated space for things you need to act on and things waiting to be scanned.• Routinely de-clutter the paper from your house.
  15. 15. What To Keep?• Expert Advice: • IRS Publication 552 - Record keeping for Individuals • Bankrate.com: How Long to Keep Financial Records
  16. 16. What I Keep• Financial Records• Insurance Information• Documentation for Warranties• Documentation for Large Purchases• Home & Auto Maintenance Records• Anything Business Related• Anything Tax Related• License/Professional Information• Receipts for Gift Purchases• Reference Materials
  17. 17. What I Toss• Everyday Receipts• Information in another trusted system• Old Newspapers & Magazines• Catalogs• Anything I can easily access online
  18. 18. Sometimes You Must Keep The Original• I scan these items for reference, but keep originals in a secure place. This is not a comprehensive list: • Deed and Titles • Anything Notarized, Embossed or on Security Paper • Diplomas, Certificates (Death, Marriage & Birth), Licenses • Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Estate Plans • Passports,Visas and Related Documents • Stock Certificates • Social Security Cards • Documents Relating to Legal Disputes
  19. 19. Develop a Workflow• You have to find what works for you.• Get your family/co-workers involved.• But do something!
  20. 20. Develop a Workflow• Some people prefer to scan the paper first and deal with the tasks later.• Some prefer to deal with the tasks first and scan the paper later.• Be aware of due dates!
  21. 21. My Paper Workflow Junk? No Action Needed? Yes Yes No Urgent? Yes No Act Inbox Holding Bin
  22. 22. My Paper Workflow Late Bill Do I Need Is Action Is it Urgent? This? Needed? Junk Bill 401k ActHolding Bin
  23. 23. Desk & Inbox
  24. 24. Holding Bin
  25. 25. Digital Workflow• Deal with as much digitally as possible - that’s half the battle!• Automate where possible.• Use the same practices as your paper system.• Don’t create needless paper!
  26. 26. Hazel
  27. 27. OmniFocus
  28. 28. Scanners
  29. 29. Flatbed• Best for Photos & Irregular sized documents• Usually no duplex• Limited OCR
  30. 30. Sheetfed/Document• Best for Documents• Usually has a document feeder• Generally lower resolution than flatbed
  31. 31. Portable• Small and Portable• Usually scans a few pages at a time• Slower
  32. 32. What To Look For• Single-Pass Duplex• Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)• Scanning Speed• Supported Formats/Platforms• Bundled Software & Features
  33. 33. Software & Features• Optical Character Recognition• Double-Feed Detection• Blank Page Detection & Removal• De-Skew• Bundled Software
  34. 34. ScanSnap S1500M• 50 page document feeder.• One button PDF creation.• Intelligent paper detection.• Acrobat 8 Professional and ABBYY FineReader.• Integrates with other software.• $495 ($418.99 Amazon)
  35. 35. Searching Scans
  36. 36. Optical Character Recognition• OCR = Optical Character Recognition • A layer of text inside a PDF file that is searchable.• Recommended for scanned docs• No OCR is perfect • Better Scan = Better OCR
  37. 37. How To OCR• Some scanners may include it as part of the scanning process.• Some software used to organize scanned docs may include it.• Third Party Software • Automate it if you can!
  38. 38. OCR Software
  39. 39. Paperless
  40. 40. PDFPen
  41. 41. ScanSnap & ABBYY
  42. 42. Scanner Settings• OCR Accuracy• File Size• Processing Speed• Re-printability
  43. 43. Scanner Settings• PDF• 200dpi - Color/ Grayscale• 400dpi - Black & White• Duplex Scanning• OCR
  44. 44. Stop Creating Paper
  45. 45. Print to PDF
  46. 46. Print to YourDocument Manager
  47. 47. Sign Electronically
  48. 48. PDFpen• Edit text, add images, text, signatures in PDFs• Add, Delete and Reorganize Pages• Redact Text• OCR• Many Other Features
  49. 49. PageSender• Comprehensive paperless faxing system for Mac• Fully integrates with OSX and other applications• Supports third-party fax services. (eFax)
  50. 50. PDFpen & PageSender• Receive a fax in PageSender• Open it in PDFpen• Fill it out with PDFpen & even scribble your signature• Fax it right back via PageSender direct from PDFpen
  51. 51. Managing Documents
  52. 52. Methods• Files and Folders• Document Manager• Hybrid Approach
  53. 53. Files & Folders• Requires no proprietary software• Easy to backup, share and move• Searchable with Spotlight
  54. 54. Files & Folders• Not as feature-rich as using a document management app.• Can be more difficult to organize.
