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Analysing genres 1


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Analysing genres 1

  1. 1. Katie Clements The typography on this particular magazine is of a particular house style. The font is mainly in capitals, which shows that the genre of magazine – Rock, is quite loud and ‘in your face’. The sans serif font also contributes to the loud genre of the whole magazine as capitals usually represent shouting. The smashed effect in the title of the magazine looks really good and contributes even more to the ‘in your face’ theme that Kerrang seems to do so well. Another good thing about the title of this magazine is that it is an onomatopoeic title. ‘Kerrang’ sounds like the noise when someone strums a guitar, so again, the use of a guitar also points towards the genre of Rock. The use of the word ‘Riot’ also helps with the genre of the magazine because riots are loud, in your face and usually angry, which is a goodrepresentation of the magazines’ genre.By just looking at this magazine, you can tell this is a Rock magazine. The use of dark red on it, to me,symbolises anger and blood. This is not the stereotypically used colour for a pop magazine, and so isa good choice of colour.The actual images that are used and the bands that are featured inside this particular issue are alsogood examples of rock bands that would normally be on this type of magazine. The music that theymake is the right genre for the magazine. For example, there would be no use in having Justin Bieberon the cover of Kerrang because the people that read this magazine probably don’t particularly likehis sort of music.The mode of address on this cover is informal, with the use of exclamation marks. They are trying totalk to the audience and connecting with them because if it was more of a formal magazine thetarget audience would probably find it boring.
  2. 2. Katie Clements The typography on this contents page is very similar to what it was on the front cover. It has a particular house style of black and yellow – caution. As well as the font being in a sans serif style. The headings that are used under ‘THIS WEEK’ are also ways in which it would get the target audience interested, feedback, news, live reviews, features, K! Icons, album reviews, gigs, swag and famous last words – these are all the different stories that are featured inside the magazine. This also shows that it is a ‘rocky’ magazine because you wouldn’t have information about ‘gigs’ or ‘live reviews’. The pictures that have been chosen for this specific contents page for Kerrang, I think are really good because they show the livebands/artists playing on tour and it also shows one of the album covers.The main picture of Craig Owens head fits in well with the genre of the magazine because of the wayhe is represented. The tattoo on his neck, his particular hairstyle and even his unshaven face are allcharacteristics of a rock sort of artist.The mode of address on this contents page is very informal. They have used words like ‘cool’ andused exclamation marks. This helps represent the genre because for a rock magazine, the audiencewouldn’t like it if the language was formal and ‘posh’.
  3. 3. Katie ClementsThis is a double page spread that is featured in one of the Kerrang Magazines. I think that the actuallayout of it is really well put together. The kicker at the start which says ‘Last Time’ is a really goodway of catching the target audiences’ eye, especially if the audience likes that particular band, thewords may indicate it could have been the last tour that they were going to do, therefore making theaudience want to read on.The typography on this particular double page spread is of a house style, using colours white, greenand red. The font that has been used is sans serif, so again making it look bolder and ‘louder’.The use of members of the public giving their opinion on that gig they went to is also a good way ofattracting the target audiences eye because if they are interested in going to see them, they wouldwant to know if they are any good and if it is worth going.All of the different images that are featured show how Parkway Drive was performing at one of theirshows, this makes the whole double page spread look more appealing because everyone likesimages to look at, whether it’s because they want to know what the band look like performing, orwhether it’s because they just want to see pictures of the band. The main image in the middle of thepage, of the main singer is a really good image to use, because of the angle it’s at, a mid-shot, youcan see what he’s wearing and his tattoos, which I think people who like this sort of music, wouldlike to see. The smaller image at the bottom right hand corner of the crowd at one of their gigs isalso a good picture to use because it shows that they are having a good time and are enjoyingthemselves.
  4. 4. Katie Clements The typography for this magazine is of a particular house style, the colours, red, yellow and white make all of the words stand out and it looks really effective. These three colours could connate danger or caution. These colours would not be used for a pop magazine. The sans serif font that is used makes everything bolder and louder. The positioning of the band name ‘The Automatic’ also has a good effect because the letters aren’t all inline; this creates the effect that NME includes bands that don’t really care about what they look like and their appearance. The actual appearance of the band itself is also a stereotypical look for this sort of magazine, the longish hair and dark clothing. The main image on this front cover is of the main band thatthis magazine is about. The use of the high angle with them looking up is a good way to show howthe band is growing and hoping to grow in the future, and are trying to make a comeback. The othertwo images that are used are just there to show what the magazine is going to be about, and whothe cover stories will be including. Having a picture of one of the albums from My Chemical Romanceis a good way to get the audience’s attention if they are interested in that particular band.The mode of address that is on this front cover is quite formal, there are no exclamation marks or‘common’ language and so doesn’t make the magazine look overly exciting, however I think thisworks well with the actual theme of the magazine, because the typical genre for this is Indie, theywouldn’t really try to make it look really exciting because that’s not how that genre is usuallyportrayed.
  5. 5. Katie Clements The typography used on this contents page is again of a house style. The colours that are used are red, white and black. This connotes quite a calm feel because the red is quite a light red, and there isn’t too much black, and the rest of the background is white. It is a sans serif font which makes it stand out and look bold. The main headline that is ‘This Week’ makes the audience clear what is featured inside and so whether or not they would be interested in that feature. It includes, News, ‘Radar’, Reviews, ‘Live!’ and Features. I think this would make the audience very interested in the magazine because the type of people that read this magazine would be interested in hearing about album reviews, live tours and other news includinginterviews, so this does include a wide range of things that would cater to a wide range of people.The images on this contents page are used really well also because it shows different bands singinglive, and it would make the audience more interested in them. They have used a mid-shot for bothwhich makes you see them either playing a guitar or just singing into the microphone.The mode of address on this contents page is quite informal, they have used exclamation marks tomake the features seem more exciting and more appealing to the audience. The use of informallanguage makes it easier for the target audience to relate to as they would be able to understandwhat is meant by different terms, more than the older generation would, who this magazine wouldnot be aimed at.
