"Old Age Is No Place For Sissies" 2nd of 12 #bizTrend for 2012


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Baby Boomers account for 40% of consumer demand in the U.S., and control 70% of the total net worth of American households ($7trillion). While the rest of us are saving for a retirement, the Boomers are spending their hard earned pensions, social security, IRAs, and 401Ks. While recent financial and housing market crashes have resulted in devastating losses to many, the amount of money set aside for the Golden Years of this ever increasing retired set is astronomical.

This paper is a brief look at the enormous opportunity that Baby Boomers offer to :

1. Durable and non-durable product retailers, manufactures and suppliers. (Automobile, travel, airline, furniture, home builder, hardware manufacturers, and more)

2. Service providers including the airline industry and home builders.

3. Municipalities and governments with respect to urban planning and infrastructure spending.

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"Old Age Is No Place For Sissies" 2nd of 12 #bizTrend for 2012

  1. 1. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12By 2030 the Baby Boomer generation (born1946-1964) will all be over the age of 65 andwill total 72 million people, representing 20%of the American population. By 2040, thepopulation of the U.S. over age 85 willquadruple in size from present day to anastonishing 19 million people. (Population)The Baby Boomer generation is not the sameseniors of generations past. They are young atheart, feisty, and are not going to fade quietly statistics reveal that over the past five yearsinto their golden years. With control over 70% cosmetic surgery procedures for patients overof the $7 trillion U.S. household net worth, age 65 has increased by 352%. (ABC News, 2012)seniors account for 40% of all consumerspending. In addition, while most consumers Boomers account for 30% of all smart phoneare saving for retirement, kids college tuition, use and continue to embrace newand paying mortgages, the Boomers are technologies including iPads, Kindles, and GPSspending their hard-earned pensions, social navigation systems. According to a recentsecurity checks, IRAs, and 401Ks. Nielsen Report, seniors are "adopting smartphones at a faster rate than any otherNow Its My Turn! age group." (Toor, 2011) Given these facts, it is essential for businesses to discardThe Baby Boomer demographic has revealed anecdotal preconceptions about theitself to be as self-conscious as a teenager, consumers over the age of 55.more vain than the average celebrity, andwilling to spend big money to address bothtraits. The over 65 crowd are enlisting fornips and tucks at record levels. In fact, "I think people are saying that people 80 years old should be picking out their cemetery lot, should be thinking about how many pills theyre taking. I dont want to think about cemetery lots. I want to think about living." Phyllis Porter, 80 year old grandmother after plastic surgery for a facelift and breast implants.a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 1 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  2. 2. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12Vintage Modern Years of watching the Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, andDuring a recent investor call Peter Cooking Channel have sparked aNordstrom said that the retailers desire in these would be travelersolder demographic of women’s to go on safari, scuba dive in Fiji,wear shoppers “if you listen to to immerse themselves inthem closely [our over 55 Renaissance art and Architecture,customers] clearly want to view and learn to cook in Paris like Juliathemselves as modern [and] we Child.have a responsibility to deliver...[However] the fit dynamic [of the apparel] will Although a handful of niche tour companiesneed to change." In other words, while a have begun to address this enormousgrandmother prefers to wear clothing that opportunity, most businesses within thereflects how youthful she feels, travel industry have, to date,she still has the fashion wisdom missed the boat. Case in point, 90%and mature figure that come with of U.S. branded airlines areof age. Therefore, although she renowned for their terriblewill be shopping for skinny jeans customer service and completerather than mom jeans, she will lack of charm.not buy the butt-crack-revealing,ultra-low rise jeans that her Rather than capitalizing on thegranddaughter prefers. financial lifeline senior fliers could provide, these airlines seem to goPlanes, trains, and out of their way to discourageautomobiles new business.Baby Boomers in the U.S. and "wheelchair assistance" The airlines offer ofseniors around the world have been waiting “assistance” to older passengers is limited tountil their golden years to see the world. an embarrassing wheel chair ride. The Santa Barbara based Inogen™ makes small and portable products for oxygen therapy users. Inogen ™ and hundreds of similar consumer biotech companies are capitalizing on scientific, manufacturing, and design innovations that will allow aging populations to live longer lives, with more freedom, at home, and even on the go.a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 2 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  3. 3. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12wheelchair itself is an uncomfortable, uglierthan hospital grade apparatus that is one-stepaway from announcing to the world, “I’vearrived in the United States for my newKidney!” More likely, the case is that thepassenger in the wheelchair is actually arather wealthy Italian widow who has cometo shower her children and grandchildrenwith gifts. She is perfectly capable of walking;she just does not feel like doing it for 500 S o cia l Me dia & Se ni or smeters down an empty and poorly litsubterranean hallway at LAX after 15 hours offlying and two layovers.  Seniors are the fastest growing segment of Facebook users, and areThis consumer demographic is an enormous expected to reach 55 million in the USopportunity for cash strapped airlines. Seniors alone by 2020. (Madden, 2010)would surely pay a premium for a conciergeservice that provides hassle-free check in,  20% of Baby Boomers between 50-64curbside baggage assistance, valet parking, years of age say they use use social and chauffeured networking sites on a typical day. electric cart transportation to  13% of seniors over age 65 log onto and from the social networking sites on a typical gate. Like any day, compared with just 4% who did good service so in 2009. design, the success or failure  10% of internet users over the age of of a senior 50 say they use Twitter to share concierge updates.program resides in the details. Seniors willenthusiastically sign up for an exclusive,  Public libraries, adult education"members only", five- star, white glove programs, and churches offer freeservice that makes them look and feel like social media classes specificallyroyalty. (Nielsen Wire, 2011) (Nielsen Wire, 2011) designed for seniors.  53% of Americans between age 50 and 64 and 21% in the 65+ group use wireless internet connections (Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2011)a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 (image source) a g e 3 o f 1 3 PLast updated: 27 Feb 2011
  4. 4. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12Action Plan: How to Become Geezer scootera Remarkable Airline gangs1. Promote the Senior The Quadrophenia Concierge Program to generation is switching from the neglected senior four stroke Vespas to plug-in demographic. mobility scooters. Just as in their youth, these three2. Empower your new senior advocates to wheeling seniors crave spread recommendations via Social mobility and independence. They watched Media. their parents lose autonomy when they could no longer drive, and they are desperate to3. Capitalize on the deep loyalty and avoid that fate. Baby Boomers are holding appreciation earned from the offspring of onto their car keys, buying handicap scooters, the traveling seniors. These younger and and finding ways to remain mobile and more lucrative business independent. Nevertheless, travelers would likely they face roadblocks at every follow their parents and turn as municipalities enact grandparents to an laws limiting, and in some airline that treats them cases prohibiting the use of well, and would handicapped scooters. (Rules for users of powered wheelchairs recommend the airline and mobility scooters (36-46), 2012) to social media friends (Steyn & Chan, 2008) (Report: and followers. Mobility Scooters, 2006)4. Leverage social media to soft launch a Dream car generation new Friends and Family program that promotes and rewards consumers based The Baby Boomer generation grew up during upon their aggregate loyalty in addition to the era of the futuristic Dream Cars and their individual frequent flier mileage powerful Muscle Cars and they do not want accumulation. to drive dull, powerless sedans into the sunset. They want the power and style of a5. Wow your newly loyal customers young Shelby, the luxury of a Bentley, and the ease and old. Over deliver. Always delight. Be of access of a walk in bathtub. transparent. Be responsive. Be respectful. Continue to listen and learn from them Simple improvements to current car designs through social media. would be a great first start towardsa Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 4 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  5. 5. