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Remembering Lesson: Let's Talk 2, 15A


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Remembering Lesson: Let's Talk 2, 15A, Vietnam, History, Conversation, Past Tense

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Remembering Lesson: Let's Talk 2, 15A

  1. 1. Let’s Talk 2 – Lesson 15A “Remembering” REMEMBER WHEN…
  2. 2. Speaking Exercise How have Computers & Smartphones changed Our lives?
  3. 3. Studying
  4. 4. Pros: • We can access more information faster. • Cheaper than buying books • Saves time (library, not necessary) • More sources of info (videos, games, student groups) Cons • Easier to copy & paste • Easier to find wrong information • Not as social • Can lose data • Easy to get distracted by other sites
  5. 5. Leisure / Free time
  6. 6. Pros • Online games/apps are fun • Can help stay updated with the latest news (movies, sports, events) • Can listen to any song/movie at any time anywhere Cons • We go outside less. • We see friends / talk to family less • We stare at a screen too long • Less physically active
  7. 7. Personal Information
  8. 8. Pro • Online shopping • Online banking • Facebook profiles • Blogs Con • Identity theft • Stolen money, credit cards • Advertisements • Annoying updates • No “real” friends
  9. 9. Travel
  10. 10. Cons • Difficult to talk to a real person at a company if there’s a problem (all online) • Identity theft • Confusing if traveling with many people Pros • Online deals! • Quick, Convenient & direct booking (no agent needed) • Saves paper (email tickets) • Faster (airline already has your info) • Can see many options / schedules • Read hotel reviews.
  11. 11. Friendships
  12. 12. Pro • Can message friends any time place. • take more photos • update any plan changes quickly • Cheap! (Free) • Video chat Con • less face-to-face • waste time chatting/messaging • easy to have misunderstandings via text • messaging the wrong person! Oops! • Must always have phone nearby
  13. 13. Family
  14. 14. Pros • Can easily keep in touch while travel • Safety • GPS tracking • Faster than calling • Group chats Cons • Less talking • Distracting from family time • Lack of quality time • Fighting (between kids) • Annoyed parents
  15. 15. GUESS THE DECADE! 1900s, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90, 00’s, NOW
  16. 16. Are these ladies from the…. 1950’s….. 1960’s ….. 1970’s?
  17. 17. This photo was taken in 1964 Light colored dresses were popular in the 1960s.
  18. 18. Was this taken in…. 1970s…. 1980s…. 1990s?
  19. 19. This photo was taken in 1982! Michael Jackson’s style was copied by many!
  20. 20. Was the taken in the 1900’s, 1910’s, 1920’s?
  21. 21. It was taken in Paris, 1923 Short hair and hats were worn in the 1920s
  22. 22. These two high school girls are from… 1970s, 1980s, 1990s?
  23. 23. This photo was taken in 1975. Long hair and “bellbottom” pants were fashionable in the 1970s.
  24. 24. Was this photo taken in the 1980’s, 1990’s or 2000s?
  25. 25. This photo was taken in 1989 Bikini tops….worn as tops were acceptable in the 1980s – early 90s!
  26. 26. This photos was taken in the 1930’s 1940’s, 1950’s?
  27. 27. This photo was taken in 1954. “Poodle Skirts” were loved by teen girls!
  28. 28. What decade is this happy couple from? 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s
  29. 29. Trick question! This photo was taken in 2014. Nowadays, “vintage” style wedding photos are common with newlyweds
  30. 30. What do you remember? Everyone must share at least 1 childhood memory!
  31. 31. Learning to Ride a Bike
  32. 32. You failed something at school
  33. 33. You were really sick…
  34. 34. You felt surprised or shocked
  35. 35. What you did before you had your own cell phone / played online games?
  36. 36. Got angry at someone…
  37. 37. The last time you tried something that scared you / made you feel nervous…
  38. 38. He reminds me of my Cousin a) I remember my cousin when I see him b) He often Talks about my cousin c) He looks just like my cousin.
  39. 39. To have a short memory a) You can’t remember long words. b) You forget things quickly c) You forget recent events
  40. 40. To learn something by heart a) it is very important to you b) you enjoy remembering it c) you can remember it all
  41. 41. Out of sight, Out of mind a) if you don’t see someone, you don’t think of them b) It is difficult to remember something you haven’t seen in a long time c) Human beings see what they want to see
  42. 42. To give someone “a piece of your mind a) to tell someone what you really think of them b) To tell someone how angry you are c) to tell someone how happy you are
  43. 43. To learn your lesson a) You did something stupid which you will never do again b) You remembered everything you learned in your last lesson c) You learned something amazing.
  44. 44. He has a photographic memory a) He remembers photos very well. b) He has a good memory for faces c) He remembers exact details of something he has seen