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  1. 1. Interviewing
  2. 2. Successful Interview Attire for Men & Women Review• Conservative two-piece business suit• Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse• Clean, polished conservative shoes• Well-groomed hairstyle• Clean, trimmed fingernails• Minimal cologne or perfume• Empty pockets – no bulges or change• No gum, candy, or cigarettes• Light portfolio case• No visible body piercings or tattoos.
  3. 3. Specifically for Men• Necktie should be silk with a conservative tie.• Dark shoes (black lace up or best)• Dark socks (black again)• Get a haircut• Fresh shaved: be neat and trim• No rings other than wedding ring or college ring• No earrings, nose rings, or any other piercings.• Cover ALL tattoos
  4. 4. Specifically for Women• Wear a suit with a jacket & skirt or slacks (no dresses)• Shoes with conservative heels• Conservative hosiery• No purses, briefcase instead• Nail polish- clear or conservative• Make-up simple & natural• One ring per hand• One set of earrings – studs. No other piercings.• Cover ALL tattoos
  5. 5. Personal Commercial• Sells your skills in a brief statement.• Doesn’t include personal information.• Takes about 2 minutes• Used when they ask you “Tell us a little about yourself & To sum things up at the end.”
  6. 6. Be Prepared for the Call• Regularly check and respond to email and phone• Have a professional voice mail. (No music instead of ringing.)
  7. 7. When they call…• Try to figure out whom will be interviewing you.• Try to get the first or last appointment.
  8. 8. Interview Portfolio Dark folder containing relevant documents that you need during the interview.• Copies of resume • Generic Application• Cover letter • Personal Commercial• Reference List • Calendar • Notepaper • Pen
  9. 9. During the InterviewPortfolio Personal Commercial• Should be kept on your lap • Placed on the top of your portfolio for easy use. • Should never be read
  10. 10. Top 10 Interview Mistakes• Not taking the interview seriously.• Dressing down.• Not showing why you’re the best choice.• Being too modest.• Talking too much.• Focusing on the funds.• Trash talking.• Failing to ask questions.• Lack of enthusiasm.• Forgetting the follow up Source:
  11. 11. One of the biggest mistakes….Not practicing!
  12. 12. Pre-interview PracticePrior to the day of the interview make sure you1. Visit the interview location.2. Pre-plan your clothes3. Ensure interview portfolio is up to date.4. Practice sample interview questions.5. Prepare post interview thank you notes.
  13. 13. Answering the Question• Use Specific Examples• Keep it Short• Tell a Story• Be Passionate• Relax
  14. 14. Practice Interview Questions• Turn to page 265• Write what your response would be to all of these questions. Answers should relate back to the job qualifications and/or job duties. Be specific.• Take a look at yourself. Answer any hard to answer questions that an employer might want to know. For example, “Why did you leave your last job? Or Why do you have these gaps in time when you weren’t working?”
  15. 15. Day of the interview• Arrive 15 minutes early.• Introduce yourself. “Hi, I’m Kristi Tucker, and I’m here for my 9:00 a.m. interview with Mr. Smith for the Collision Repair position.”• Don’t bring your phone!
  16. 16. During the interview• Stand Tall• Make Eye Contact• Shake Hands firmly• Be polite, use Mr. or Ms.• Sit straight and tall• Look attentive
  17. 17. Interview checklist• Introduce yourself to anyone you haven’t met when entering the room.• Repeat back the name of the person to help you remember it.• Do NOT be seated until you are invited.• Write down the names of the individuals you have met.• Don’t accept beverages.
  18. 18. • Think before you speak.• Provide specific examples when answering.• Do not ask questions that imply you did not research.• Use good grammar (no slang)• Don’t share too much.• Don’t fidget
  19. 19. End of Interview• Ask 2-3 questions.• Follow up their answers with a closing response.• Thank the interviewer for their time.• Ask for a personal business card.
  20. 20. Sample Questions for You to AskDo Ask Don’t Ask• When will you be making a • How much is the pay? hiring decision? • What benefits do you have? • How many sick days do I• What is the next step in the get? interview process?• What type of person are you seeking?• Who is the manager I would be working for and what is their management style?
  21. 21. How do you overcome the tough questions?• Gaps in employment• Negative previous work experience• Prior felony convictions
  22. 22. Discrimination and Employee Rights Page 271• Title VII of the Civil Rights Act – protects the rights of employees based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.• Other laws prohibit pay inequity and discrimination against individuals over 40 years of age; individuals with disabilities, and individuals who are pregnant.
  23. 23. Illegal Questions• What is your marital status?• How many, if any, kids do you have?• Do you have a baby sitter?• What is your nationality/heritage?• What is your native language?• Have you been arrested?• Do you have any physical or mental disabilities?• Do you smoke or drink?• Do you work out regularly?
  24. 24. Legal Questions• What days can you work?• What languages do you speak or write fluently?• Have you ever been convicted of a crime?• What is your educational background?