"3D Printing" 3rd of 12 #bizTrends for 2012


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"3D Printing" 3rd of 12 #bizTrends for 2012

Forget 3D televisions, the next wave of digital disruption will likely arrive in the form of increasingly affordable 3D printers.

In 2012 savvy manufacturers and retailers will harness existing and emergining 3D printing technologies to add value through personalization and differentiate their products and services . And they can do it all while delivering on demand instant gratification at affordable prices.

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"3D Printing" 3rd of 12 #bizTrends for 2012

  1. 1. #3 Printing in 3D 1 2 business trends for 20 12Forget 3D televisions, the next waveof digital disruption will likely arrivein the form of increasingly affordable3D printers.In 2012 savvy manufacturers andretailers will harness existing andemerging 3D printing technologies toadd value through personalizationand allowing them differentiate theirproducts and services. And businesses in the same way that CNCbusinesses can do it all while delivering on (computer numerical control) machines diddemand instant gratification at affordable for large manufacturing in the 1950s. CNCprices. machines enabled inventors to harness emerging computer technology andconsumer ready engineering software. Using CNC technology,In January at the 2012 CES show, 3D Systems Inventor and computer aided manufacturingCorporation (NYSE:DDD) introduced the first pioneer, John T. Parsons was able to machineof its kind consumer 3D printer. Priced at highly complex components for helicopters in$1299 and weighing in at 9 pounds, The a comparatively small facility, on a low budget,Cube™ will empower small businesses and small labor force, and no tooling costs.consumers to create low cost, in-house, oneoff models, samples, and prototypes at thetouch of a button.Also referred to as additive manufacturing,in 2012 3D printers will empower small "Our approach on product development will change the world forever. MP3 changed the music industry forever, digital cameras did the same for photography and digital printing enabled everybody to become a publisher – now the same transition is already occurring for consumer products as well... people will be able to create their own products with great ease ... [un] bound by the selection they can find in stores." (Freedom of Creation, 2012)a Trend Report from Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©2012intuition@katie-hatch.com +1 805.886.4619 Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. #3 Printing in 3D 1 2 business trends for 20 12 Medical Combining existing medical technology including MRI scans, companies like Bespoke Innovations are able to print in 3 dimensions one of a kind prosthetic limbs. Each limb is customized for and in conjuction with each client to specifically address their needs, lifestyle, size, and personalities. The company website boasts that their products "are specialized coverings that surround an existingprosthetic leg, accurately recreating the body form through a process thatuses three-dimensional scanning to capture the unique leg shape ...[which] not only return the lost contour, they invite an expression ofpersonality and individuality that has never before been possible."(Corporate Website, 2012)Industrial DesignFreedom of Creation has been a pioneer in the 3D printing business. Theywork with artists, designers, and companies to transform CAD files intodimensional reality. Their products are featured in universities andmuseums around the world and their client list includes the likes of Nike,LOreal, LVMH, and Hyundai. (Images from FOC website) Shapeways offers consumers on demand printing in a myriad of materials at truly affordable prices. From $0.18/cm3 for ceramic all the way up to $20/cm3 for sterling silver. Other materials available include glass, sandstone, stainless steel, alumide, and a high density poly- nylon. With relatively easy, step by step guides Shapeways has the possibility to become a virtual Kinkos for 3D printing combined with Etsy-like retail opportunities for industrial designers.a Trend Report from Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©2012intuition@katie-hatch.com +1 805.886.4619 Page 1 of 6
  3. 3. #3 Printing in 3D 1 2 business trends for 20 12architecturalContour Crafting combines robotics, CAD drawings, and 3D printing technologies to build completestructures. They have been working in conjunction with USC, Cal-Earth, the National ScienceFoundation, and Office of Naval Research. In addition to labor savings and construction speed,Contour Crafting highlights their ability to reduce environmental impact and eliminate job siteworker safety hazards.aerospace & automotiveProjects which have high value but low volumemanufacturing benefit enormously from the neweconomics of additive layer manufacturing (ALM). Which iswhy aerospace, defense, and specialty automotivecompanies are embracing new 3D printing technologies.Rockets and experimental airplanes with billion dollar pricetags might be a thing of the past if EADS has anything to dowith it. With an information page sounding more like theopening to the TV series The Bionic Man, EADS boasts "Research & Technology (R&T) plays a centralrole in EADS remaining competitive by being more innovative, better, cheaper and faster indelivering products than its competitors." (EADs, 2012). (Photo of EADs X3 hybrid helicopter.)Dream cars used to be million dollar babies that were more for show than anything else. With 3Dprinting, designers and engineers can print out the cars of their dreams in record time and for muchlower costs. With the global auto market increasing, US manufacturers can use this technology todevelop country and market specific vehicles for tradeshows. And in the higher end automarket,vintage car enthusiasts can get their motors up and running using 3D printing to build extinct parts.And the even higher end of the auto market,"Formula 1 is a sweet spot for the technology as theyuse high value, low volume parts... Rumor has it that since Daimler is a major shareholder in EADS,several parts of the 2011 Mercedes GP car could be built using ALM." (Marriage & Ruttner, 2011) Illustration courtesy of Jim Hatch ©2012a Trend Report from Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©2012intuition@katie-hatch.com +1 805.886.4619 Page 1 of 6
  4. 4. #3 Printing in 3D 1 2 business trends for 20 12Home Furnishings 3D printers, like computer engraving, andembroidering can give retailers an edge ontheir competition by offering uniquelypersonalized products. Monogrammed andpersonalized towels and canvas tote bags cannow be embellished with additional hardprinted personalized details.William Sonoma, Inc (NYSE: WSM) parentcompany of Pottery Barn and West Elm hasbeen working hard over the past year to improve efficiencies in their operations in order to expedite custom configure so much of their lives and personalized the authenticity of what they do and the orders and quality... is made in Portland.... That allows eliminate them to have a lot of differentiation in finish inefficiencies. They and scale. ....And we are cognizant of not see personalized trying to go too fast because they are a smallgifts as a great market differentiator in an company and we want to make sure that weincreasingly promotional gift giving do everything without swamping them."environment, and will likely increase the SKU While Rejuvenation is not currently using 3Dcount of their personalized products as the manufacturing currently, it is an enormousefficiencies take hold. opportunity to scale output to meet new demand while remaining within the existingIn Fall of 2011, William Sonoma, Inc acquired logistical parameters. (Images fromRejuvenation. With roots in architectural PotteryBarn.com, WilliamSonoma.com &salvage, Rejuvenation specializes in Rejuvenation.com)historically accurate reproductions ofhardware and home furnishings. WilliamSonoma CEO Laura Albersnoted during the companys3rd quarter 2011 earnings callthat Rejuvenation has "aproduct line that is I think isgoing to be increasinglyrelevant as people want toa Trend Report from Design | Intuition by Katie Hatch ©2012intuition@katie-hatch.com +1 805.886.4619 Page 1 of 6
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