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12addressing this lucrative them accessible whileconsumer demographic. improving the original design. Current models Entry and exit offered include a heights need to be redesigned Honda at a comfortable Element, Chrysler PT sedan-like level, Cruiser, Toyota Sienna, even on sporty or Handicap accessible Scion XB by FMI and Scion XB. Signature SUV models. This design elements include may involve a fold truly awesome gull-wing out step design or similar innovation. doors and floor tracks that allow users to sit The seat height needs to be in their wheelchair and drive. ergonomically correct for aging Boomers with bad knees and hip replacements. Aging in Place and universal design Easy and functional access should be added behind the drivers seat to Aging-in-Place is a term that has been accommodate wheel chairs and walkers. bandied about ever since statisticians realized that in the year 2010 more Americans would Trunk depths need to be corrected so that be over the age of 50 than under. However, seniors can easy lower and lift out little has been done to address the groceries. opportunity and need in a proactive manner.At present, the substantial senior and Even during the housing boom when billionshandicap accessible auto market is served of dollars was poured into the residentialexclusively by aftermarket manufacturers like housing market at fiscally unsustainable levels,Freedom Motors Inc in Battle Creek, Michigan. the percentage of homes, which were designed for Aging in Place was negligible.According to their website, FMI is on a Additionally, while home improvement and"mission of constant innovation and DIY retailers have returned to profitability,improvement." FMI Company President and they offer few products in the Aging in PlaceOwner, Sieto van Dillen says, "we enjoy and universal design categories. The majorityproviding our customers with cutting edge of home decor, fixture, and hardwarewheelchair accessible vehicles that they can products that comply with and have beenbe proud of”. (Freedom Motorworks, Inc., engineered for universal access are2012). While their competitors retrofit vans commercial grade for hospitals andand trucks to accommodate handicapped retirement homes. As a result, the prices aredrivers, FMI takes popular cars and makes hospitality market high, the designs are stalea Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 5 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  6. 6. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12and institutional, the materials industrial, andthe decorating appeal is zero.  Even if they begin to need day-to-day assistance or ongoing healthAging in Place care during retirement, mostStatistics (82%) would prefer to stay in their homes  The National Association of Home Builders predicts that  Aging-in Place is the Aging in Place already a feature of new remodeling market accounts healthcare legislation as a way for approximately 10% of the to improve service, maximize $214 billion home the value of dollars spent, and improvement industry, and cut costs to a broken Medicare continues to grow annually and Medicaid system. with the aging median population. (AARP, Moreover, amazingly it has bi-partisan 2012) support. (AARP Wyoming, 2012) (Fagan & Cabrera)  Partially driven by the trend towards shorter hospital stays, 10 of the 20 fastest Communities in place growing occupations are health-care related. Opportunities abound for communities willing to focus their resources and attention on the  Currently employing 1.3 million people, Aging in Place market. Cash strapped home health care related job openings are municipalities willing to pioneer a new model expected to grow at a rate of 50% through 2020.  Home health care related revenue is forecast to exceed $72 billion in 2011. (Wang & Ohngren, 2010)  91% of seniors prefer to Age In Place rather than relocate into a retirement Walk-In Bathtubs are a great example of a community or assisted living facility well-designed product for independent living. (AARP, 2012); 63% plan to stay in their They have been updated nicely for easy and current homes, 12% plan to buy another affordable residential retrofit. The styles home, and 26% are unsure. (55+ Housing: offered, though limited suit any home decor. Image source (Walk-In Bathtubs, 2012) Builders, Buyers, and Beyond, 2009)a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 6 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  7. 7. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12for urban planning focused on Wireless Access Zones (WAZ) providecradle-to-grave living can seek universal broadband service to entirepublic and private funding for communities. Through economies ofAging in Place infrastructure, scale, WAZ facilitates construction oftransportation, and education. the costly infrastructure necessary for high-speed internet access. AmHealth. The growing trend community WAZ would reducetowards mHeath (mobile individual and business utility costssmart phone and tablet while improving connectivity,access) and eHealth (electronic health records) productivity, and industry modernization.will require seniors to have high-speedinternet access in order to stay connected to Going Green