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X Games Strike


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This project was done by a group of students at the VCU Brandcenter.

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X Games Strike

  1. 1. Katie Fitzgerald Leslie Green Edwinn McClure Nerissa Marbury Joseph Merkely Kevin Groat Holly Hessler Julie Matheny
  2. 2. April 24, 2008 Hey man, Congrats on your admission to the unapologetically un-prestigious School of X! Picked out of big crowd, your application was pretty fierce. Let us be straight up with you – you should be excited to be a part of the graduating class of ‘08, and we’re stoked to have you on board. We think it’s safe to say that you’ll never find another program quite like ours. Although our school hasn’t been around for as long as most institutions, we take pride in the diverse range of classes we offer and the wide range of talent we foster. Attached you’ll find all of the materials you’ll need to get started. Feel free to skim them, or maybe read them all the way through (if you’re bored or whatever). Either way, we think you’ll find the program a blast, and we hope you’ll pull out the mess of crumpled dollar bills and change in your back pocket and commit to a wild ride. Hope to see you at orientation on July 30, 2008. Be there around 10am, or whenever you decide to stop pressing “sleep” on the alarm. Peace, Strike Deans of Undergraduate Admissions RHS/ay Enclosure
  3. 3. Why are we here? Create a Universal Brand Identity Expand the appeal - Gain more X fans Generate Year Round Interest
  4. 4. Research Primary Research Expert Opinions - Athletes • Focus Groups (3) • Intercepts (8) • Interviews (29) • • X Game athlete • Olympic athlete • USA Today sports reporter • 4 ex-pro skateboarders • 4 BMX pros • 6 sports enthusiasts • Survey (59 respondents) Secondary Research Cultural Research - blogs, and communities • Sports Research - International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship • Media Research - SRDS lifestyle Market Analysis, MRI • Product Research - Lexus-Nexus, Consumer Reports • Disney Property Research - Annual Reports, ESPN Consumer Marketing and Sales Reports •
  5. 5. Brand Positioning Ambassador of WOW The Pledge To be the ultimate gateway to action sports
  6. 6. Who are we talking to? Average Joe Young Adult Males 18 - 35 Area of Opportunity Guys who already know, love Secondary Target Half - Pipes 7 -12 and trust ESPN. Ages Visits at least 1-2 times a week Watches 5-6 hours of ESPN per week When Joe watches other sports: He can give you the story behind the game. Current perception of the brand: Simply a series of exhilarating high-points The gear is the gateway into a life-long relationship with the X brand. Therefore, we will engage the imaginations of the half-pipes and inspire them to feel like a part of the X story.
  7. 7. Strategy Take the moments of wow and put them into context. Through understanding the context surrounding the climaxing in action sports and appreciating the dedication of the athletes, a relationship with Joe is built. WOW Context Appreciation Understanding Relationship with X
  8. 8. Creative
  9. 9. Website
  10. 10. Commercials
  11. 11. Flash-cards
  12. 12. Media
  13. 13. Half-pipes (Kids) Strategy: Tell the story behind moments of wow April 9, 2008 Discovery Experience Connect Buy Share He needs to feel like he When our kid discovers Needs to see the While our kid is inter- He wants to nd the Kids’ Needs knows something spe - X, he feels excited and story of X come to acting with the brand, perfect tool that will cial that he can share wants to learn more. life. he needs to feel like he help him fulll his with his friends. is emotionally con- dreams and feel like nected to the story and an X star. inspired to try it out. Content Implications We need to show him This is when we We need to show him He needs to know He needs a way to an inspirational mo- tell him the story. how he can experience where he can buy X share what he has ment on the X story The elements of the action sports for himself, products. - discovered through X that gets his attention. story: good guy/bad by showing him our with his friends. guy, lead-up, climax, products. need to be apparent. Internet TV Flash Cards Context Gear Tags Posters X-Games Event Print Video Game Ad
  14. 14. Media Placement Creative Media Placement Cost Internet $120,000 ESPN The Magazine (3x) ESPN = $484,500 Flashcards Sports Illustrated Magazine (3x) SI = $816,000 RS = $473,640 Rolling Stone (3x) Sports Illustrated Magazine (1x Full page spread) $500,000 Posters $10,000 for postings Outdoor top 10 DMA postings (Paper of lower quality than SI spread) Costs will be limited due to selling ad space and using celebrities Celebrity X Games Event ESPN Network that have contracts with ESPN and ABC Commercial Spots for Joes: Jun. - Aug. Free “Shop Class” Alloted placement on ESPN Networks “Science Class” ESPN Network (Sep. - Nov.) “Parent Teacher Conference” ABC = $2,139,000 Some placement on MLB games “Spelling Bee” ESPN = $705,000 “Shaun White and the 1080” “Wave Etiquette” ESPN2 = $690,000 “The Art of Bailing” Jun. - Aug. Free Commercial Spots for Half-Pipes: Alloted placement on ESPN Networks ESPN “Get the Gear” (Sep. - Nov.) ABC Family = $697,500 Nine-story high building wraps Top 10 DMAs $5,000,000 “Pure” Free placement “Pure” Video Game Video Game Ad “Madden NFL 08,” placement through Massive “Madden NFL 08” Video Game, and others Inc. $119,000 Free Banner Ad Alloted placement on = $720,000 (240 MM page views) Point of Purchase Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R’ US and JC Penny $1,200,000 TOTAL $13,674,640
  15. 15. Media Flow Chart June 2008 - June 2009 (Print Insert) ESPN RS SI RS ESPN RS SI ESPN SI 62 62 62 31 31 31 109 109 109 109 109 109
  16. 16. Media Flow Chart June 2008 - June 2009 5% 1% 8% 4% 9% 1% 22% 23% 35% 77% 15% Joe Half-Pipes We will be spending approximately 23% of the budget promoting the gear to the Half-Pipes. Banner Ad Microsite Flashcards Cable Network Building Wrap Video Game Posters Point of Purchase
  17. 17. Measuring Success Improve ratings increase for ESPN a positive rating increase on ABC Increase in the % of U.S. internet users that visit the site to at least .0006 Retail sales increase for X Games Gear. Source: Web(, TV (ESPN.COM)