  6. 6. Katie ClementsThe typography used on this double page spread has one specific house style. The title is a seriffront, but the rest of the article is in a sans serif font to make it easier to read. The colours that runthrough this are white and blue; this connotes a laid back feel to the actual group. The kicker at thestart of the article automatically grabs the attention of the read because it is bigger than all theother letters.The layout of this double page spread looks quite busy and there is a lot going on. The name of theband that is in the biggest letters stands out the most and so if the audience likes that particularband, they can instantly tell whether they would like reading this article. The good thing about thislayout is that if someone that likes reading NME magazine has bought it, but doesn’t like the groups‘The Teenagers’ at the side of this double page spread, are three other groups that others might beinterested in. So even though the double page spread is meant to feature on specific group, NMEknow that not everyone likes them, so they have tried to add more for the other target audience.In the bottom left hand corner there is a quick ‘Need to Know’ box about ‘The Teenagers’ so anyonethat wants to know about the basics of them, they can just read that.The main image that has been used on this is a high angle, this shows that the new band ‘TheTeenagers’ are hoping to become more popular and rise in the music industry. If a low angle wasused it could have shown that this particular group was an old well-known group that have moreauthority in the music business.The mode of address on this double page spread is quite informal and addresses the target audiencequite well, it isn’t too formal and it makes it easier for the audience to relate to.
  7. 7. Katie Clements The typography used on this front cover is of a house style. The colours that are used are red, white and black. These colours connote a dangerous feel to the magazine, which pairing with the fire that has been made to look like is coming out of his mouth, does work really well. The font that has been used is sans serif, this makes it more informal and also makes it look bolder and bigger, which is also making it easier to read. The size of the font is quite small in comparison to the actual name of the magazine, ‘Q’. This shows that the main title is the most important thing about the magazine and it is the first thing you see. The strap line at the bottom shows that the ‘Foo Fighters’ are the main feature in this magazine and indicates that this is what the magazine is going to be about. The image that has been used in themiddle of this cover looks really effective and has a good way of showing that this genre of magazineis a sort of rock/indie style. The close up of his face helps show his facial expressions of anger, as wellas the fire that has been edited coming out of his mouth. The positioning of the magazine is also wellthought out because his head is covering part of the masthead, but because it is a well knownmagazine it doesn’t really matter as much because the audience that reads this the most are goingto know what magazine it is.The layout of this cover goes along with the route of the eye as the first thing you see is themasthead, then free gift that is inside the magazine, you then see the storyline of 143 New AlbumsRated, you then go across and see the main image of the lead singer from Foo Fighters, then theArctic Monkeys story and then finally the Foo Fighters actual name, so you see virtually everythingthat is inside the magazine.The mode of address that is used on this magazine cover is informal. The use of exclamation marksto make it look more exciting shows that they are trying to address the audience on a more personallevel. They have used words like ‘sex’ and ‘drugs’ to show what one of the other bands that arefeatured, stories will be about. This sort of language would not stereotypically be on the front coverof a magazine that is for the older generation because I don’t think they would appreciate it.
  8. 8. Katie Clements The typography that is used on this contents page is following the Q house style. The colours that are used throughout are red, white and black. These three colours make it instantly recognisable to the target audience that would buy this magazine a lot. The font that’s used is sans serif, which seems to be again the house style for this magazine, making it bolder, ‘louder’ and easier to read. The way it is laid out, with the separate headings makes it a lot better for the audience to interpret. They have used one main heading of ‘Features’, which shows what the whole magazine will have inside. They then go on to show what is included in the magazine every month. The two images that are used on this contents page helps the audience see what the magazine will have inside, which makes it easier for the audience to know whether they would want to buy that particular issue. The use ofthe long shot for The Courteenersmakes it show the entire band. The positioning of this is also wellput together because they are standing on top of a hill, this could represent that The Courteenersare doing well and feel like they are on top, which the fans that would read this issue about themwould probably agree with.The mode of address used on this contents page is quite formal. There is no use of punctuation tomake it look more exciting, and there is no language that would be seen as not right for a magazine,which sometimes helps distinguish whether or it uses formal or informal language. I think that this isnot overly formal, but because it is a contents page it just gives out the information that is needed.
  9. 9. Katie ClementsThe layout of this double page spread is really effective. The small title above the article although issmall, the use of the picture and where your eye goes make you see it almost instantly. There is nohouse style on this as it is just a small article, although the red box at the top indicates it is a Qmagazine article. The font that is used is serif; this is what a lot of magazine articles use as it looks alot better, especially when it is an interview. The layout also looks quite calm and there isn’t a lotgoing on, but with the main image covering the whole thing it still works really well.The kicker at the start is also well used because the name of the band is ‘Friendly Fires’ and thekicker is of the letter F so instantly your eye is drawn to the article, especially if that specificaudience likes this particular band.The main image of Friendly Fires, looks really good, it shows that they have an image of being ‘bad’and they are on a police line-up. The angle that is used is a mid-shot, and although it isn’t a close upyou can still see their facial expressions and what they look like, and for people that may not haveheard of them, this would be a good chance for them to see, and read about them.The mode of address on this double page spread is formal; the article itself is just like a normalarticle, talking about their new album, how they are doing and how they got into the industry, whichthe fans that would be reading this magazine would probably like to read about.
  10. 10. Katie Clements