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Casting decisions


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Casting decisions

  2. 2. When researching music videos I lookedinto the conventions of the cast used andthey were very attractive young girls formajority of music videos , even menartist videos the cast involved youngattractive women. The reason for this isto draw the attention to the music andthe video alongside. Therefore for mymusic video to work I felt I needed awomen so the attention was all on onecast.
  3. 3. The reason of the choice of the star I have decided to use is very stereotypical of astar. The pictures I have captured myself have been edited to the ‘air brush’ effect tomatch the conventional aspects of a star. Nice hair , nice skin , nice teeth , nice tan ,good body are all the fake expectations of a STAR.Gemma was available for all the possible shooting dates and fitted the criteria of thefilming that was needed. She was also understanding if I needed any reshoots shewould be possible to attend them and to fit the plan I have put forward for examplethe time of day and the weather.