  55. 55. Tips• Create a filing convention.• Create a naming convention.• Stay on top of filing.• OCR is key!• Automate where possible.
  56. 56. TextExpander• Use abbreviations to expand larger text strings.• Can also add custom fields like date, time, clipboard contents or fill- in fields.• Use to help name scanned images based on commonly used phrases.
  57. 57. Hazel
  58. 58. Hazel• Create rules to automatically keep files organized.• Monitors folders and takes action based on rules.• Can run scripts, move, rename, delete files and more.
  59. 59. Hazel
  60. 60. Document Managers• Great Mac software for managing documents.• Be wary of anything with a proprietary file format.• Once you get started - hard to change.
  61. 61. Document Managers• Paperless• Evernote• Yojimbo• Neat• Yep• DevonThink• and more...
  62. 62. Paperless• Formerly ReceiptWallet• Works with many scanners• Uses separate libraries• Stores files as PDF• Basic OCR• $49.95
  63. 63. Evernote• Stores information in notebooks• Syncs Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad with web component• Free for basic use Premium service $5/ month or $45/year
  64. 64. Evernote
  65. 65. Evernote iPhone App
  66. 66. Evernote iPad App
  67. 67. Yojimbo• Stores text, images, bookmarks, PDFs, sounds & more.• Organize with tabs, labels and collections or search with spotlight.• Syncs via Mobile Me.• Encryption Options• $38.99
  68. 68. Yojimbo for iPad• Syncs over WiFi with Yojimbo 3 for Mac.• Ability to share items via email.• $9.99
  69. 69. Neat• Scans and organizes receipts, business cards and documents.• Compatible with multiple scanner modes.• OCR• $99.95
  70. 70. DevonThink• Stores documents, scans, email, notes, bookmarks and more.• AI Engine assists with classification and filing of documents.• Integrates with scanners.• $49.95-$149.95
  71. 71. DevonThink To Go• iPhone and iPad• Syncs via WiFi• $14.99
  72. 72. Yep• “iPhoto for PDFs”• Does not move data into its own database or edit it. Instead, it collects and organizes your files.• Scanner interface.• $39.00
  73. 73. Hybrid Approach + =
  74. 74. Katie’s Method• Paperless for Receipts• Files & Folders for Statements & Documents• 1Password for passwords, serial numbers and sensitive information on the go• Evernote to organize “Everything Else”
  75. 75. Katie’s Method• ScanSnap & ABBYY fine reader to scan and OCR documents to a folder.• TextExpander snippets and Hazel scripts assist with automatically sorting documents.
  76. 76. Working Through The Backlog• Just start• Prune where you can• Categorize and Prioritize Photo Credit: Liz (perspicacious.org) (Flickr)
  77. 77. Security
  78. 78. Security• Mac-Level Security• Data Management Software Security• Security of Actual Data
  79. 79. Security• Lock down your Mac• Disable automatic login• Require a password to wake computer from sleep or screensaver
  80. 80. Security• Consider storing sensitive information in a secure disk image or other encrypted file.
  81. 81. Security• Shred sensitive documents!• Redact private information stored in non-secure systems.• Be aware of the information you’re scanning and the level of security required.
  82. 82. Backup
  83. 83. Backup• Verify your scans and ensure the data is backed up before originals are destroyed.• More important data, the more redundant backups.• Offsite backup.• Secure your backup.
  84. 84. Redundancy• Technology changes - make sure you can always access your data.• Be cautious of major updates and how it will work with your software.
  85. 85. Final Tips• Respect history and nostalgia.• Give some thought to how your paperless workflow will interact with others.• You don’t have to go paperless overnight.
  86. 86. Resources• Mac Power Users Episodes • 003 - Going Paperless • 016 - Information Managers • 025 - Geeking Out With Hazel
  87. 87. Resources• ScreenCastsOnline Video Tutorials • 113 - Housekeeping with Hazel • Evernote For Mac • Part 1, Part 2, Version 2.0
  88. 88. Resources• Take Control of Your Paperless Office by Joe Kissell
  89. 89. Resources• Getting Things Done The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen
  90. 90. Questions?