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Ellie and katie puppies and more year 6 spanish work


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Ellie and katie puppies and more year 6 spanish work

  1. 1. By Ellie and Katie!!!
  2. 2. A Husky! Is one year old! He has a numerous amount of friends! His best friend is called Toby and Zack. His girlfriends called Roxie I got him 10 th of January 2009. He had 10 German Sheppard brothers and sisters 3 Siberian husky brothers and sisters. 4 crosses of German shepherd and shiba inus brothers and sisters.
  3. 3. She is a shih Tzu and her father is a famous shih Tzu! She has lots of brothers and sisters. Her 2 best friends are shih Tzu's too. Her best friends are called Daisy and Molly. Her favorite colours are pink and purple She is the whole family's dog and we got her 8 weeks after she was born She is 9 and a half years old. She is kind and loving to every one she meets
  4. 5. Food dogs CAN'T have!!!
  5. 6. Food dogs LOVE!!! Dog food!!! And… Dog treats!!!
  6. 8. FLOWERS