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  1. 1. Cheetah By Hayley Avise
  2. 2. Cheetahs like to eat: birds antelope gazelle rabbits impala
  3. 3. Cheetahs live in Africa
  4. 4. A cheetah’s habitat is a grass land
  5. 5. M Lion Hyena Cheetah Man Man cuts down the habitat jackal A cheetah’s enemies are…
  6. 6. This is a cheetahs covering Cheetah’s fur helps them blend in to their environment. It also helps them stay cool in the hot African heat and keeps them from getting sun burned. Whiskers on a cheetah help it feel.
  7. 7. They can run 70 mph. They hear very well. They see very far. 3 THINGS CHEETAHS CAN DO
  8. 8. Oh no! Enemies! I must remember my protective coloring will help me hide. And lets…team up run fast and fight back!
  9. 9. 5 things about cheetahs 1. From the nose to the tail is six feet. 2. They weigh100 lbs. 3. Cheetahs chase baboons. 4.The mom hides the babies while she chases the predator. 5.They are good at climbing trees.
  10. 10. The End