for the Gray. Another greatremote health monitoring devices. One way community infrastructure project would beto address this growing need is for the installation of renewable energy sources.communities to offer Municipal Wireless In addition to improving the air quality of theNetworks. region, it would help fixed income seniors offset or eliminate costly heating and coolingFlipping for Good. Consider a community that bills.is suffering from a housing overhang, highunemployment and diminishing industry. A Aging in styleconcerted effort to update homes on themarket to be stylish, affordable, and Aging in The home furnishings industry has been blindPlace compatible would help to differentiate to the lucrative opportunity that the Aging inthe homes from the glut of real estate on the Place market offers. While the housing crashmarket. It would also benefit the community triggered sales of furniture to drop off a cliff,by raising property values, attracting new the over 50 demographic increased theirindustry, and creating sorely demand for Aging in Place furnishings. Babyneed jobs. Boomers are increasingly interested in rejuvenating theirLearning for Life. Local colleges homes to meet their empty-nestcould offer home health care decorating preferences andand geriatric specialties as lifestyle needs. For Seniors,continuing education and Aging in Place also means Agingdegree courses to provide a in Style.ladder up for the unemployedand underemployed. “We boomers don’t plan on quitting anytime soon,” said ASID member Pat Rowen in ana Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 7 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  8. 8. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12article entitled, The Boomer Boom is Coming. fiscal wisdom, level of taste, and creaky“We want it all: comfort, beauty, function, bones of their biological age.safety and style.” (Mallers, 2009)  Global Geriatrics. By 2050 the worldWhile a handful of companies have addressed population over age 55 years will havethe functional needs of the Aging in Place doubled from its present day total share ofmarket, the styles are rather depressing, and 15% to 28%. (Tomorrow Today, 2012)scream, "Im old and feeble!" Contrary therules of Decorating 101, these products do  Middle Age in the Middle Kingdom.not reflect the fashion sense and lifestyle of By 2050 38% of the Chinese population willthe consumer. The same grandmother who is be over the age of 55. (Tomorrow Today, 2012)shopping for skinny jeans wants a sofa that With the One Child Rule, China is facinglooks great while at the same time is at a challenges from an aging population thatcomfortable height for sitting and standing. defy their cultural norms. Savvy companies will look towards China and other BRICConclusions countries for lucrative market share. Breaking the Mold. Listen, watch and study  Hot or Not. The same rules that apply to todays senior demographic. Consider the the cars the Baby Boomers want to drive opportunities available to them and and be seen in applies to their furniture: obstacles in their way. How can your They want to look hot, but they wont when company capitalize on its strengths to it takes them 10 minutes to get in and out address those opportunities for innovation of their car or sofa. and market gratification? Modern not Morose. Products and services need to be designed for a customer that feels like a 30 year old, but has the maturity, " There is no doubt that Baby Boomers are at the early stages of what promises to be a long-term and lucrative love affair with life. We aren’t simply writing a new chapter of our lives, we’re writing a brand new book." (Baby-boomer Magazine, 2011)a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 8 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  9. 9. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12 Dream Cars for Dreamers. This generation remembers when air travel required passengers to dress Maturity is a bitter in their Sunday best. They grew up disappointment for which during the Dream Car era and coveted muscle cars in Road and no remedy exists, unless Track magazine. laughter can be said to remedy everything. Freedom. With newfound freedom and money to burn, seniors want to Kurt Vonnegut be able to travel wherever, whenever and however they want. Now Its My Turn. After years of taking care of others, seniors want to feel like they are the ones being pampered. They feel that they are owed some respect, which is quite different from pity. Follow the Money. As state and federal agencies, insurance companies, and retirement accounts converge towards the lucrative Golden Years consumer demographic, astute businesses will kick the innovation train into high gear to catch up with an already moving freight train of younger than you think seniors who are ready to consume.a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 9 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  10. 10. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12resources "Booming Business" (Trendwatching, 2007) Entrepreneur Magazine, December 2010 & 2011 “Top 10 Francise Trends for 2011”, Senior Services Publix (UK) - In-store health clinic “The Little Clinic” Operates like a preventative and urgent care facility. United States Senate Special Committee on Aging CareGiverList.com Adminstration on Aging National Institute On Aging Leading Age, "Why Aging in Place Faces Serious Challenges" (Bloom, 2011) North Carolina Senior Health Program Aging Online blog : Tech and Social Media for Elders, Boomers, and Seniors PSFK "Hour-by-Hour Breakdown of Media Consumption by Generation" (Ryan, 2011) "Aging In America in the 21st Century: Demographic Forecasts from the on an Aging Society (MacArthur Research Network, 2009) mHealth is Cool but is Anyone Using It? (Alwan, 2011) The Silver Generation, trend report from Trend Connection "Home and Community Preferances of the 45+ Population" AARP, by Theresa A. Keenan, Ph. D November 2010 "Maintainable Independence and Quality of Life: Livable Community Surveys in Allen County and Indianapolis, YouTube Playlist Indiana." AARP, by Joanne Binette November 2011 National Association of Home Builders, Certification program for Aging in Place (CAPS) "Baby Boomers Want Convienience and Energy Efficiency in New Homes According to New Survey" National Association of Home Builders, September 15, 2009 "Aging in Place 2.0: Rethinking Solutions to Home Health Care Challenge", Met Life, Mature Market Institute. "Housing for the 55+ Market: Trends and Insights on Boomers and Beyond" Met Life April 2009 Met Life Foundation Education Program Philips Home Health Care "GE Threatens Philips With Push into Home Health Care", Bloomberg, Marcel van de Hoef and Rachel Layne - April 3, 2009 "Communities in Place", by Jane Hickie, Stanford Center on Longevity " Silvers Summit/ Digital Health 2012", "Best Panel at Silvers Summit" and " Silvers Summit- The Chats" report from CES by Louis Tenenbaum Diabetes: GE Challenges "Four Titans" , By Liz Beaulieu, HME News, January 27, 2012a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 10 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
  11. 11. #2 old age is no place for sissies 1 2 business trends for 20 12 Excerpt: GE estimates that the over-the-counter blood glucose monitoring is a $7 billion market--and growing. There are 2 million new diabetes cases diagnosed in adults 20 and older each year, Hayne says, citing data from the American Diabetes Association." Accessibility Planning Guide for Bathrooms: Regulations for Universal Design, by Hafelle "Why Build Using Universal Design? "Residential Remodeling and Universal Design" from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Planning Broadband Infrastructure Investment in Stimulus Packages: Relevance for Developing Countries, by Christine Zhen-Wei Quian, World Bank "The Critical Role Broadband Plays in Todays Economy", by Deputy Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Anna M. Gomez, 27 January 2012 National Telecommunications and Information Administration Broadband Opportunities Program (BTOP): Expanding Broadband access and adoption in communities across America. : The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS) with $7.2 billion to expand access to broadband services in the United States.Works Cited55+ Housing: Builders, Buyers, and Beyond. (2009, September). Retrieved 01 15, 2012, fromMetLife.com: http://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/mmi/publications/studies/mmi-housing-55-builders-buyers-beyond.pdfAARP. (2012). Ageing In Place Facts & Statistics. Retrieved 01 15, 2012, from IYHUSA:http://www.iyhusa.com/AginginPlaceFacts-Data.htmAARP Wyoming. (2012, 01 20). Lawmakers Consider Bills to Help People Stay in their Homes.Retrieved 01 29, 2012, from AARP: http://www.aarp.org/relationships/caregiving/info-01-2012/stay-in-homes-wy1890.htmlABC News. (2012, 01 31). More Elderly Seeking Cosmetic Surgery. Retrieved 02 22, 2012, from GoodMorning America: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=126390&page=1#.T0Zv8PGqnngAlwan, M. (2011, 11 10). mHealth Is Cool, But Is Anyone Using It? Retrieved 01 15, 2012, fromLeading Age: http://www.leadingage.org/Article.aspx?id=3745Babyboomer Magazine. (2011, 11 15). Baby Boomers are STILL the Largest Consumer Group inAmerica -------- Even in a Recession. Retrieved 01 22, 2012, from Babyboomer Magazine:http://www.babyboomer-magazine.com/news/165/ARTICLE/1217/2011-10-03.htmlBloom, C. (2011, 12 18). Why Aging in Place Faces Serious Challenges. Retrieved 01 15, 2012, fromLeadingAge.Com: http://www.leadingage.org/Article.aspx?id=4096a Trend Report fro m Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©20 1 2intuition@katie-hatch.co m +1 (805).886.46 19 Page 1 1 of 13Last updated: 27 Feb 2011
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