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English Travel: All about Singapore


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English Travel: All about Singapore

  1. 1. Let’s learn about Singapore!
  2. 2. Which country is Singapore? A B C D
  3. 3. Which country is Singapore? A B C D Germany Vietnam Thailand Singapore
  4. 4. Which Flag below belongs to Singapore? A B C D
  5. 5. Which Flag below belongs to Singapore? A B C D Puerto Rico Taiwan Malaysia Singapore
  6. 6. Primary Languages in Singapore:
  7. 7. What currency is used in Singapore?
  8. 8. Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  9. 9. Conversions $1 SGD = $0.75 USD $1 SGD = 16,000 VND
  10. 10. $5 SGD What’s the price in USD / VND?
  11. 11. $5 SGD Approximately: $3.70 USD 80,000 VND
  12. 12. Khai is caught chewing gum. He has to pay a $1000 SGD fine. How much is this fine in USD and VND?
  13. 13. Khai is caught chewing gum. He has to pay a $1000 SGD fine. USD = $730 USD VND = 17 Million (16.9)
  14. 14. What can you do & see in Singapore?
  15. 15. The Flower Dome / Gardens by the Bay One of the Top 10 Indoor Gardens in the World; it houses over 500,000 plants!
  16. 16. Dragonfly bridge
  17. 17. Water play areas in the Gardens by the Bay
  18. 18. The Cloud Forest inside the Flower Dome
  19. 19. Marina Bay Sands
  20. 20. Sky park ( $23 adults $12 children)
  21. 21. Casino
  22. 22. ArtScience Museum
  23. 23. Merlion
  24. 24. Merlion is a 70-tonne half mermaid-half Lion, the mythical creature of Singapore. The surrounding area is popular for relaxing and taking in the view.
  25. 25. The Singapore Flyer The Singapore Flyer is a giant Ferris wheel.
  26. 26. You can view the city from above 4-course dinner = 2 full rotations (1hr) $269++ /couple
  27. 27. The Singapore Zoo
  28. 28. The Singapore Zoo has an excellent reputation for being one of the best zoos in the world. The zoo houses 315 – species of animals (15% are endangered). Animals are kept in large, natural spaces.
  29. 29. Sentosa is an Island Resort (like vinpearl land)
  30. 30. “Little India”
  31. 31. Chinatown
  32. 32. What’s for dinner?
  33. 33. Chicken Rice: Chicken is boiled in a broth; a spicy chili/ginger/soy sauce is served with it. Mmmmmmm!
  34. 34. Chili Crab: Stir-fried crab in a sweet/savory tomato & chili sauce. It’s not that spicy!
  35. 35. Laksa: Laksa is a spicy noodle soup (mix of malay & chinese flavors). Usually made with chicken, prawn (shrimp), or fish. They commonly use coconut milk.
  36. 36. Satay: Usually made with chicken & served with a peanut sauce.
  37. 37. Singaporean Noodles: Stir-fried noodles with curry powder, bean sprouts, soy sauce and chili. Can be vegetarian or served with chicken, beef, char sui pork or prawn
  38. 38. Do’s & Don’ts in Singapore
  39. 39. DON’T chew gum (in public)
  40. 40. DO carry around some coins (to use for public toilets and vending machines)
  41. 41. Don’t tip. Tipping isn’t part of the culture in Singapore. In fact, the government discourages is.
  42. 42. DO stand on the Left side of the escalator. The right side are for people who are in a hurry and need to pass.
  43. 43. DON’T eat food on the MRT (mass rapid transport) – Singapore’s excellent subway.
  44. 44. DO look out for packets of tissue or umbrellas on tables or seats. People use these to reserve or “save” their seat!
  45. 45. DON’T litter. Singapore has heavy fines for littering!
  46. 46. DO bargain/negotiate prices when shopping at markets or places that don’t have a fixed price. * Also, if you want to buy food, always ask the price first…